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Thursday, June 30, 2005

links for 2005-06-30

The best presentation was by Millie Garfield

Dr. Ron Lasky says:
"Every one agreed, however, that the best presentation was by Millie Garfield. Her blog is called My Mom's Blog. It contains a chronology of the humorous and heartwarming challenges of being a successful 79 year old. The photo at the right shows her in her blog classic, 'I Can't Open It.'

Rick and I were so relieved that we did not have to give our talk right after hers!"
Nice job Mom!

Videoblogger meets Audioblogger

Videoblogger meets Audioblogger by dmc500hats, uploaded from flickr.

Me and Doug Kaye at Gnomedex.

Bloggers are Cyber Dissidents

The : Cyber Dissidents:
"Bloggers have recently been jailed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for posting material that challenges the government view. Despite this pressure, cyber-dissidents continue posting their online revolution."
I called in and talked about video blogging and Our Media.

The citizen media revolution continues.

Video blogging is not rocket science

Jan McLaughlin from Vlog of a Faux Journalist says:
"Video blogging isn't rocket science, but it's not brushing your teeth either."
Please brush and vlog regularly. ;-)

Viewers' videos on NECN

NECN will air viewers' videos, post them on Web:
"New England Cable News viewers will get their own shot at becoming broadcast journalists on July 15, when the news network debuts ''Video New England,' a website feature that allows viewers to upload digital video that might then be posted on the website or broadcast on the network."
That's what I'm talking about!

I'm waiting to hear the details on exclusivity and ownership.

Steve Safran from NECN emails me with the details. Steve says that NECN has built an:
... interface for people to upload their video to us, then we take a look at it and if it's good, we post it and put it on TV. We have the right to broadcast and stream, but we're not paying for the video, so the user keeps ownership rights.

Kong is King is King Kong

Pop Astronaut - Kong!
"Finally there’s a small glimpse of what promises to be my next favorite movie. The new King Kong trailer is out and it looks AMAZING."
Kong is King was the 'news about the movie' website name.

King Kong Trailer - Frame by Frame:

VOICEOVER CARL: "...a place..."

VOICEOVER CARL: "...thought to exist..."

VOICEOVER CARL: "...only in myth."

VOICEOVER CARL: "Until now..."

Stella - a group of people attractively arranged

Comedy Central - Shows - Stella.
Stella is my favorite new TV show!

It's a cross between The Monkees, The Marx Brothers and Fridays.

Best. Show. Ever.

Video blogging = Freedom

Sony defines video blogging on their PlayStation Freedom site.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

links for 2005-06-29

Videoblogging: Meet the vloggers

Videoblogging: Meet the vloggers
Apple Store SoHo
July 8th from 6:00 - 7:20 PM

Steve Garfield hosts videobloggers from around the country including Jay Dedman, Ryanne Hodson, Clint Sharp, Joshua Kinberg, Bre Pettis, Josh Leo, Adam Quirk, Andrew Baron, Christopher Weagel, and Schlomo Rabinowitz.

Topics of discussion:
Videobloggers show their favorite videos and viewing tools, discuss video blog creation, and share tips and techniques.

Hear how you can create your own video blog for free!

Videoblogging is a new form of expression centering around posting videos to a website and encouraging an audience response. It is the next step from text blogging and podcasting.

A community of artists, video editors, podcasters, bloggers, and software developers has formed around this new mode of communication. We are a group of people who use videos as a normal part of our blogging.

Steve Garfield - Welcome
Jay Dedman - I love you all, What is videoblogging?
Josh Leo - Show and tell, showing videoblogs
Joshua Kinberg - Watching video: ANT, iTunes
Ryanne Hodson - How to create a video blog, point people in the right direction, ex: freevlog
Bre Pettis - Show and tell, showing videoblogs
Adam Quirk - Vlogging without video cameras
Andrew Baron - From Rocketboom; How text and audio bloggers can get involved in videoblogging
Christopher Weagel - Videoblogging allowing a much wider variety of content than anything mainstream
Schlomo Rabinowitz - Show and tell, showing videoblogs
Clint Sharp - Links as currency

7:00-7:20 Open for questions, show and tell, audience participation, etc...

Also attending:
Andreas Haugstrup - Quicktime Thingie
Jonny Goldstein - Comic relief
Mica Scalin - Videoblog offshoots of my videoblogging

Store Address:
103 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-3126

After Party:
After the presentations we are going to go out and have some food and drinks. So stop by, let's meet each other and have some vloggy fun!

JD Lasica's Personal Media Playlist

New Media Musings: Playlist for the personal media revolution.

