Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Renewing a Drivers License at the Massachusetts RMV?

Massachusetts RMV

If you are renewing your drivers license at the Massachusetts RMV, here a few tips.

1. You need to fill out an application first.

In the office I went to there were no forms available beforehand, or instructions to fill out a form first, so after you waited 20-30 minutes to see someone, and walked up to the counter without a form, you were told to fill out a form and come back. It would be nice if there were instructions both on the website and in the RMV office mentioning this.

2. You can download the form at home and fill it out

The registry needs to put a link to the license renewal form at the top of the License & ID info page.

Here's the direct link: License and ID Update Application [ PDF ]

Massachusetts RMV

3. Take a Number

The RMV is like a deli counter at a supermarket. You need to take a number. Walk in. Find the machine. Take a number.

4. The signature you sign on the input pad at the registry is the signature that goes on your license.

I probably should have known this, but it would be nice to be told ahead of time since that's the signature that people might check your handwriting against and if you knew that, you might write a little slower and clearer instead of slashing a coupke of vague lines.

The website has could be clearer on payment methods accepted:

RMV - Roslindale Branch Office:
"Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Money Order
Master Card, Visa and Discover accepted only for license transactions"
When I read that, I understood it to mean, Cash, Check, Money Order accepted. Didn't read line #2.

I suggest making this clearer.

"Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Money Order. Master Card, Visa and Discover accepted only for license transactions"


  1. Steve, The RMV I got to in Yarmouth has a person that asks what you are there for, and they hit the button that spits out the appropriate deli ticket. Apparently we can't be trusted to get our own deli ticket. The place is always littered with forms too.

    As for the forms of payments, it is EXTREMELY confusing and STUPID. Why can't I use my debit master/visa card to pay for a registration renewal when I walk into the office, but I can online?? If they take credit cards on one side of the office, they should be able to take it on the other. I hate carrying cash, don't have a check book thanks to online banking, and could never bring a money order because I don't use new math like the registry uses.

    (Have you ever tried to estimate what you will owe when registering a new vehicle purchase and then when you get to the registry their total is something completely different? That would be me EVERY time.)

    On the flip side, when I put my new sticker on my plate, I thought I'd lose it in the super cold, but I checked the other day and it's still there. They must use some super glue on those little suckers.

  2. Rebecca,
    You're right!

    Whay can't they take a credit card for every transaction?