Monday, April 12, 2010

Steve Garfield - Streamy Awards Photo 0678

Here I am at The Streamy Awards in LA.

I'm pretty happy. I didn't go last year, and wanted to make sure I attended this year's event.

Kodak asked me if I'd do some blogging for them. I told them I'd be happy to, that's why I've got the media badge.

I've got lots of stories to tell, but I want to take a quick look back at last year's awards to what Zadi Diaz said when she won an award with Steve Woolf for best show. This year Zadi won for Best Host.
“...this land we've all been harvesting for the past decade (not forgetting the early days of dial-up and streaming videos) is full of intensely passionate people. Whether it's the actor/director/writer who can't get a job in traditional Hollywood, the entrepreneur who is using video to promote their work, the artist experimenting with the form itself, the activist using video to bring a cause to light, or the new mom sending video of her newborn to family and friends -- we all have the ability to tell our story.”
Zadi Diaz, new media producer and co-founder of Smashface Productions, 1st Annual Streamy Awards: Once in a Lifetime
What Zadi said was so important, I made it the first thing you read in my book, Get Seen.

Who got recognized at this year's awards?







New moms?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts and read people's reviews of the event.

Initial impressions have already surfaced on twitter and blogs.

What's your take?

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