Monday, March 23, 2009

The Shell station on VFW Parkway would not inspect my car today

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I got to the station at 4:55 PM and they informed me that one car was ahead of me and they close at 5:00. So no car inspection today. The hours are posted as ending at 5:00, but you'd think they could stay a little longer to inspect one more car.

Maybe it's a State law that all inspections must end at 5:00. Stranger laws are enforced in the state, such as the restrictive wine bill, but don't get me started.

Maybe they just want to go home on time. I get that, but I wasn't treated like the long time loyal customer that I am.

It's 4:45, go away.

Kinda rude.

I feel better now.


  1. Did you mean 4:55p or 4:45p?

    I like that station b/c there is the giant middle eastern guy who does the inspections that is tall and kind of cute but the old guy at the front desk is kinda unfriendly- isnt it called dror's village? I go there for my inspections, too. The magazines are awfully old so I usually go across the street to shop while I am waiting. With the new system it takes longer than it used to, but better luck next time.

  2. Next time you go to Roche Bros., get your car inspected at the Lukoil on Centre Street.