Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TV News in a Postmodern World

(CNN Video)
Terry Heaton writes about Paris Hilton, the iPhone and Eventstreaming in TV News in a Postmodern World, Part LXVIII:
"Jeff [Jarvis is] right when he says that 'finding out what's happening' is the real challenge ahead, and that's why aggregators are so important to the future of media. What we have today is nothing compared to what entrepreneurs are bringing us in the months and years ahead."
What's happening?

Are you reporting it?

Where are you reporting and how?


  1. Anonymous9:39 AM


    Don't you think that WHO'S reporting the news is almost as important as WHAT's being reported nowadays?. With all the spin being put on events (as well as the more deliberate attempts of deception), knowing the source of the information is vital to understanding what is taking place.

  2. Was it an oversight or genius commentary that the previous comment is attributed to anonymous?

  3. As a producer, I'd like the viewer of my content to know that I made it. I am not happy you see video on the TV news labeled as 'Home Video'. That's actually insulting to me and the producer of that video. TV news doesn't respect the producer when they do things like that.

    If we are talking about video, and someone captured of a moment and shares it online, who they are isn't that important to your ability to understand the content of the video. A student pulls out a cellphone and captured video of another student being tasered in a library. The person who took the video doesn't change what happened.

    If someone is producing a piece with a point of view, then I'd be interested in where they are coming from.

    But in the case of capturing an event, the more perspectives we can watch, will allow us to see the truth.