Thursday, June 21, 2007

I subscribe to people, who make videos.

According to the Lost Remote blog, internet video use exploded from '06 to '07.

Many people watch videos on YouTube, and follow links that friends send them via email, IM or Twitter.

That's the viral nature of web video. One friend tells another, and so on.

There's another way to watch though. It's through free subscriptions.

One way to subscribe to videos is with iTunes. New videos are automatically delivered to you so you don't have to check for new ones.

I subscribe to friends who make videos. One is DriveTime, a talk show in a car by Jamaica Plain artist Ravi Jain.

Visit his site and watch the videos online. If you like them, leave a comment and subscribe. There's a whole community of video makers on the internet who are sharing their content online.

If you want to meet some local video makers, stop by a Boston Media Makers meeting on the first Sunday of each month at Sweet Finnish at 10 AM in Jamaica Plain. Who knows, you might even make some videos of your own after learning how easy it is.

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  1. Clintus McGintus9:20 PM

    I'm with you man. I'm addicted to people's content. I prefer video above all else and I live in my Google Reader.