Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Test: Apple iPhone vs. Nokia N82

Which is better?

Milk and Oliver

Boston Buildings


  1. That's hard! The two phones picked up on different things. The iphone looks like it focused on the sky - it has more blue and captured the wispy cloud... but wigged out a bit on the building and the flag is a bit blurry.

    The Nokia focused on the building and got that pretty well, but didn't pick up the sky as well.


  2. I definitely vote for the top photo myself.

  3. The lower one looks better on my laptop. Buildings are in focus, the sky has more detail and the over all color looks closer to "real". IMHO

  4. The top one is more "in your face pretty", but the second is the one that I was more willing to spend time looking at.

    That MAY be simply a matter of the second one being much better in focus than the first, and therefore having more detail... the question is whether that's something that the photographer will just sort out once he's familiar with the kit's foibles, or whether the second just does a better job of focusing :-)

    Obviously, the blue in the first looks lovely, but I can't help but feel that the second sky is truer to life... and re-tinting is something you can do aftewards... getting out of focus stuff into focus ISN'T.

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Using the flag as a guide, the color balance is all messed up in the first image. It's a pretty blue sky, but the whole thing is just "off" like you are in the Matrix.