JD says:
Molly Krause, Project Leader of H2O at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, has helped me create a playlist for the personal media revolution. H2O is still in beta, but looking real good.
Nice list with a good beat.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pete Grondal's Gnomedex Videos

Pete Grondal's Gnomedex Videos.
Click on each video to watch it.

Steve Garfield's Video Blog in iTunes

Now you can subscribe to Steve Garfield's Video Blog in iTunes!

All you have to do is drag this icon into your iTunes, in the Podcast directory.

Once you do that, iTunes will check for a new show each day, and when it finds one, it'll download it to your iTunes for viewing.



Blogging as Social Tool and Family Lifestyle

Julie Leung at Gnomedex [ mp3 ]
Julie Leung - “Blogging as Social Tool and Family Lifestyle”

Julie can help us with the following strategies:

* Using blogs as a tool for family expression, quality time

* How to balance a public blog with a private life

* Dealing with a child’s development and understanding of the Internet
I hope there's a video at some point.

via [ techpodcasts ]

Monday, June 27, 2005

If I had a cat, I'd post it's picture

Blogger now supports free picture posting!


Finally an enhancement to Blogger.

Maybe they'll be adding categories next?
via [ Google Blog ] by way of [ Download Squad ]

Speed Test

The Bandwidth Speed Test.
I like the graphics on this speed test.

My results are:
Download Speed 5.58 Mbps
Upload Speed 729 Kbps

via [ Markus ]
links for 2005-06-27

Blogger adds white space and we don't need it

Over in the Yahoo! bloggerPro2 Group, Bill Lazar has a fix for the new error in Blogger where you automatically get extra white space at the beginning of your post.

Yahoo! Groups : bloggerPro2 Messages : Message 4634 of 4635.

Basically you have to add "div {clear: none !important}" to your stylesheet.

Thanks Bill!

Akimbo Delivers Video Blogs

Akimbo Delivers Video Blogs:
"Five of the Internet’s most popular video blogs are now available on the Akimbo Service, including Rocketboom, FreshWave.TV, Clint Sharp’s Vlog, Steve Garfield’s Video Blog and “The Carol and Steve Show,” and more are added each week. For the first time, these leading-edge video programs are available on TV alongside those from household names like A&E, BBC, CNN, HGTV and Cartoon Network."
I'm quoted:
Video bloggers are enthusiastic and prolific content providers. We produce unique and sometimes quirky video for an audience who wants to see and interact with us. It’s only natural that many will want to watch our programs on their TVs.

With the Akimbo Service, the ‘Carol & Steve Show’ becomes a part of the Akimbo Guide, right up there with mainstream cable and studio providers, and lets us find a whole new audience that will enjoy our shows,” said video blogger Steve Garfield. “By adding video blogs, Akimbo is democratizing video distribution to the TV and we hope that as more people get to see what video bloggers are doing, they'll join in and participate in the citizens’ media revolution.”

Boston Globe Article Corrections

The Life and Times of Sooz | Boston Globe Article Corrections:
"I wish I would have had a chance to go over the information with the reporter."
You'd think that reporters would run the story by you, for technical accuracy, prior to publishing it?

I've asked for this many times and only one reporter has ever let me fact check an article prior to going into print.

Reporters have told me that it's a reporter's 'rule'. They never show a story to someone that they are writing about prior to publishing it in the paper.

No wonder why we are all taking over the media in this personal media revolution.

Steve as Eric Rice

Steve as Eric Rice by Coccyx, uploaded from flickr.

Beer and a microphone. Mmmm.

Clint Sharp's Gnomedex photos.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jo Twist

Jo Twist by jdlasica, uploaded from flickr.

The wonderful Jo Twist, BBC News Interactive, Science and Technology reporter, at dinner in Seattle during the Gnomedex conference, June 24, 2005.

Who is Pete Grondal?

Sometimes you meet someone who is like a force of nature. Their enthusiasm for what they are doing is contagious.

I met Pete Grondal at Gnomedex 2005.

How did we meet?.

He shoved a camera in my face and started shooting questions at me.

"Can video on a blog be called a video podcast," he wanted to know.

"Is podcsating a genre or a technology?"

On day two of Gnomedex he had at least 14 interviews from day one all edited to share. I was blown abway by the quality of the content and editing. He really captured the energy of his subjects. Everyone at Gnomedex is passionate about blogging, and Pete captured that passion in his videos.

He put the videos he had edited onto a USB drive and gave them to whomever wanted them under Creative Commons. I know he gave a copy to me, Bre and Clint.

I've uploaded his interview of me to share. It's a classic.

