Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Create is the New Consume

Create is the New Consume, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-ND Gapingvoid

From Hugh:
Another one of my "T-shirt" ideas. When I was a kid, media was not something you created, it was something that you consumed. Then the Internet came along and changed all of that, of course. We soon found out, creating is a lot more fun than consuming.

And this isn't just true for media. Making stuff is more fun than buying stuff. That's because there's love in making- you can put as much love into the process as you want- the only limitation is the human heart. Whereas with buying stuff- you can love it all you want, but it can't love you back.

The Internet has made the unleashing of creativity on a daily basis seem normal, not just the domain of freaks, hipsters and the privileged. And Thank God for that.

If you want to read a great book on this subject, I cannot recommend Clay Shirky's "Cognitive Surplus" highly enough. I hope you'll go check it out.

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