Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twitter's New Vine Mobile Video Camera App: 6 Seconds, or Less

Hmm, I've already got YouTube, Tout, and Lightt.

I guess I'll try it.

How To Find Vine in the Apple App Store
Good luck finding it on the iPhone App store! There are one million games in there with the name 'vine."

Better idea: Go here from your browser and click to get the the App Store.

I wonder why it's not just part of the twitter app.

Got it.

After you get the app, when you open it, you see the top editor's pick video.

Right now it's a staring contest.

This will get old, fast.

Here's my first Vine video.

Embed code needs an option to turn off auto play, although at 6 seconds long, with the default of muted audio, it's not that bad.

The ability to easily record multiple clips, one after another, is smart and is going to lead to a lot of creative videos being produced.

Your thoughts?


It seems like you can only use the back camera on iPhone.

I can't figure out how to tweet a vine, from vine.

Seems like this feature has been removed temporarily to fix it.


I've been sharing video moments since 2004 on a blog.

Now they get shared immediately via Twitter and FB.

Powerful. Easy. Universal.

Check this from Chris Brogan: 11 Things A Business Could Do With the New Vine App

Looking forward to his book, Vine for Business. ;-)


  1. Steve,

    I found that Vine is easy to find if you search "Vine Twitter." Found it right away. Hope this is helpful for your readers.

    1. Thanks Brandon. I tried that and didn't find anything. Maybe it's indexed now. Thanks again.

  2. Steve - I like it so far. I'm looking forward to shooting short vids at rock concerts to share with friends who aren't there.

    1. Looking forward to seeing that. Rock on!