Steve Garfield at Gnomedex. [ Windows Media 22.9 MB ]

Right now Pete has an MSN spaces blog.

I hope that he starts sharing all his videos there so we can subscrive with an RSS 2.0 feed.

Pete Grondal, one of the reasons that Gnomedex 2005 was such a success!

Boston Globe Gets the story wrong right

In a blow to blogger transparency, The Boston Globe features local blogger Jeff Cutler in a story about bloggers accepting payments for placing ads in their blogs.

The story For a fee, some blogs boost firms says:
Jeff Cutler has never purchased anything from Dot Flowers, but you might think otherwise, reading the Hingham resident's blog.

''No more driving to the corner to buy flowers and hand-deliver them,' he wrote on his Web page. ''Nope. Now I go online to places like Dot and 1-800-Flowers. I like Dot a little better just because of the personal touch.'

Dot Flowers's ad agency paid Cutler $5 this spring to promote the florist and put a link to its website on his blog, or online journal, short for web log. Cutler, who does not disclose the payment on his blog, is one of more than 2,000 bloggers whom marketer USWeb enlisted to hawk products and services.
Well I went to Jeff Cutler's blog to get hte real story. I never believe everything I read at first glance. My motto is seek first to understand.

So I read down his blog a few pages and found this:
... in an effort to avoid sharing, but still making people happy, I've decided to give gifts and compliments to people randomly. For some people I'll send a card, for others a nice present, and for others a bouquet of flowers. And not just ordinary that take very little effort to send as not to disrupt the rest of my life. No more driving to the corner to buy flowers and hand deliver them. Nope. Now I go online to places like Dot and 1800 Flowers. I like Dot's site a little better because of the selection - but I've never purchased from them. My regular places are Kabloom, 1800 Flowers and the local florist.

According to their site - Dot Flowers is the easiest way to buy flowers online and send flowers across the country. They also boast of beautiful flowers and quick delivery times and nearly guarantee happiness.

Now, if everyone could guarantee happiness, wouldn't we all be better off?
For more info, visit Dot Flowers for your next gift giving escapade.
I've emailed Jeff to get his reaction to the Globe story.

If I was him, I'd be pretty mad and be asking the Globe for a correction.

Jeff responds:
From: jeff [AT]
Subject: Re: Your thoughts on the Boston Globe article
Date: June 26, 2005 7:26:19 PM EDT
To: steve [AT]


I think the Globe article was accurate for the most part. I wasn't as clear as I should have been in my dotflowers-sponsored blog about having never purchased something from them AND that my thoughts about the company were only based on visits to their site and not based on actual consumer experience.

I have updated my blog so there is no future misinterpretation, but Jenn Ableson got it right when she compiled her facts.

I'm not asking for a correction.

Please send me a link to your blog about the Globe article. I would love to read it.


So this exchange brings up an issue of historical accuracy. By the time I went to Jeff's blog, he had already revised his post, which made it different than the one the Globe reported on. The truth changed.

I usually do not change my original post when I update an item on my blog. I'll post an update to reflect new information, leaving the original so that visitors can see the change.

Note: The online version of the Globe story neglects to link to any of the web sites mentioned, including Jeff's blog. They have repeatedly promised to correct this oversight in their online versions of Globe stories, but have never followed through.

Chat with Jason Calacanis

Chat with Jason Calacanis… and other bloggers.

Jason Calacanis is trying out a new multi-user Audio/Video multiuser chat application made by Userplane.

It's Flash based and allows you to display video from your webcam inaddition to the standard text chat.

I'll be interested in seeing how you determine which video/audio stream gets the floor when multiple users are in a room.

Maybe people will join in later when it's not so hot. Seattle was less humid!


Gnomedex Networking Bash by Laughing Squid, uploaded from flickr.

At Gnomedex, Chris Pirillo announced an exclusive Red Room gathering of all speakers and sponsors.

This took place at the same time as all the attendees were gathered downstairs in the public areas of the Seattle Public Library.

I don't think there should be exclusive gatherings like this, especially going on at the same time as scheduled networking events.

We're at Gnomedex to network with speakers and vendors.

To have them upstairs in an exclisive room seems to go against the un-conference idea.

Technorati Tag: gnomedex Tag: gnomedex

Gnomedex 5.0 - Meet the Videobloggers

Gnomedex 5.0 - Day 2 by Laughing Squid, uploaded from flickr.

At the conclusion of Gnomedex, Chris Pirillo invited people up on stage to sit at the red couch and make announcements.

I announced that the handfull of videobloggers in attandence were gathering at the Marriott after the conference.

