Thursday, March 27, 2008

Offering Embedding to Prevent Plagiarism

Moo Photo Calling Cards
Photo by Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA

Offering Embedding to Prevent Plagiarism - PlagiarismToday:
"One of the hallmarks of the “New Web” has been the embedding of multimedia. Where hotlinking was once a dirty word, now you can find services that allow you to embed images, audio and video."
I commented:
Flickr is great in their support of Creative Commons, but they do not go far enough. Have you noticed that if you want to get HTML from one of YOUR OWN photos you can, BUT you can't get the same HTML from anyone else's photo?

Flickr needs to provide access to HTML embed code for all photos that are CC licensed AND they need to include the license info in the HTML, ex: CC BY-NC-SA, like that.

They are aware of the request, I posted it to their message board a long time ago, but they have not moved on it.

Also, the Creative Commons people are in full support of this enhancement to Flickr.

If anyone reading this has access to decision makers over at Flickr, I'd love to hear an update.

Makes so much sense.

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