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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emotional Intelligence Conference: Thinking about Storytelling - Tools You Can Use

I'm speaking at the NexusEQ Conference Youth Program on June 25, 2012.

I'm going to share the thought process I use when decide what to post online, and the tools I use to enhance storytelling.

I plan on covering:

1. Representing yourself on the web: Your Homebase and Social Media Outposts


- - I control this space.
- RebelMouse - Bringing Social Media Outposts Together

2. Storytelling tools to help you get seen.

Storify ยท Make the web tell a story

- Storify
- Chevy Volt Test Drive: Electrical Outlet Scavenger Hunt

3. Learning online: Commit to taking an online class and completing it

Free Online Courses | Maximize Your Channel | YouTube Creator Academy

- YouTube Creator Academy

4. Sharing timely knowledge with How To posts

- How To Add Clickable Links to YouTube
- Instagram: How to turn off video auto-play

5. If You Don't Go Out, Nothing Happens

Gaming with My Mom - Show Clips - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

- Gaming with my Mom for Jimmy Fallon
- My Mom: If you don't go out, nothing happens

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