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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kirk Meets Uhura 04/30/09

I was on today talking about Obama's 100 days press conference, Biden's Today Show comments, and the H1N1 virus.

Obama gets an A for style like American Idol's Adam Lambert and a B for content like Danny Gokey.

@joebiden needs to check out @cdcemergency for official recomendations on travel.

Me: Worry is the worthless emotion.
Naamua Delaney: Guilt and Worry.
Me: You read the same book I did!

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Your Erroneous Zones Blogger Bunch

I'm going to be back on today at 12:00 with Rachel Campos-Duffy and John Robb talking about Obama and possibly H1N1.

Follow me on twitter for live updates and converstion while I'm live.

How to Watch
When you go over to, you'll see four thumbnails on the left hand side of the page. Each of those thumbnail images indicates a LIVE CNN video stream.

At noon, those will change and you'll see one of the thmbnails that says something about Obama.

The user interface of this page could be improved to make it more clear that the images on the left will lead you to a live stream when clicked.

Simply adding text would help.

Update from CNN:

They are workign at improving this. Also, at noon there will be a banner at the top of’s main page that will send people to the live stream.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video: Adam Lambert sings Feeling Good on American Idol

Happy to see how American Idol makes it easy to share performances online.

via [ ]

Social Media Breakfast at Puma City Boston

CC Chapman - Social Media Breakfast at Puma City Boston

I was back at Puma City yesterday for the Social Media Breakfast. I took the Orange line in, stopping at Downtown Crossing and then wandering around there for a while trying to decipher the directions to the Silver Line. Took the Red Line to South Station, and got on the Silver Line for one stop to the Courthouse.

Got there early at 8:05 and mingled with so many great people, I won't be able to list them all.

Next up were some presentations on Puma, Saving the Bay, Getting a Job, passion and clickable videos. I used the time to shoot some photos while listening.

Went to lunch afterwards at YadaYada, 34 Farnsworth Street. Great place. I had a cabbage sald with feta and beans. So good.

Here are some twitter names from the lunch crowd:

@jeffcutler @cmajor @stuartcfoster @yiseowl @bostonmarketer @ariherzog @mikelangford @kevinpalmer @jessica_kane @Mathurrell @richsands

Jeff Cutler grabbed a quick Qik video:

Yes, the camera is close to your face. Good audio.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ford Fiesta: Chased down the street

This IS hillarious!

Here's the photo Kevin got.

Follow Kevin on twitter.

Follow me too!

How to Get A Job at HubSpot

Hubspot TV

In my final lecture of the semester at BU I talked about how to get a job. The example I used was for a Paid Summer Audio/Video Internship that's available at Hubspot.

Here are the contact details:
Rebecca Corliss
You could just call over to Hubspot and ask to speak with Rebecca, but I think there's a better way.

Show HubSpot that you can already do the job and that you understand what the company does before you call.

This will take some work, but it'll be worth it.

1. Visit the company's website.

Head over to and read about the company. Learn about the products and services that they provide.

Hey, they've got a blog. What are they writing about? Oh look, there are some videos there. What kinds of videos are they currently making? Music Videos?

You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing.


2. Learn and understand what they do.

Figure out what the company does and be able to explain it to someone.

3. Do the job.

Think about it. Who are they going to be interested in hiring, someone who knows nothing abot the company, or someone who has spent some quality time getting to know what HubSpot does and what they are about?

This is a video job. Be able to point them to your website where you can show off your video production skills. Make a video that they might be able to use on their site and post it to the web. Show them that you have the skills needed to do the job.

4. Get to know people from the company.

Visit Rebecca's twitter feed and blog. See what she has to say about the company.

HubSpot opens up their offices every Friday at 4:00 when they broadcast a live web tv show, Go to that. Meet the people. See what they are like and find out more about the company's needs for audio and video.

Let me know when you get hired.

