Wednesday, January 24, 2001

If leave my building and take a right I'll come to a point in the sidewalk where you can either walk up some steps or walk up a handicapped ramp. Sometimes I take the steps, but most times I take the ramp. If you take the steps, you walk by a homeless man. Usually he's reading an old paperback. Sometimes he takes a break and leaves the book so you can see what he's reading. I don't really take too close a look. Further down the sidewalk there's another choice, either cross a busy intersection, or go down some stairs which lead you to the subway station. If you keep walking, you can go up some stairs and come out on the other side of the street. It's convenient except for one thing, a homeless man is usually at the bottom of the first set of stairs asking you for a quarter. He does a good sales job because he tries to catch your eye and speaks in a clear and loud voice. He be good in telemarketing. He handles rejection well. I'm happier when I get to the bottom of the stairs and find a musician playing some music. I'd prefer that they leave me alone.

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