Friday, April 18, 2008

When to Use Live Streaming from a Cellphone

Rebooting Your Newsroom with LIVE mobile video broadcasting

Veronica Belmont is thinking of ways to use her Nokia N95 and the Qik live streaming service.

She posts: Veronica on Qik: I’ll try to be more exciting, I promise

I've been using Qik for a while and replied with this:
Hi Veronica,

This is a great question.

One thing I love about Qik is that once I press the button to stop streaming, the video is posted to the web and there's no further capture, edit, export, upload, and post procedure to complete. It's a very freeing feeling.

Here are some ways I use Qik:

When I turn on Qik, I think of it as crafting a short story, with the emphasis on short.

As an editor, I think about how the whole stream will come together in the end, and shoot that way.

So I first point the camera at what will become the thumbnail, then introduce what is happening. Usually it's an interview, so I'll do a quick interview and then end.

Camera off.

I like seeing this as storycasting vs. lifecasting.

The other time I like to turn on the Qik camera is when I am at an event and want to share it live.

One good example is at an Obama rally in Boston where people could chat back to me and guide my coverage. I loved that two-way experience.

I've also used it to live stream presentations where they were not being broadcast and people wanted to see the presentation. In those cases it was good to have as an archive too.

Finally, Qik is great for breaking news. As more people get this technology, we'll see newsworthy events being captured and streamed live.

Looking forward to see what you do!

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