Wednesday, August 02, 2006

War in the Middle East

The brutal truth - News - The Phoenix:
To those who understandably shudder at the havoc wreaked by Israeli air strikes and artillery bombardment in Lebanon, ask yourself this: how would you expect the US government to respond if Canada and Mexico, after stockpiling as many as 15,000 missiles supplied by hostile nations and secreted among civilian populations, launched them by the thousands into, say, Corpus Christi, Texas, or Buffalo, New York?
Blame Canada.

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  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    The Lebanese government mortgaged their people's prosperity and future by allowing Hezbollah free rein to militarize the south and use it as a base for shooting missles and sending terrorists into Israel. Just like a balloon mortgage, eventually the payment has come due.

    Not long ago, the people of Lebanon rose up and forced their government, the Europeans, and the U.S. to take notice and to kick out the Syrians. If only they had done so with Hezbollah, if only the Lebanese Army had "provided for the common defense", the situation would be totally different.

    On the Alive in Baghdad blog featured on today's Rocketboom, Shadi Al-Kasim quotes a Lebanese citizen, Murad Antonius, "I'm 40 years old and I live in Ba'abda. I'm very sad and angry at what's going on. But I cannot blame Israel. We started, or Hezbollah to be correct. This is crazy. You cannot attack who's several times stronger than you. We used to have many detainees in Israel, but now 3 millions of us are detainees. This is not fair." Al-Kasim goes on to state, "I met many Lebanese Christians, Sunnis and Druze. All of them are indignant with Hezbollah and Israel. One of them told me: Lebanon is a state within a state. It is unbelievable." See