Saturday, December 08, 2012

[Beer] Santa and Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale - Boston

Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale is a great bar for beer enthusiasts who are also hungry.

I spent three hours in Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale with some great company, my new best friend St├ęphanie Montreuil and my wife Carol.

Just around the corner at Macy's, there was a cute craft fair, and Santa was there Ho, Ho, Hoing and letting people take pictures. For free. And there was even a Macy's employee there to take pictures for you with your smartphone or camera. So nice.

Image: St├ęphanie Montreuil and Santa

Image: Carol and I

At first I had somewhat of a hard time choosing a beer. That's unlike me. I felt like Goldilocks. Too sweet. Too smoky. Too out there.


One reason that it was hard to make a selection was that we were there on Friday afternoon, and they were changing out a lot of the taps. They rotate the beer selection frequently.

Our bartender, Ramona, came through and opened up a bottle of her favorite beer for me, Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus.


Turns out that Ramona had been to a Boston Media Makers meeting a long time ago.

Stephanie had this Bourbon beer, Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. Very unusual and has quite a kick!

Bourbon County

We had a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. Not pictured here, So good. ;-)


Here's more on the features of the place from the website:
Unique Historical Elements:

The former quarters of Stoddard’s Fine Cutlery and home to original tenant Chandler’s Corset Store, this 1868 building is one of the new structures to survive the Great Fire of 1872 and is listed on the Temple Place National Historic Register. Over the past two years, the partners of Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale have meticulously researched and rehabilitated the space, preserving the historical opulence and unique facets that remain in-tact today. Authentic 1868 wooden clapboards line the walls of the vestibule as diamond-tufted leather adorned with nickel studs covers the ceiling and booths in the entryway. Garments from the original Chandler’s Corset Store are encased and on display upon entering. An ornate full-service one-chair shoe shine complements the 30-foot long illuminated by two antique City of Boston 5-globe lamplights. Railings from the original Filene’s store (c. 1912) section off various spaces, including two active mezzanines that are raised up and attached to the bordering brick walls. One of the mezzanines houses the cask ales that incorporates a pulley system (a reclaimed Otis Elevator engine-brake); the other provides a lofty dining room seat and on occasion will function as a stage for live entertainment. The rear of the main space is ornamented with soldered galvanized steel frosted windows from the early 1930’s that hide a long-forgotten entrance. On the lower level, which boats hand painted gold scrollwork that is replicated on the dinner menu. Chandeliers and light fixtures form the Mary Street Station stop that formerly protected the safe will serve as the bar’s foot rail.
Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale is a great place, we'll be back.

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  1. I get the picture- that sandwich was so good, you made "all Gone" before you had a chance to photo it!