Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Beatles Timeline

Mashable calls AOL's circaVie the Flickr for Timelines.

Looks similar to a great timeline application at Seattle's Experience Music Project.

I just got started on my timeline, Steve Garfield's Timeline. Made one entry. The directions on the page say that you can add "A link to a slide show or YouTube video about your event."

circaVie opens up a world of possibilities for telling stories. In addition to sharing archived video from the past, you can record a video and talk about a past event. Very exciting.


  1. Steve,

    This is awesome! I can easily see this being used on documenting projects or events. Start a timeline for Podcamp Boston, for example, and let people post their video and audio at the proper time slots.

    Does this thing allow you to set timelines up as hours and minutes, rather than years?

    Can you make it publicly editable for community building?

    Guess I need to poke around some more.

    Very cool app. Thanks!

  2. Chris. Thanks for the feedback on circaVie. Group editing of timelines is one of our most asked-for features, and I can understand why.

    We'll be rolling out all the expected social-networking features in a few weeks, plus some ground-breaking ones soon there after.

    I hope you continue to enjoy circaVie.

    --A circaVie Developer