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Effective Storytelling Through Video: The power of new media and marketing using video #PRAdvanced

PRAdvanced SESSION 2/23/13

Effective Storytelling Through Video: The power of new media and marketing using video

- Examples
- Problems
- Requirements
- Tools
I'm going to walk through some of the tools that I use to tell stories with video, that anyone can pick up, after the session, and start using.
- Applications

Hashtag: #SteveAtBU

Video of the session:

Some Examples To Start:

Blizzard of 2013 - French Toast Alert: Severe

Blizzard of 2013 - Boston Live Porch Cam

Vine Video Reports from Boston #blizzard2013 as seen on CNN


Kathy Griffin at Eagle 93.7

Video Blogging

My first Video Blog Post

Jimmy Fallon

My first Video 1/1/2004 and Jimmy's First Video 12/08/2008

Jimmy Fallon talks with Steve Garfield about his new show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, at CES

Example: Superfan Supercut 02/2013
Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night Superfan Supercut" with Steve Garfield by The Gregory Brothers

Example: 02/21/03
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Closing credits: @jimmyfallon runs into the audience and finds me @stevegarfield ;-)

Problems with Video Projects:

(2) Kodak Zi8's and iKan Rig for Shooting 3D Video

Nothing gets done
Costs too much
People strive for perfection

Basic Requirements for good video:

Empowering People to Tell Stories with Pocket Video Cameras


Current Tools I Use:

Logitech C920 has a Tripod Mount. See?

Webcam C920


TWiT: Experimenting with Vine


The State of Video – Win the War for Attention with Video by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

iPhone (sometimes w/ iRig mic)

Example Today Show:
@Todayshow in Boston

The @TodayShow Comes to Boston #TODAYinBoston

PEN Camera

Example - Boston Media Makers Roll Call:

Panasonic HD Video Camera

Steve Garfield's Ultimate List of Video Gear
Image: Steve Garfield's Ultimate List of Video Gear


Experimenting with Vine as seen on The Social Hour on TWiT.TV

Vine reader #blizzard2013 videos

Ustream for Live stream and Wirecast
Example: TVNext Conference

G+ hangout
Example: The Road to SXSW

YouTube App

Record to QuickTime and post


Steve Garfield (stevegarfield) on Twitter

Tweet me, @stevegarfield, links to your videos
Go to for current tips and links

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