Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Carrot juice for Halloween

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Speaking of Halloween:
"I'm kind of Mr. Unpopular around here on Halloween. Reason: I don't give out candy. Instead, we package up little containers of carrot juice. It's healthy, and it tastes great. It also happens to cost a lot more than some cheap crap candy bar. But do these spoiled little Palo Alto brats appreciate the effort? You should see the faces they pull, standing there in their stupid little costumes, whining for candy. Some of them actually smash the juice containers on the walk."
Last night we gave out KitKat bars, M&M's and Pretzels.

Guess what? The pretzels were most popular!

Pumpkin Face

We encountered a lot of unusual trick-or-treaters this year. Here are some excerpts:
The Swearing Trick-or-Treater
Kid: Sh*t!
Carol: There will be no swearing! There are little kids here!
Kids: Trick or Treat

No Thank You
Kid comes up and takes candy and leaves. No words exchanged.
Me: Alrighty then

Picky eaters
Kid pulls out a candy, then throws it back in disgust and says, "I don't like those!"

I live here
Steve: Where do you live?
Kid: Two houses over.
What happened at your house?


  1. Nancy refuses to give candy to anybody who doesn't say "trick or treat" first. Great fun with the teen-agers who don't even bother to put on costumes or bring bags.

  2. Nada. Probably had something to do with 6 degrees and snow...