Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Bait Recipe is Great Link Bait on Google

Now I've heard it all. Betty Crocker is publishing holiday recipes that you can make for your Elf on the Shelf.

This one: Elf Food!

Image: Elf Food Courtesy Betty Crocker

Actually, this one looks pretty tasty for humans too. Mmm... donuts.

Here's Betty Crocker's Facebook page.

Image: Courtesy Betty Crocker

They've even named their Elf on the Shelf Sprinkles. How cute.
Meet Betty Crocker's resident elf, Sprinkles, and see what he's been up to in the Betty Kitchens!

Betty Crocker also tweeted out a link:

I came across the article, in the comments, on one of my Facebook friends' posts about Elf on the Shelf.

Turns out that the article was written by another friend, Heather Taylor, for Econsultancy.

Betty Crocker fans go wild for Elf on the Shelf bait recipe:
This week Christmas is slipping into the mix alongside some inspiration sports brands in our weekly showcase of The Dachis Group's Social Business Index.

Our focus is on three companies – V.F. Corp, General Mills, and Woodman Labs known for their brands Vans, Betty Crocker and GoPro - as analyzed by the team at the Dachis Group...

General Mills
Analyzed by Allison Squires

Now that Christmas is around the corner, Betty Crocker is turning up the heat on their Facebook page. From hot holiday trends to decorating tips to DIY baking projects, Betty Crocker is providing fans with exactly the cooking tricks they need for the holiday season.

Last week, the brand posted a recipe for ‘Elf Bait,’ tapping into the popular Elf on the Shelf everyone seems to be talking about this season. This holiday season, Betty Crocker fans are looking to the brand for a little holiday inspiration, fun and tips for how they can spread the holiday cheer to friends.

By continually providing fans with great content, they will become the go-to brand for those with a sweet tooth this holiday season and next.
NO link was provided for the recipe or Facebook page, so I googled it.

Here are my results:

Nice Newsjacking job Econsultancy, YOU'RE #1 for Elf on the Shelf bait.

Econsultancy ranks higher than Betty Crocker in a Google search result. The Facebook recipe doesn't even show up on the page. Well we know why that is, Facebook isn't indexed by Google. The recipe post on Facebook does have 3,029 likes as of this writing. I'd say that is a lot of likes. ;-)

See my earlier post:

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Update 7:18 AM:

I Newsjacked 'elf on the shelf bait recipe' with this post.

elf on the shelf bait recipe - Google Search results #1
Image: Search Results for elf on the shelf bait recipe

That was easy. I'm #1.

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