Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Simonds is the life of this video party

The Globe's Here
Jonathan Levitt writes in today's Boston Globe, Simonds is the life of this video party:
For the latest episode of her new video blog, cookbook author Nina Simonds is bouncing around her kitchen throwing together what she calls the "best dumplings ever." She's funny and charmingly scatterbrained, with red ballet slippers on her feet, eye glasses perched on her head, and a voice hoarse from talking and talking and talking.

Also in the kitchen is Julie Lutts, her tall blonde recipe tester; Ingrid Schwamb, her personal assistant; Maureen Yasi, a shorter blondish recipe tester; and Steve Garfield, the quirky Jamaica Plain-based video blog pioneer who tapes the show. Everyone is laughing, cooking, getting bossed around, and mugging for the camera. It's like they're not really doing anything serious here, which is why Simonds's vlog, , is becoming a hit.

You can watch the video, Best Chinese Dumplings Recipe Ever and Pilates, at Spices of Life.

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