Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chuck Olsen has been deleted

DELETED: Chuck Olsen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yeah, free to delete Chuck Olsen I guess.

Stupid wikipedians.

And don't get me started on the Wikipedia Vlog entry.

I can't get them to stop calling the video in a video blog a video clip. See the Wikipedia vlog discussion page if you are interested.

I win. In the discussion page, I've been given permission to change 'video clip' back to 'video'.


  1. That really stinks, Steve. Maybe we can start a rumor that the existence of Chuck Olsen is a hoax, like lonelygirl15, so he can have a Wikipedia entry again.

    Seriously, though, what can we do?

  2. Wikipedia is a little nuts, for sure. I had a good exchange with a Wikipedia editor, who said this:

    A particular user who has a fairly narrow interpretation of what is encyclopedic came across
    several of the articles on vloggers and bloggers (I think by looking at the contributions of Andy Carvin). Despite the clear notability of some of these
    articles, he is of the opinion that no blog is encyclopedic. I argued successfully against the deletion of a few of them, as I was familiar with
    the subjects, and it was easy to prove notability (see Rocketboom & Andrew Baron articles for examples). The article about you, though, did not contain
    much in the way of verifiable and cited proof of notability.

    He went on to say it could still be included, but stressed the important of traditional media sources not just blog links. "it will need to
    be a well cited article that is clearly different from the original content."

    I decided to just leave it be. Obviously some kind soul tried to revive my entry and now it's "protected" - wow!