Monday, February 04, 2008

Obama in Boston

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  1. TryingToReadTheBlog8:14 AM

    dude you website sucks; it always freezes I.E.

    please fix this! Some of us can't use Firefox during the day (@work)

    The image on this post also doesn't work.

    You really should think about streamlining the website and interface!

  2. Dude, IE sucks. Get a real browser, or read the blog on a feed reader.

  3. TryingToReadTheBlog5:03 PM

    The point was some of you're readership is having major problems with the blog.

    You'd think you wouldn't want to piss off the majority of browser users, especially those linked over from other sites.

    I agree, other browsers are better, but during the day many a working fool is limited to IE through work.

  4. OK, thanks. I get it now that you've explained it.


    If someone can help me diagnose why this blog has problems with IE, I'd love some help fixing it.

    It's just blogger and a bunch of posts. Nothing unusual.

  5. tryingtoreadtheblog6:00 PM

    np, sorry if the first post came off wrong :)

    @Home now on trusty Firefox, and no issues at all. I think it's IE 7 at work, if that helps. Looks like it's loading the blog, then just freezes.

    Go Obama!