Saturday, June 05, 2010

Crowd Sourced Adam Lambert Concert Video vs. Professional Production

This is cool. I saw that someone live streamed a portion of Adam Lambert's concert from last night. The sound and video quality were horrible weren't the best.

[Update: Bad original choice of words. I love the fact that people are sharing moments live, and that viewers can chat along. The sound and video quality depends on a lot of variables as are discussed in the comments.]

Made me take a look at YouTube to see what people were uploading from Adam's concerts.

I wathched three videos and they improved in quality with each one. [In reverse chronological order from Best to Worst]

  1. [YouTube] Adam Lambert "If I Had You" Recorded Live 5/22/10 Boston

  2. [YouTube] Adam Lambert "If I Had You" Recorded Live 5/15/10 LA

  3. [YouTube] Adam Lambert "If I Had You" Recorded Live 6/4/10 Wilkes Barre

The Boston video is a screen capture of a professional production. But let's go back to crowd-sourced video.

Check this compilation. It takes footage from multiple people who were at the same concert.

Adam Lambert - Strut *IMPROVED VERSION* Fantasy Springs
Download the HD/iPod mp4/mp3 of this performance at my blog I edited the best footage from anthrogeekPF, etharei8, lekispop, mywilson3235, TALCvids & TheLambertLuvva, setting it to tinafea's recording which I cleaned up & enhanced. Edited by me

This is from the concert in Indio on 27/02/10. Thanks to all the videographers for capturing the concert and to Adam Lambert for a thrilling show.
I enjoyed seeing people capture moments, and then the creativity of someone else pulling it all together.

In the end, the professional production beats them all for audio and video quality, but crowd sourced video can't be beat for immediacy and authenticity in capturing a live event.

What are your thoughts?

Update from the comments:

ADAM LAMBERT Glam Nation tour AFTERMATH in Wilkes Barre.

Also by indybeck71, his hit single, Whataya Want From Me, and the Muse-penned Soaked.

Great job with the quality and fast turnaround.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    OK first of all you need to learn the technology of "cellcasting" on ustream. If you were watching Hannabec's her's was outstanding audio albeit her seat wasn't the best for video. They use a cell phone over skype to a pc (moderated by another person) and the variables are where you sit in relation to the speakers, the strength of the bass notes and the quality of the cell phone. Some are better than others. It is also DEPENDANT ON YOUR PC. You cannot have additional windows open or your personal quality will be poor (worse than other people's) including extreme lagging. Adam fans learned over >60 concerts last year how to perfect the cellcast but it is not a perfect science but we don't care. We're not watching with the expectations of a video we're watching to see the ENTIRE SHOW including banter, in between moments and the sheer excitement of fans and the feeling of "being there". Thanks for the blog, tho. PLease keep watching The Glam Nation Tour, as Adam has promised he'll be changing up the show, and I'm sure all the future cellcasts and videos will be exciting.

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    BTW, youTubes take hours to cook properly so you will see poor quality if you jump on rather early after the show, and the same one improves over a couple of hours. Check out indybeck's channel, hers ended up being the best I think I saw as of 5 am. She video'd the show not a cellcast.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    whoops, forgot to post indybeck's link

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    I wrote the book on "cellcasting." :-)

    I get it.

    Did you read the end of my post, "crowd sourced video can't be beat for immediacy and authenticity in capturing a live event."

    Some of the livestreaming solutions can give you very good audio and video quality.

  5. I think a lot of Adam Lambert's fans, music fans in general, could learn a thing or two from Steve in how to cellcast and live stream. He wrote the book on it :)

    In my experiences as an Idol blogger, cellcasting is pretty big. I've never quite understood it as I the quality is not necessarily good. A lot of the people doing it are just using a simple mobile and don't have the tech savvy. However, in the past 2 years alone, I've noticed a greater increase in the post-performance videos taken by fans. People are definitely building their web video skills and its encouraging to see.