I encouraged everyone in attendance to try videoblogging this year, so at next year's Gnomedex there would be a lot more videobloggers.

We had a great turnout and a lot of people joined us to learn about videoblogging.

It got a little out of control when Bre, Clint, Eric, Mel, Sean and I were outside doing impressions of videobloggers.

I'm sure it will all be vlogged. Stay tuned.


Videoblogger impersonations have been vlogged by Bre Pettis. Brilliant!

Technorati Tag: gnomedex Tag: gnomedex

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Videobloggers at Pike Place

Videobloggers at Pike Place by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Videobloggers meeting up prior to Gnomedex!

Technorati Tag: Tag: gnomedex
links for 2005-06-23

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pike Brewery Co.

Clint Sharp has chosen the location for our pre-Gnomedex meeting:

Pike Brewery Co., June 23rd, Thursday, starting between Noon and 1:00.

He has chosen well.

Stop by and say hi.
links for 2005-06-22

Our Top Story: Berkman Art Mob

My report on the Berkman Art Mob is the featured story on Rocketboom today!


BTV allows you to view video from any video input source, either in a window or full screen on an entire monitor. features my video blog is now listing Blogs and podcasts in their Your Life section.


They are also hightlighting my video blog.

Here's an image of my highlighted video blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Robert Scoble replaced by an algorithm

David Weinberger interviews Robert Scoble in one of David's Blogcasts from Supernova2005.

David's Blogcasts need to have an RSS 2.0 feed.

He's got an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures.

News and blogger's views on the news

memeorandum: Fresh brewed news plus stewing views.

Presenting Videoblogging - a photoset on Flickr

Here are some pictures from my videoblogging presentation at tonight's Boston Final Cut Pro User Group meeting.

Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group

FireANT - Desktop video aggregator
FreeVlog - How to make a free videoblog

Our Media - Free video hosting

Rocketboom - Daily internet news show
Eric Rice - Videoblogger Eric Rice
links for 2005-06-21

Out goes the old transformer

Out goes the old transformer by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Out goes the old transformer, in comes the new transformer.

NSTAR is replacing the transofrmer on my street so we won't have so many power outages.

Reality TV is scripted!

Union Takes Aim at Reality TV - New York Times:
'The secret about reality TV isn't that it's scripted, which it is,' Mr. Petrie said in a statement. 'The secret is that reality TV is a 21st-century telecommunications industry sweatshop.'
Reality TV is scripted?

Current TV's new submission policy

Found this on JD Lasica's blog, New Media Musings: Current TV's new submission policy:
Current License FAQ

Okay, here goes: You upload your video to the Current website. As part of the upload, you give us a three-month option on your piece, which means that you agree to let us (and only us) evaluate it for up to three months. If lots of people in our online Screening Room (opening August 1) like it, there’s a good chance we’ll exercise that option and buy the exclusive rights to broadcast the piece.

If we do, we’ll pay you based on a graduated scale.

If we don’t, after the three months are up you can do whatever
you want with it.

What is this pay scale you speak of?

Here’s a handy table:

First piece: $250
Pieces 2 and 3: $500 each
Pieces 4 and 5: $750 each
Pieces 6 : $1000 each

Print THAT out and stick it on your fridge!
Now Current TV has a sliding scale for videos and it looks like when you submit something it will go into an online screening room for evaluation. That is going to open on August 1st.

I'd like to hear more about it, and would like to know if EVERY video submitted goes online. If so, then I'd be able to link to it on my blog.

That's the thing about creating this media, we want it to be available right away online, so if the new submission policy allows anyone to see it right away, that would be attractive to me.

We, Reporters

I, Reporter:
Welcome to I, Reporter - a new resource to inspire, guide, and educate citizen journalists and the news organizations that work with them."

Monday, June 20, 2005

Videoblogging: It's a continuum

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group - June 21st BOSFCPUG Meeting on FINAL CUT STUDIO:
Videoblogger Steve Garfield will briefly talk about the advantages of putting your video up on the web in a videoblog. When you put your video in a blog, a whole new audience will be able to see your work. Much like the explosion of audio with podcasting, video on the web is about to explode as more and more people progress through the continuum: Watch, learn, create, teach.

Steve will also mention participating in the joint Tech Superpowers, Inc. and BOSFCPUG 'Going Mobile' booth at Macworld Conference and Expo Boston July 11-14th, in which the BOSFCPUG will launch a QuickTime Streaming Server in which members of the Boston digital filmmaking community can upload content to view on their respective websites and on the BOSFCPUG website.

