Wednesday, April 03, 2013

CNN iReport Award Categories can help you think about the way that you want to tell stories

CNN iReport Awards

The 3rd Annual CNN iReport Awards nominees have been announced.

Judges will pick one winner from each category:

CNN iReport Awards: Categories of Storytelling

If you are thinking about making a video, these categories can help you think about the way that you want to tell the story:
Breaking News
Original Reporting
Compelling Imagery
Personal Story
In-depth Storytelling
A Community Choice Recipient will also be announced on the Website on or around May 14, 2013.
The community (that's you!) will select the Community Choice Award recipient. Vote on the iReport that you feel best embodies CNN iReport in 2012. You can choose from any of the 36 nominees in the six categories and vote once every 24 hours until May 6. The iReport with the most votes will receive the Community Choice Award.
I wish they'd leave Community Choice voting at one vote per person.

Oh well.

Have you submitted to iReport?

I need to do more.

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