Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brave New Web

I'm over here today:

MIT Enterprise Forum Annual Event: Brave New Web at Colonnade Hotel. Here's the agenda.

I'll be on this panel in the afternoon:
Geeks to Grandmothers: Extending the Reach of Technology

Ask the people around you if they know what RSS, AJAX, GPS, and WiFi mean, and you'll likely hear, "Of course!" Do the same at a local grocery store and watch the perplexed looks roll in (No, not the cleaning product!) This session challenges us to look at outreach, usability, and adoption for these technologies, and to find ways to make them understandable, usable, and easy to adopt by the demographics outside geekdom's borders.

Moderator: John D. Lanza, Choate, Hall & Stewart
Steve Garfield, videoblogger and media expert
David Cooperstein, Editor in Chief,
Nick Gogerty, CEO and Founder, InClue
Juliette Powell, CEO and Executive Producer, Inspiration Festival
I'll be telling everyone about my mom.

The flickr tag is Brave New Web.

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