Garfield is the Boston Correspondent with Rocketboom, a daily internet videoblog. His videos are also featured on the video blog channel of Akimbo, whose set-top box connects your broadband Internet service to your television set."
Stop by and say hi!

The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 26 - In the Bedroom

In this episode hilarity ensues when, while packing for a business trip, Carol discovers that Steve has hidden a video camera in the bedroom.

Well, maybe not hilarity.

Watch this episode over on my video blog.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Thumbs Up Team Oracle

Thumbs Up Team Oracle by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Here I am with Team Oracle pilot Sean Tucker and Carol.

FeeVlog: Pay to play

I've started filling up my new site FeeVlog, with information about making a videoblog (vlog) using paid blogging services such as TypePad, Audioblog, BlogWare, WordPress and hosts like 1and1, and Dreamhost.

I've collected a lot of information over the past year and a half, and want to put it all out there to help people learn about videoblogging hosting options.

Comments are appreciated.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Use the Polaroid-o-nizer™ to turn an online photo into a 'Polaroid' picture.
via [ Quick Online Tips ] -- Job Listing

MSN is hiring bloggers:
Blog for MSN!
Contributing editors will be responsible for:

*Writing and producing five-10 daily posts for their blog, drawing material from user submissions, the MSN network and the wider Web
OK, here's the thing.

I've already got too many posts flowing into my Bloglines aggregator as it is.

Why impose an artificial requirement?

I'd prefer to read a blog where I get 1 or 2 really interesting posts, then one where I get 10 average posts EVERY DAY!

There isn't any trust in that requirement.
via [ Lost Remote ]

Friday, June 17, 2005

Boston Videobloggers Dinner: Monday night in JP

I'm arranging a Boston videobloggers dinner on Monday night at Dogwood Cafe in Jamaica Plain at 7:00.

If you'd like to join us, let me know.

You don't have to be a videoblogger, we'll tell you all about it.
links for 2005-06-17

The Podfather

Adam Curry: The Podfather.

I love freedom of speech, democracy, and human rights.

RConversation: Screenshots of Censorship.
Rebecca MacKinnon goes to China, online, and creates an MSN Spaces blog with the title "I love freedom of speech, democracy, and human rights."

Where did that video come from?

Webjay - Find link source:
This is a tool to help bloggers who post their own audio and video. The problem to solve is that when other people link directly to the audio or video without a link back to the original blog, there is no way get back the blog features like a contact address, a comments form, the blogger's text describing the audio or video, or the trackback URL.
It's a start.

Objectivity is at best objectionable

Kenyatta Cheese on my recent Rocketboom report:
The appeal of the citizen journalist is that when I watch Steve Garfield, I know that I'm just dealing with the person. That person is biased, pointed, anti-something, pro-another thing, sometimes indifferent, and always everything in between. Unlike the objective professional, the citizen journalist does not deny their own humanity. They are not looking to find balance in some mythical equation. They're not looking to find parity in screentime for opposing ideas. They're just sharing what they've experienced and maybe also a little bit of what they thought about that experience. I'll take it for what it is. And if the citizen journalist blogs regularly, I can go to their text blog, read their posts, and get a better sense who they are, what they believe in, and where they're coming from.

I ended my day with 061605: Hooters, Vomit

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Read this before writing

Fifty (50!) Tools which can help you in Writing.

Free BBC Course on how to shoot video

Jeff Jarvis points us to BBC Training & Development > Good Shooting Guide: the basic principles - Online course.


Lost Remote: Comedy Central premieres TV show online:
'Stella' doesn't premiere on Comedy Central until June 28th, but you can watch the entire first episode on right now.
Thanks for the pointer Cory.

This is going to be my new favorite show.

I just watched the first segment.


Don't be trapped by dogma

Chuck points us to Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement speech:
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

FORTUNE covers the Carol and Steve Show. Sorta.

Peter Lewis has an article in Fortune on Akimbo, Video Un-Demand?.

I read it this way:
"Akimbo (is) the most beguiling new toy since black lights and lava lamps. ... the most compelling selections appear to be... a couple's homemade video of themselves (fully clothed) debating whether Bo or Carrie would win this year's American Idol competition"
Compelling. ;-)

Forget-Me-Not Panties Win!

Contest gets the lowdown on what makes readers forward links.

Forget-Me-Not Panties.

Hot-linking and re-blogging: Evil or Healthy?

Mike's guide to re-vlogging ettiquette.

It's an outliner party

Scripting News - Really Simple Groupware:
Users and developers party together. Really simple groupware. Right on.
Dave Winer is looking for someone who is "a Frontier programmer who knows MacBird and can even go into the kernel to debug".

