Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Video] Techstars Boston Demo Day 6/15/2011

Techstars Boston

For this video I used a new app that I learned about last night on AmgelList. This video was made with videolicious and uploaded from my iPhone.

Videolicious has five steps: Shoot Clips, Assemble Clips, Record Narration, Add Music, and Save/Upload.

The cool thing is that for the Assemble step, you don't do any editing. The iPhone edits all your clips and photos together.

To make this video I followed these steps.

1. Shoot Clips
I shot B-Roll of the venue, the sign in area, nametags, t-shirts, signage, the room and people.

2. Assemble Clips
Then I ran videolicious and told it which clips I wanted in my video.

3. Record Narration
Next, I recorded a video, giving an overview of the Techstars conference. To shoot this I used an XShot camera extender [Evaluation Unit] and Xshot iPhone 4 case [Evaluation Unit] to hold the camera farther away from me than I could with my arm. For sound I used an iRig Mic [Evaluation Unit] to get better audio.

It would be good it you could record your narration prior to starting up the app. You might have a preferred video app that you might want to use. There are some new ones with nice features.

4. Add Music
There are some supplied music clips you can use, or you can use music from your iTunes library if you have the rights.

5. Save/Upload
I saved the video to my camera roll, then chose to send it to YouTube. You've got to use the YouTube direct mobile uploads email adress to set this up. Access the Upload From Mobile email address on the set up page, you can get there from your YouTube Upload page.

I had a good first experience with videolicious. I look forward to trying it on some more videos.

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  1. ok.trop cool et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.