UPDATE 4/28 4:19 PM:
I met my friend Rick Burnes at this morning's Social Media Breakfast, and he told me that he had also just written a post about how to get a job, Ten Tips for Marketing Job-Seekers in the Class of 2009.

Guess what the irony is? He works at HubSpot and interviews people!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Puma City Boston featuring Music by Natalie Gelman

Puma City Boston

Puma Ocean Racing

Steve Garfield: Featured on the Ideas Project

Ideas Project: Citizen journalism will break into network news:
"Pioneering videoblogger Steve Garfield says that a combination of technologies will make it possible to stream live reports from the cell phones of citizen journalists to network news. The tremendous advantages this offers in the way of ubiquity, cost-effectiveness, and authenticity will almost certainly bring the kind of disruptive effect to television media that Internet audience dynamics has had on traditional print journalism."
Very cool set of interviews I did with Nokia at SXSW.

There are four parts to the interview:

part 1 Citizen Journalism and tools I use including Mogulus, also references The Uptake and Qik.

part 2 Integration of Mogulus and Qik!

part 3 TV embracing the audience

part 4 NECN, snowstorm, Mogulus, Qik

Social Media Desktop: Twhirl and Tweetie

My Social Media Desktop has Twhirl on the left with Friendfeed, then Tweetie with an @stevegarfield search and finally a twitter pane where I toggle two accounts.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama shakes hands, does not dine alone.

Noonan: Past, President and Future -
"Mr. Obama shakes hands with everyone, as is appropriate, for if American presidents dined only with leaders of high moral caliber and democratic disposition, they'd often sit alone at the table of nations."

Beer or Wine?

Swan at Jamaica Pond

Shot with a Flip mino and edited with iMovie 09, then uploaded directly to YouTube.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Can't Open It: The Elevator

Millie comes home from Florida to find her elevator out of service. She can't open it! How is she going to get all her luggage and gorceries up the stairs to her apartment?

Caprica: Watch on Panasonic VieraCast or Tivo HD

I want to watch the preview of next season's Caprica TV show and am looking into streaming it to my TV.

Amazon Video on Demand allows you to view the show online, download to a PC or portable device, and also send it to either a TiVo box or connected device, which in my case is a Panasonic TV with VieraCast.

Once you sign up and register your device, you can watch either way. The differences are interesting.

Let's look at hte specs:

File Size 3.8 GB
Bitrate 5000 kbps
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Audio Channels 5.1
With the TiVo you are downloading the video and watching like you would any other TiVo show. NOte the audio is 5.1.

Pansonica VieraCast
Variable Bitrate
300 Kbps
600 Kbps 480p
900 Kbps 480p
1.2 Mbps 480p
2.5 Mbps 720p HD
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Audio Channels 2
With VieraCast you are streaming the video in real time with no wait to start watching. Quality will vary depending on your bitrate.

I'm getting a download speed of 29,728 so I should see the highest quality.

Have you tried either of these methods. I'd love to hear you thoughts.

I purchased this episode on Amazon On Demand and when my purchase was complete, I clicked to Download it to my TiVo.

Got this acknowledgement back.

I like the idea of being able to pause the show with my TiVo.

Update II:

Just watched the Caprica downoad on the TiVo HD. Awesome. Perfect sound and picture qualtiy.

Great show too.

I'm looking forward to next year and the series.

Star Trek: As seen on CNN iReport

Food From Home

Zack Braiker asked me to pass this along for his client, to help raise awareness about family homelessness. Zach writes on his blog:
I’ve always respected people who do. And it just so happens, that one of my clients, Trish Karter, is one of these people. She’s the CEO of Dancing Deer, an avid cyclist who runs a double bottom-line company. Dancing Deer’s corporate cause is family homelessness, and Trish Karter is advocating for that cause in a unique and real way.