Video: Happy Birthday U.S. Army

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: Army Birthday:
There was a celebration of the U.S. Army's 230th birthday in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday. Re-enactors were there, along with guys jumping out of helicopters and anti-war protestors.
I happened across this event yesterday and captured it for my video blog and for Rocketboom.

J.D. Lasica: Virtual Book Tour

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: J.D. Lasica: Virtual Book Tour.
In this extended version of a report I filed for Rocketboom, I interview JD Lasica about his new book, Darknet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism

Poynter Online - The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism:
A resource guide to help you figure out how to put this industry trend to work for you and your newsroom.
Steve Outing explains how big media can embrace the personal media revolution.

Blogging is not enough for Eric Rice

Eric Rice :: Milestone: When blogging alone is not enough:
The diary-like semantics of blogging platforms turn the traditional publishing model on its head, which could be confusing to those that have certain expectations when seeking information.
Clint Sharp: Eric Rice Mixes His Media.

Looking for Mary

Current TV: Looking For Mary:
San Francisco's Dantia MacDonald submitted a really well-done piece about representations of the Virgin Mary -- on belt buckles, biceps, and brick walls.

So You Warezed The Documentary

ASCII by Jason Scott: So You Warezed The Documentary:
You really have three choices when dealing with torrent sites: accept them gracefully and hope your product is worth buying even when downloaded elsewhere, bitch wildly in an impotent manner about how the world has become somewhere no longer to your liking, or become a complete raging jerknut with swords flailing trying to scare a billion people into buying your production using lawyers and bought-off-laws and subterfuge.

I've opted for the first approach.

Monday, June 13, 2005

How to write a blog they’ll read in 100 years

The Pepys Now project.

Hear about it and Jason Scott, Podcasting Archivist, tomorrow on Open Source.

Your own home TV channel

The Avcast Media Kit takes the audio/video output from any home entertainment device and broadcasts it to every TV in the home on the selected channel.

Free 46 MB/sec wi-fi in NYC

Rocketboom reports on:

- The new free wi-fi salon in Battery Park, NY which features 46 MB/sec transfers speeds
- Marshall Brown was involved in putting it all together
- Sony location free tv which does not support media streaming
- and Andrew Rasiej who is running for office in NYC.

I want to see footage of the new “Biergarten”.

BandTrax VidCast

BandTrax VidCast:
"BandTrax is now VidCasting!"

Looks like you need to right-click and Save As to download it cuz it won't seem to stream yet - at least on my Mac.
It's like MTV for your RSS 2.0 feed, but without the expensive studio.

Hey CC, nice job directing the video from Now is Now.

It's great to see you branching out to video. I clicked on the earlier posting's .mp4 file, from a Mac, and didn't get the video. Had to download it as you mention in the instructions.

Come join the videoblogging group over at Yahoo! for tips on how to get the .mp4 file to stream. I think your server has to set a mime type for that .mp4 file.

If you are running Apache, and can use .htaccess files, this might

AddType video/mp4 .mp4
AddType video/mpeg .mpeg .mpg
AddType video/quicktime .mov

Also, on your newest vidcast, providing the file as a .zip won't make it easy to subscribe to and view for people using aggregators such as FireANT. Are those vidcasts supposed to be for PSP only? Can you make an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures made up of .mov files for the band videos?
via [ CC ]

Sunday, June 12, 2005

No Border

After four years of typing in border="0" to keep borders from apearing around my images, I just found out that I can add this code to my CSS Style Sheet, and voila, no more borders.

a img {


Video: Ravi, Sonia and Ortiz

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 25 - Ravi, Sonia and Ortiz
Ravi and Sonia had us over for dinner. Ravi made Paella according to the recipe in Cook's Illustrated. Sonia made Mojitos.

Save Katie

Nothing to link to here, just testing my new no border CSS code.

The Downing Street Memo :: What is it?

Mark Frauenfelder points us to an excellent site about the Downing Street memo that shows the Bush administration fabricated the reasons for invading Iraq.
The contents of the memo are shocking. The minutes detail how our government did not believe Iraq was a greater threat than other nations; how intelligence was "fixed" to sell the case for war to the American public; and how the Bush Administration’s public assurances of "war as a last resort" were at odds with their privately stated intentions. When asked, British officials "did not dispute the document's authenticity." and a senior American official has described it as "absolutely accurate." Yet the Bush administration continues to simultaneously sidestep the issue while attempting to cast doubt on the memo’s authenticity.

Google is the new AOL

Jason Calacanis writes The Official Meta Lockin Shame & Short-term Solution List.

For your protection?

