Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There are too many characters, 136, in this tweet by newmediajim to retweet the whole tweet the old way (copying the tweet and prefixing it with RT @newmediajim):

Integrated retweet at allows you to click retweet, and have newmediajim's tweet show up on your timeline:

Integrated twitter retweeted tweet

I don't see any way to see who the 3 others who retweeted this are.

Integrated twitter retweeted tweet in timeline

When you click on the permalink of my tweet, it goes to Jim's original tweet.

I can't see who the 3 others are that retweeted this though. I saw that feature in a preview. Probably will be rolled out later.

To see your retweets, and who's retweeting them, you can go to your Retweets by you page:

To see who's retweeted your tweets, go to your Your tweets, retweeted page:

There's also a retweets by others page, which for me, has no data at the moment.

In search results though, the integrated retweeted tweet gets shortened.

Search results, leave off important trailing content from Jim's original tweet.

kthxbai! </snark> is missing!

Hmm... That doesn't seem right.

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