Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Bachelorette: I'm a Rule Follower, The Wrestler Isn't.

I'm a rule follower.

Some people follow rules, some don't. I do.

I stay to the right.

Rule breaking bachelors and Ali walking in the street. Photo Courtesy ABC.

I stop at stop signs.

At a four way stop, I take turns.

I walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk.

If I get to much change. I give it back.

I tip 20%.

I'm a rule follower.

When people don't follow rules that's upsetting to me. It causes chaos.

Justin. Photo Courtesy ABC

So on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, when Justin aka. Rated-R, the wrestler guy, walked down to Ali's, he broke the rules.

I'm surprised that Rated-R didn't get kicked off the show.

Ali. Photo Courtesy ABC

Since Rated-R broke the rules and wasn't penalized now all the other guys will want to go down to the bachelorette's house to try to spend more quality time with Ali.

This just isn't right.


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  1. How do you feel about spoilers?
    ...cuz I could send you one about the Rated R storyline that would make you feel better...

  2. Sometimes I'm ok with spoilers and sometimes I'm not.

    Many times I just give up and read all the reviews prior to seeing a tv show or movie, tiher times I try to avoid all media.

    In this case, they've set up the wrestler as the person we love to hate. It might be more fun to watch it play out.