Adam Gaffin writes in today's Boston Globe, For your protection?:
Steve Garfield of Jamaica Plain wondered why the state inconveniences motorists by letting people park on Storrow Drive for concerts, so he wrote the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. He got back a letter stating that the policy protects the lives of concertgoers: ''The line of cars protects the thousands of spectators at the Hatch Shell from any auto accidents that would occur with passing traffic.' So now Garfield wonders whether there has ever been a case in which a car has careened out of control, jumped the curb, avoided all the trees, and wound up on the lawn in front of the Hatch Shell when there isn't a concert going on.
Please contact the state Department of Conservation and Recreation and ask them to stop this misguided policy.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'd listen to this guy read a cereal box

"A eulogy for an HD satellite network, with some comparisons to the deaths of Terry Shaivo, John Paul II and RCA."

I might have posted this before, but it just showed up in ANT and I listened again.

Where do I find videoblogs?

Check out the FireANT Directory of Video Blogs from the makers of FireANT, the video aggregator.

Oprah in 2008

Joho the Blog: Oprah in 2008

Death To All Panel Sessions

Marc Canter on Death To All Panel Sessions: Corante > Get Real >
"Conferences of the future will be on-line, and 24/7/365. A brand. An IRC channel, a Wiki and a marketplace. It's a new paradigm of conferences."

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A new slim camera for videobloggers

Casio Exilim EX-S500 : Gizmodo.
This camera shoots video!


FedEx = shipping.

Origin of Podcasting

Dave Winer posts, People with erasers, about being removed from the Wikipedia entry on podcasting.

So I added him back.

Wonder how long this will stay up until someone deletes it.
Podcasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Using RSS, David Winer helped former NPR host Christopher Lydon attached audio files to his weblog.
I know how you feel Dave.

The entry for vlog is a mess.

Please note:
On January 1, 2004, Garfield made a New Years resolution to make putting video on the web easier, and documented it with a new video blog, and his video post, "2004: The Year of the Videoblog."

Videoblogger Videoconference: Today at 3:00 PM EDT

Videoblogger Videoconferences - Voxmedia Wiki:
We are scheduled for 12 noon PDT = 3pm EDT = 7pm GMT video conference.

All are welcome.

room is open ten minutes prior for newbies and sound and audio testing please see wiki for agenda and add the items you want to discuss - also other details, archives, participant lists, etc

please add yourself to the participant list: name, vlog, IM, rank and serial number please (if you are new to wiki, just click edit and make like everyone else - register if you like).

Conference NEWBIES Please Note:

1. This is kinda like a walkie-talky. You press the big bar to add/remove your self from queue when wanting to speak (a hand icon will appear/disappear).
2. You MUST press big button when finished speaking to let others have turn.
3. There is a chat tab. Use it please. If you are not sending/receiving audio or video, people can let you know.
4. Do NOT encourage Clint to put his cat on top of his dog.
5. Know that it is ok to drop in anytime during the conference if you can't join at the start.
This is a very cool technology that lets anyone with a webcam/video camera join in on a video conference to both see and talk to each other.

Check it out even it you are not a video blogger. You might want to become one after the conference is over.

Microcasting, videocasting and Multimedia Blogging

Michael Sullivan writes about video and blogging - Yahoo! Groups : videoblogging Messages : Message 13778 of 13787:
I have a videoblog and I syndicate my video content using RSS2 (with enclosures) which allows me to broadcast media on the Internet, though in actuality I am microcasting since I have a small audience/subscriber base.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Video of an Art Mob

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: Art Mob:
The Berkman Blog Group formed an Art Mob and stormed the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and ruthlessly blogged the current art exhibit, Getting Emotional, with text, audio, video, and pencils.
It's like you were there.

I love getting comments

Yesterday Jack emailed me to say that my comments link was going to the same page as my permalink.

I checked it out and it was true.

That made me think that my comments were broken.

Turns out that you could still leave comments, but you have to click TWICE, to be able to leave them.

Now, when you click the comments link, you'll be sent right to a page where you can read other's comments and add your own.

Have fun!

Here's the code to use on your blogger blog if you still have the old comments code in there:

Blogger Help : Comments Tags

<a href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>"
<$BlogItemCommentCount$> comments</a>

Word plus Photo = Paper - commence visual interpretation please.
Photography is often a battle against motivation. Much like writers block can slow down the best authors, photographers can often get lazy without something specific to shoot.

