Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reporting with a Cellphone - JO540

In today's class we talked about reporting with a cellphone.

We covered how to send in blog posts, twitter posts, audio and photos.

This photo was taken on an iPhone, and emailed to flickr. Twittergram saw the new photo on my flickr photo stream, taggged with 'iPhone' and sent out a post to twitter for me.

Note: I clicked on all sizes in flickr, downloaded hte photo, editied it in iPhoto, and replaced the original. This maintained all the links while improving the photo.

Once it was on flickr I grabed the embed code and posted it here.

Reporting with a Cellphone

Text to Blog
Set up Email to Blogger
In Blogger go to Settings/Email/Email posting address

Put in your secretWords that will become part of your Email Posting Address.

Then choose if you want to publish immediately or save emails as drafts

twitter for Journalism

Some ideas on how twitter can be used for journalism:

Breaking News - Plane Crash
Reporting from a Press Event
Conduct Interviews - Business Week
Asking for help - Wisdom of Crowd
Promoting sites - Point to blog posts
Linking to photos - Flickr, twitpic
Linking to audio - Utterli
Linking to video - Flickr, YouTube, Qik

You can post to twitter from, via SMS, web interface on mobile phones, or cellphone clients like twitterrific

We talked about twitter in class as some students were twittering:

Excellent. Follow Dan.

Here are some more suggestions of people to follow on twitter:

jayrosen nyu - news / professor
david gregory - Meet the Press Host, just joined
imogen heap - my favorite musical artist
garyvee - wine library tv
cc chapman - pr / marketing in boston
chris brogan - social media guy in boston
baratunde - comedian, the onion
jimmy fallon - late night host!
Scott Beale - laughingsquid - SF tech guy
jeff pulver - social media
julia roy - NYC PR, has a YouTube show about twitter
ijustine - she is the internet
Jim Long - newmediajim - NBC camera guy who follows Obama

stevegarfield - Follow me too.

Photo to Flickr
Get your email address at Then you can use that address to email photos from your cellphone into flickr.

Flickr to Twitter Notification
Use twittergram to automatically send out a twitter post when you upload a photo to flickr.

Flickr Widget
While on the flickr tools page you can also grab the embed code to put a flickr photos widget on your sidebar of your blog.

Flickr links to it from the tools page with the text, Hey! Where's my badge. I know. It's weird.

twitpic - Another Cellphone Photo to twitter solution
An alternative to using the flickr twittergram combination is to use twitpic from a twitter phone client.

I use twitterrific which you can get in the iTunes Store.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

While playing around with twitpic, I posted a bunch of photos while making scallops for dinner. The photo ends up in twitpic, and a link to it goes on twitter.

Kate Taylor saw them and sent a message to me on twitter saying she had a great scallop recipe.

She emailed it to me and gave me permission to share it here:
My mom's father was a fisherman and they ran a fish market out of their home, and her mom could cook some seafood. This recipe came from her.

1 lb bay scallops
(ps: this is great way to cook many other types of fish too)
4 Tbls butter melted
Juice of 1 lemon
Bread crumb/flour mix
-make by taking a couple of slices of fresh bread and running through food processor or blender. Add to this 3 Tbls flour

Dredge scallops lightly through the bread crumb mix. Then Place scallops one layer deep in shallow baking dish.
Drizzle over this the melted butter. Squeeze over this the fresh lemon juice.
Put under broiler for 10-12 minutes, until golden brown.
This is an example of how sharing at sites like twitpic and twitter can lead to unexpected connections.

Automatic Music Videos from Photos
Animoto is a great tool to make music videos out of your photos without having to do any editing.

Audio Reporting
Utterli allows you to make recording from your cellphone. You can also have these recordings auto-post to your blog, embed in a side bar on your blog, and have notification of new audio posts sent out to twitter.

I interviewed Nick at BU using Utterli from my iPhone and also sent in a photo. If you send in a photo to utterli after your audio recording it gets associated with the audio post.


Mobile post sent by stevegarfield using Utterlireply-count Replies.  mp3

Visit Nick G's webpage at BU.

Video: It's not the camera, it's the journalism

Class slides:

Please post links to any tweets, photos, videos, audios or blog posts you make using these tools.

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