Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Traveling Outside the Country: Upgrade your cellphone coverage

The last time I traveled outside the country, I went to Paris. I looked into getting cell phone service, but decided against it.

During that trip, I was always on the lookout for signs that said free Wi-Fi.

Image: Free WiFi

On my recent trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada, I decided to look into upgrading my cell phone service so I could upload photos and videos from anywhere.

I've got an AT&T contract so I went online and determined that I could add 300MB Updated to my plan.

I determine this amount by taking my previous months total data usage, which I could look up on my phone app, and divided by a for giving me a weekly total of around 300 MB.

Image: International Data Plan: Activated

I was doing pretty well up until the very end of the week when I exceeded the 300MB by just a little bit.

Upgrading your cell phone's data plan is a great idea before taking it with you outside the country.

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