This site presents photographers with a challenge - take a new photograph specifically for the word of the day, and post it for the rest of us to see. The only description and caption you get to include with your image is the word of the day (which the site does for you).
via [ JD Lasica ]

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Audioblog: Art Mob ICA

MP3 File

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Art Mobsters:
Andy Carvin Blog Post.
This evening, I joined a group of Harvard Berkman Bloggers at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art for an "art mob." We would all explore the ICA's current exhibit and blog, vlog and podcast our perspectives.

Andy Carvin podcast

Mal Watlington.
What follows is an impromtu interview with some of my blogging peers, during which they reveal a diversity of technique . . . one of the aspects of the blogging culture that makes this emerging form of public conversation a constantly unfolding surprise.
Josh Ain:
I'm here in the 'getting emotional' exhibit at the Boston institute of contemporary art, liveblogging with the group from the berkman center. I'm sitting in the middle of the 'feelings portrayed' room, and it is all faces. ... My keypresses puncture the relative silence of the room with staccato breaks. ... The people on the walls are uncomfortable. I'm sitting on the floor, uncomfortable. Yet, this is my favorite room of the exhibit.
Shimon Rura.

Lisa Williams.

You can listen to poscasts without an iPod

Clea Simon writes WBZ gears up for podcasting:
The Infinity initiative will start next month with New York station WINS. The only other details announced thus far about the upcoming launch is that it will offer customized reports designed for iPod listeners, as opposed to the simple computer streaming of the station's live broadcasts.

Infinity isn't designing custom reports just for iPod listeners. You can listen on your computer too, or any portable media player. I'll explain it one more time.

Customised reports are designed for downloading to your computer via an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures.

These reports are automatically downloaded to your computer by an aggregator such as ipodder, iPodderX, ANT, etc.

You subscribe to the programs that you want to hear, and they are transfered to your computer when there is a new show.

At that point you can choose to listen to the show on your computer OR transfer it to a portable media palyer, of which one option is an iPod.

Star Trek Khan Disco

bitter-girl finds Dschinghis Khan.

Join the Organic Rebellion

Grocery Store Wars.
I liked TofuD2.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good music that is podcast friendly

How To Find Podsafe Music

Just a normal guy

Chuck is totally evil and stuff.

Musical Baton

I saw that Lisa had written about this Musical Baton meme and found it interesting. She then passed the baton to Sooz who passed it along to me.

Here goes:

Music on my hard drive: 1.25 GB, 11.2 hours.
After my hard drive crashed I decided to only load back the songs that I liked the most. Not the whole CD, like I did when I first imported everything into iTunes. So I've got a library, that when played in shuffle mode, always plays a song that I like.

The last CD I bought was:
Dream #29 by Cindy Bullens. I bought it directly from her from her website. I've been a big fan for a long time.

Song playing right now:
None, but it would be anything by Imogen Heap and if I had to pick one song it would be Let Go by Frou Frou (Imogen and Guy Sigworth), which was used on the Garden State soundtrack.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Agenda Suicide - The Faint
Life in Mono - Mono
A Letter From Home - Ulrich Schnauss
Chemicals - The Control Group
Rock You Gently - Jennifer Warnes
How Soon is Now (Smiths Cover) - tATu

Five people I am passing the baton to:

I dropped the baton.

Let's do this.

I'm passing the baton to the people who read this blog.

If you are reading this, and want to grab the Musical Baton from my hand, go for it and post a link in the comments to your blog post.

Here it is...

Grab it!

Art Mobs at Boston's ICA

Thursday Meetings at Berkman: June 9 Blogging As Performance Art:
June 9 Blogging As Performance Art
Moderator: Lisa Williams
This week the Berkman Blog Group will storm the Institute for Contemporary Art and ruthlessly blog the current art exhibit, Getting Emotional.

Note that this week we will be meeting at the Institute for Contemporary Art at 7PM. The ICA is free on Thursday evenings. Afterwards, we will partake of the free Newbury St. wi-fi and eat at one of the neighborhood restaurants. Break out your snazziest blog-pajamas for this one.
Also check out today's Rocketboom report on Art Mobs at MoMA.

Geek My Ride II

I'm working with Tech Superpowers to produce a documentary on the making of the Geek My Ride II installation.

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group - Making Macworld Mobile:
New for the 2005 'Geek My Ride' Lexus are two complete 'backseat' editing suites powered by Apple's Xsan, the shared storage solution that allows for extreme performance with multiple workstations. All of this, made portable by Tech Superpowers, will allow for filmmakers to enter the contest together. With one person working on effects and titling, and the other editing the final video, the emphasis is on team editing in a collaborative environment that has been a staple of the mission and outreach of BOSFCPUG.
See you at MacWorld.

Film Info at Expo

Boston Filmmakers Expo 05 - June 9th.