Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tivo HD seems to freeze and not respond to remote for periods of time

TiVo HD Remote

My TiVo HD remote isn't responding to input.

It's inconsistent.

The response to certain button depressions is erratic.

I went over to the TiVo forums and see that others are experiencing the same issue. Seems to have recently started.

Customer help forums -- TiVo:

mb2foru seems to have figured out what it might be:
Re: Tivo HD seems to freeze and not respond to remote for periods of time:

The remote does not respond almost all the time when cable cards are in and loaded. No cards loaded and you can use the remote endlessly but once the data is loaded in the cards the remote is then dead. It is definatley overloaded OS or hardware issue. I am an telecomunications engineer for 25 years and have worked on ATM, fiber and all kinds of data delivery systems and software. While the other issues you mentioned can and do happen this issue is definatley a problem with Tivo as it is occurring in huge numbers of the HD boxes. Tivo needs to respond to this issue now.
Any help or ideas?


Margret Schmidt, @tivodesign on twitter solved my problem almost immediately after I posted a message on twitter with a link to this post.

Sometimes you can get sidetracked by technical issues when it ends up being as simple as replacing batteries. The TiVo HD takes four AAA, but I only had two in the house. So I replaced two, and also closed the laptop that was in the same room.

The remote is now responsive. Thanks for the fast response.

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