Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case

I didn't think I'd want a case for my iPhone 5, then I got one.

This is a Belkin Grip Candy Case for iPhone 5 (F8W152ttC00).

I got it for free at the #gdgtbos event.

I was a good sport and put on some funky glasses and let the Belkin people take a photo of me.

I thought it was fun, and posted it online. Geeky fun.

#gdgtbos @belkin crazy glasses
Image: Geek with Crazy Glasses

Then after the photo was taken, I was given the new phone case for free.

I didn't expect that.

In fact, I didn't even think I was going to use a case on my iPhone 5.

When I knew that I was getting an iPhone 5, I took the case off of my old iPhone 4 and starting using it that way.

Apple sure does make some nice products.

When I got my iPhone 5 I decided to try it without a case. It's nice. Especially since it has Gorilla Glass 2 on it which is less likely to break or crack.

But, then I got this free Belkin case. I put it on the phone, and it's nice.

I like it.

Here are some photos:

Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case

Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case

Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case

Belkin Grip Candy iPhone 5 Case

I like the feel of it too.

On the front, it has a raised edge which will protect the glass.

All that connectors and buttons are still easily accessible, except for the volume silencer, which is a little too recessed, but it's not that hard to switch on and off.

You can get the Belkin Grip Candy Case/Cover for New Apple iPhone 5 - Blacktop/Ice at Amazon for $24.99. This one is Black/Ice.

There are other styles and models too including this one with a clear case.


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