Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark Burnett Backstage Interview about Sarah Palin's Alaska

Brian Solis gave me the opportunity to meet Mark Burnett at BlogWorldExpo 2010 and then premiere a clip from Sarah Palin's Alaska.

In the Greenroom

Filmed with Kodak Zi8, Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun mic, and additional lighting.

This experience is a perfect example of the combination of Social Media and Online Video.

The Backstory
I've gotten to know Brian over the years through Social Media.

My friend Jenn Selke posted to twitter that Brian had come out with a new Conversation Prism.

I clicked over and took a look, The Conversation Prism.

Then, during our tour of Zappos, I saw the Brian's Conversation Prism at an employees desk, so I took a photo and posted it to flickr. I auto post photos uploaded from my iPhone over to twitter.

@briansolis look what I saw at @Zappos

BTW, if you are ever in Las Vegas, contact Zappos for a tour. IT's great!

Here's what I posted:

Brain saw this and responded:

What Happened Next
So this sets the stage for what happens next.

Brian saw I was in Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo and was planning something special for his Keynote with Mark Burnett.

We saw each other on the first night of BlogWorld and Brian told me that he might have something for me to do, but he couldn't say yet.

Can Steve Garfield Come to the Front of the Ballroom
Just before the Mark Burnett Keynote, my cellphone started ringing off the hook with messages that I had to go to the ballroom immediately. When I got there I heard on the loudspeaker, "Can Steve Garfield Come to the Front of the Ballroom".

I was met bay a whole group of people including Brian Solis and Mark Burnett. They asked if I'd be willing to take part in a Social Media experiment to launch Burnett's new show, Sarah Palin's Alaska."

At this point in time we were a few minutes away from the start of the session so there was little time to think. I agreed to help Brian with this experiment. Anyone who follows me knows how I feel about Sarah Palin. ;-)

The idea was that I would tweet out a link to a never before seen clip from Sarah Palin's Alaska that I would host on my YouTube account.

At @briansolis keynote with Mark Burnett

We set me up at the back of the ballroom with a laptop, a wireless mic, and two cameras.

I got the tweet with the link ready to send and also put it on my iPhone as backup.

Brian called out to me, and I posted the tweet. He then asked everyone to retweet it.

The tweet:

... an it's duplicate.

The Video:

Some Results:

As of 10/18/10: 70,178 views.
As of 12/06/10: 116,634 views.

Seen on: The Scoop / The Today Show:
The TLC publicity team is certainly taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to spreading word about the show. A TLC rep handed out stickers at Thursday's Blogworld expo (where producer Mark Burnett was a keynote speaker) to attendees. The stickers read: "I can see Sarah Palin's Alaska from my living room."

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