Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chatting with Comcast

In order to figure out why my mail is being rejected by the Comcast mail servers, I decided to have an online chat with them:
chat id : 29724be6-0634-49ed-89da-e07f195b85d2
steve > Hi
James > Thank you for contacting Comcast HSI Customer Support. My name is James. How can I assist you with your Email issue
steve > Can you unblock PORT 25 for my email
steve > I hear that's why my mail refuses to be sent
James > We do not block port 25.
James > If you have a blocked port 25 it is probably being done by your antivirus software.
James > You just need to follow its directions in setting it up so it will not block your email.
steve > nope no anti virus software
steve > i am trying to send mail from an address that is differnet from my comcast address
steve > and it get rejected
steve > it used to work
steve > up until recently
steve > it works once in a while now
James > Okay you need to set up your email program differently to access our servers when you are traveling.
steve > i'm at home
steve > the sender address was rejected by the server
steve > that's you
James > okay
James > The address does not matter.
James > in your return email address.
James > Is that what you are trying to change?
steve > it's just set up that way
steve > it replies to the address I get mail addressed to
steve > so if you send me email at
James > are you using outlook or outlook express?
steve > it replies with that int he from field
steve > macintosh mail
James > Let me se if I can help let me check the database.
steve > are you sure about port 25
steve > because i read on broadband reports that comcast blocks that port now
steve > and that causes this problem
steve > port
James > Let me get our blocked ports list. standby
James > The only ports that may be actively blocked on the Comcast network are 67, 68, 135, 137, 138, 139, 445, 512, 520, and 1080 at this time. Any ports that are blocked will not be unblocked. If the port you would like to use is on this list, please select another port to use with your software. There are over 10,000 ports available for use. Please be advised that Comcast reserves the entitlement to block any ports on the network without prior notice. We thank you for understanding this security policy.
James > What version of mac software are you using jaguar, panthersteve > the latest 10.3.8
steve > it started happening after i upgraded
steve > people on the mac boards say it's a coincidence
James > I use port 25 for my personal mail -- as do most. I do not think we will block it.
steve > ok thanks
steve > i'll use another host for this email
steve > bye
James > Okay
James > Thank you for choosing Comcast as your ISP and have a great afternoon! Should you have additional questions, please feel free to chat back with one of our Online Customer Support Specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .
James > Customer has closed chat and left the room
James > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

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