Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MacBook Pro Has Symptoms of Failure

Based on the earlier problem I had with my most recent Final Cut Pro project not saving, and some new symptoms, I'm bringing my MacBook Pro in for service today to tech Superpowers.

The last time my hard drive failed, they told me if I had any further problems they'd try to get me a brand new Mac. It's had a difficult service history.

Trapped in my iPhone

Today's symptoms:

- iMovie will not Force Quit when hung
- iMovie will not open
- System hangs on boot when external drives are connected
- can not capture video via firewire from the system FW 400 port
- can not capture video via firewire from an attached La Cie FW 800
- intermittent scrolling

A client reminded me that I lost my hard drive recently, and then yesterday I lost a whole Final Cut Pro project. From their perspective, my Mac experience doesn't sound so good.

It's as good point, but even with all the failures, I still prefer Mac to PC.

I hope I get a quick and acceptable solution today.

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