Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Studio 60 Pilot is Online

Craig's MovieBlog: Studio 60 Pilot is Online.
It's all on YouTube in five parts. Enjoy it before NBC pulls it down.
TV. On Demand.

Let's do a little Networked Journalism here and find out who uploaded this clip and if NBC really posted it to generate buzz for the show.

If they were smart, NBC posted this.

Let's take a look at the evidence, starting with this screen cap:

Who other than NBC would take the time to key this in, "Airs 09.01.06 @ 10PM on NBC"

The uploader, labnotes, has this profile on YouTube:
Labnotes is a group of TV enthusiasts/critics.

We fill in gaps in the marketing/advertising world of Television and reach out to people that wouldn't technically watch these types of television shows.

We are committed to quality. We've seen good television shows that have been cancelled due to the lack of good marketing/advertising on certain networks *cFouOgXhs* and Labnotes is pretty much tired of seeing this happen. =) Support your favorite TV show!!!

How many people have watched it already?

How many have linked to it?

How many news articles will be written about it?

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