Saturday, December 01, 2012

[Video] Damion White is #DadLast

Watch our music video tribute to all the fathers out there who have ever felt that they were #DadLast, with a tip of the hat to everyone's favorite Bel Air royalty.
It's an ad for a mobile FIOS app, but the star is Damion White.

Found via CC Chapman's Digital Dads on Twitter:

This is a really well put together video. I watched it all the way through, it evoked an emotion, and it made me want to share it.

Three qualities of a great video.

Also, IT DOESN"T MAKE DAD'S LOOK STUPID. One of my pet peeves for TV commercials, especially during the holidays.

Damion has a fun comment on the YouTube page:
Here's to hoping for a #DadLast sitcom spinoff! LOL! Thanks for watching. Enjoy!
Ha! Great idea.

Image: Damion White and his FIOS commercial wife

It also prompted me to find out more about Damion.

Damion White on twitter

Damion White on YouTube

Hot New Hip Hop Profile:
From a family with music roots, Dame lost his uncle, Sunny Joe White - WXKS Kiss 108 Boston - to a heart attack in 1996. Sunny Joe was 1985's National Radio Program Director of the Year. When he passed Sunny was starting a record label with the infamous, Quincy Jones, and even then Damion White, was a 13 yr old A&R. Predating his rap career, as then Damion the 2 sport star athlete, he was just a passionate fan of music with an ear for what people wanted to hear trying to do the family proud. A few years later after rocking party after party with freestyle prowess (on command that is) Dame's career as an artist was born in late 2004 when Damion tore his ACL, and traded the cleats and sneaks for a pen and a pad. Since then he has been perfecting his craft and his brand, recording one studio album, Birth of a Universe (Independent), in 2008 out in LA. Seen on Perez Hilton's celebrity blog in July 2008, for an "I Kissed a Girl Remix" music video (YouTube), Damion is now working on several mixtapes, a new album, and pushing towards that break into the industry's recognizable personalities category.

Damion White on Facebook

I'm glad I've found Damion and look forward to following him on his social media outposts and hope to meet some day.

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  1. Steve, I'm just sifting through some of the commentary re: the video, and I had to make sure you knew how sincerely thankful I am for your post. I don't know what the future may bring, but to have reached you in this way marks one of my proudest and most motivating moments as a professional and as an aspiring musician. Thank you again, and the hopefulness that we might one day meet is absolutely mutual. Dw