Monday, August 06, 2007

Reviewing the TubeMogul Uploads

I've been trying out TubeMogul to upload my videos to a bunch of video hosting sites to see if they gain any traction.

One thing I've noticed, in addition to the differing quality of the encodes, is how each site handles URL's.

For my most recent Vlog Soup post featuring Bre Pettis of Make Magazine, I visited each site to see the results.

YouTube - Complete text with clickable links. Nice quality letter-boxed video too.

Yahoo! - Complete text and URL's are not clickable. Nice quality letter-boxed video.

MySpace - Complete text and URL's are not clickable.

MetaCafe - Complete text and URL's are not clickable.


Dailymotion - Complete text with clickable links

Brightcove - Doesn't include the complete text and URL's are not clcikable.

I manually uploaded this video to When you use TubeMogul the URL's don't become clickable automatically, but you'll notice that does support wide screen.

I'll have to visit the sites to see if adding HTML will make the URL's clickable, but it would be nice if they were automatically made clickable like on YouTube and DailyMotion.

For my first test, YouTube and DailyMotion win for best text formatting, maintaining all the text of the post, and for making the links clickable. has the best support for wide screen, keeping the original size, plus they give you access to the original QuickTime file for viewing online and for RSS 2.0 with enclosures downloads. YouTube adds letter boxing to provide the second best video experience.

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  1. Thanks for that, Steve... I've been wondering how well that works. No test to Vimeo yet?