Monday, April 21, 2008

My MySpace Interview

My MySpace Interview

Paul Armstrong, MySpaceTV Promotions Manager, interviewed me about web video, INTERVIEW: Steve Garfield ( .
PA: You started in "old media" - how has that affected your vlogging?

SG: Many of the skills I learned and ingrained from doing old media for so many years, help me tell stories. I've always been a student of production, both audio and video. Now, when I produce a video, I'm editing it in my head, prior to and during the shoot. Sometimes, if it's a commercial shoot, I'll edit the participants during the shoot if I see something that would solve an editing problem later. Some of these problems might be people who misspeak or talk to long. I'll have them do a retake and give direction such as, "Say the same thing you just said only use a lot less words."
Thanks for the interview Paul.

You can read the whole interview over here.

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