Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loved my Visit to the Carnegie Deli in New York City

I loved my visit to the Carnegie Deli in New York City.

Carnegie Deli!

You've got to be smart abuot ordering though. The Woody Allen, a corned beef and pastrami sandwich sounds interesting, but you get a CORNED BEEF SANDWICH ON TOP OF A PASTRAMI SANDWICH!

My wife, Carol, and I split a HOT PASTRAMI sandwich.

Pastrami! Lots of it.


Clean plate!

Update 2/25/13:

When I was in the Carnegie Deli, I was intrigued by all the photos on the wall. On my way out I asked how I could get my photo on the wall. They told me to send in a photo and that depending on location it costs either two-fifty, three-fifty, or four-fifty.

I replied that I'd just enclose $4 cash in the envelope.

They all laughed.

[Photo] Submitting to the Carnegie Deli wall of fame
Image: Submitting to the Carnegie Deli wall of fame

Looking forward to seeing what happens, and then sending in 30K twitter followers to take a picture in there, with my photo on the wall. ;-)

And yes, I picked an old headshot photo for fun!

Update: 5/14/13:

This just in... My photo is up!

Please head over to the Carnegie Deli in NYC and grab a photo of my headshot up on the wall.

It's in the hallway between the dining rooms. I'm next to Father Guido Sarducci.


  1. I love it too. If we all got sandwitches there and shared it with someone, we could fee the world! Gigantic.

    Once, while visiting NYC, we stopped off to pic up some pastrami sandwitches on the way out to the airport. It almost felt cruel to pull them out on the plane while everyone else was waiting for the attendants to come around with the usual airline fare. :)

    1. We did that with Katz Deli once. They have awesome sandwiches too!

  2. I had the biggest laugh seeing that EMPTY plate. ;-)

  3. That photo is PRICELESS!!! If I owned a deli, it would be on my wall for sure!