Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am McLovin

Superbad looks funny.

Note: Click the little speaker image above FUN STUFF to turn on the sound.

Are the funniest parts of the movie in this little free player?

Click on "Grab It" and look at all the cool options you have for sharing this little movie player. I posted this from over on Martin's Musings without even leaving his site.

Both Superbad and "Grab It" are cool.


  1. the entire movie was hilarious steve. i went to see a preview and i flailed and guffawed the entire time. i have never laughed so hard at a movie.

  2. I have feeling my stomach is going to hurt from laughing so much after seeing this one..!

  3. Thanks Drew. Sounds like the kind of movie that you'd want to see in a theater where you can share the experience with a crowd of strangers who are all laughing just as hard as you are. I had a blast watching Borat in a theater.