Thursday, December 01, 2011

If Your Website is Down, Don't Run Ads on Spotify is down. by stevegarfield is down., a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

I heard a great ad for on Spotify, so I clicked the link and headed over there. was down. They had a great 404 page though, and asked me for my email.

I entered my email so I could get notification when the site was back up.

Later on I heard another ad for Bonobos.

I went to the site and it was still down.

I searched twitter and saw that the site had been down for days.

So I sent out a tweet to Bonobos:

"@Bonobos Tell @Spotify to stop running ads, unless you want to keep acquiring email addresses."

It's hard to get the point across in 140 characters, but what I meant was that the 404 page asking for email addresses is actually a good marketing technique to acquire emails, but not so good when the site is down.

They replied:

"Bonobos: @stevegarfield Is it just our ads you don't like, or the ads in general? Any recommendations of ads you do like?"

I needed to write this explanation here for them so it'll be clear.

If your site is down, you probably shouldn't keep running ads that drive traffic to a 404 page.


  1. Tim MacGougan6:59 PM


    Here's a >140 character response:

    Yeah.......whoops! We're still running those for 3 reasons.

    1. This is the busiest week in Bonobos history. Continuing to run ads takes no work, stopping them takes work.

    2. Our ETA for getting the site back up has been consistently delayed. We thought we'd be able to bring it back up Tuesday afternoon, and here we are on Thursday evening.

    3. Oddly enough, we're not paying for the ads anymore. Our contract expired a couple weeks ago but Spotify just kinda likes them so has kept em going. Neato!

    We've received quite a lot of compliments on our fail page and we're capturing a good amount of emails so it doesn't seem too bad to have new potential customers get to that page. Definitely not ideal, but it feels like a lower priority than fixing some of the messes we've caused and getting the site back up to speed.

    Always great when people are looking out for us. Easy for stuff like that to go unnoticed so we're always appreciative of feedback: Thanks!! Please do keep tweeting at us, we'll do our best to misinterpret and respond with unrelated questions and inanities, per usual.

    Bonobos Ninja

  2. Thanks Tim. I get it. Looking forward to seeing the site when it comes back up. I need nice pants. :-)