Monday, March 22, 2010

Show Notes from Michele Price's Breakthrough Business Strategies BlogTalkRadio Show

Talking about Get Seen on Breakthrough Business Strategies with Michele Price

Radio Show Archive:
Get Seen-Steve Garfield-Breakthrough Business Strategies

Here are some of the links I mentioned:

Chevy at SXSW - Great use of casual video

Flip - Press the red button to record

Gorillapod - Flexible Tripod

Kodak Zi8 - Pocket HD Video Camera

Bui Brothers - Great behind the scenes videos

Tim Street - Story, Spectacle and Emotion

Merton and Ben Folds Viral Video - Topical Video

Boston City Councillor John Tobin - Authentic video

Nina Simonds - Spices of Life, Food, Health, Lifestyle

Ze Frank - I'd love a brain dump from Ze!

Buy Get Seen:
Where to buy Get Seen.


  1. Peter Bucknell8:58 AM

    Hey steve , really enjoying your book. I'm a Turnhere film maker and blogger ( ). Hope we bump into each other before too long. Pete Bucknell