Saturday, June 27, 2009

The State of Now at The 140 Characters Conference: Video Twitter

Best introduction ever, Jeffrey Hayzlett, "I know Stephen through Jimmy Fallon and I was up in Jimmy's office a few weeks ago and Jimmy and I were talking and he was talking about someone he likes to follow and he mentioned Stephen."

Here's the Video Twitter panel I was on at Jeff Pulver's 140 Character Conference.

Christian Payne (@Documentally)
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - CMO, Kodak
Steve Garfield (@stevegarfield)
Sukhjit Ghag (@sukhjit)

This was a great panel. I enjoyed it.

The whole conference was great.

At one point I went out in the hallway and there was just a handful of people out there. Unlike SXSW where the conference is about the hallways, the 140 Conference was about the sessions. Lots of new information, very interesting topics, and a broad range of people.

It was like film, interactive and music all rolled into one, plus with all the sessions being in one room, on one track, you knew you weren't missing anything by staying in the session.

Great job Jeff.

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