From April 22-May 6 she’s climbing on her bike, travelling more than 1,500 and staying at homeless shelters along the way. The purpose of this ride is to raise awareness about family homelessness, and my company, refine+focus is helping introduce Trish to people on social networks for whom this cause is important.
Food From Home:
We’d like to know what food reminds you of home and hear your comfort food memories and recipes.
Tell us in a tweet or a blog post. And when you do, tag 7 friends as well.
Together we’ll use our tweets and blog posts to raise awareness about family homelessness, our company’s cause.
Now, we’re going to pass the torch to these people:

1. Chris Perrin, @blogwelldone
2. Karen Wise,, @wisekaren
3. Bryan Person,, @bryanperson
4. Beth Kanter,, @kanter
5. Rick Liebling,, @eyecube
6. Steve Garfield,, @stevegarfield
7. Chris Brogan, @chrisbrogan

**And the rules**
Link your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
* Share what food reminds you of home
* Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
* Let them know that they’ve been tagged
*Please Copy and paste the description below:
Dancing Deer’s Sweet Home Initiative raises money for scholarships to help educate homeless women and end family homelessness. As a part oft his initiative, our CEO, Trish Karter, will be riding her bike 1,500 miles from Atlanta to Boston visiting family shelters in each city to raise awareness about this cause (see: ). She’ll also be recording stories from the women she meets along the way asking them about their experiences. One question she’ll ask them are what foods remind them of home.
Food that reminds me of home is American Chop Suey.

My mom used to make this for me when I was little, I made it at college, and I still make it on cold winter nights.

Here's the American Chop Suey recipe from my mom's blog:

1 1/2 lb. hamburg ( ground beef )
2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
1 green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 tbsp. margarine or oil
1 10oz. can tomato soup
8 oz. elbow macaroni

Brown onions and green pepper in oil or margarine. Mix hamburg in browned mixture until it loses its color, add tomato soup and spaghetti sauce.

Let simmer 10-15 minutes. Cook macaroni as directed, add mixture to same and bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Serves 6

If you are lucky enough to have peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms or tomatoes growing in your garden this season just add them to the mix - You'll get more servings out of this recipe and it will taste even better!
I'll tag these people that Steven Keevil, @PodsandBlogs, just suggested people follow for follow Friday on twitter:

@Documentally @Zadi @wankergirl @techsupportrich @rudy @caseymckinnon @PodsandBlogs

Posted to twitter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Say It To Katie Couric

Katie Couric is looking for you to submit videos to the CBS Evening News. She says:
Got 20 seconds? Tell us your thoughts about President Obama's first 100 days in office. My video explains it, but in a nutshell you have 20 seconds to tell us what President Obama did right, or what he did wrong. We may even play your video in our Webcast on April 29th!
This is very cool because back in 2006 I suggested a similar idea.

Jeff Jarvis wrote about it. I created a site, and hosted the videos on

That lead me to visiting CBS and meeting Katie.

Now Katie is soliciting videos Facebook and YouTube. Nice.

I made a video to explain how to post videos to a Facebook fan page.

In order to submit a video, people need to go to the Wall and click in the 'Write something...' space, then click 'Video', then choose either 'record a video with a web cam' or 'upload a video from your drive'.

She like it!

Katie Couric Tweet

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Steve Garfield Across America - Washington, D.C. Drinkup

Steve Garfield Across America
Washington, D.C. Drinkup

May 10th, 7 PM

Steve Garfield is making a stop in Washington D.C. on his way to New York for Streaming Media East (5/12) and while in Washington D.C. we are organizing a Drinkup on Sunday May 10th from 7:00 PM on at Capitol City Brewing Company.

Thanks to Scott Stead for helping out. Looking forward to seeing all the DC Media Makers including Jim Long, Andy Carvin, Chris Parandian, Jill Foster, Carl Weaver and more!

Capitol City Brewing Company
2 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, District of Columbia 20002

Capitol City Brewing Company - Washington's Best Brew Pubs

Register on Upcoming.

Monday, April 20, 2009 Stats

I never check stats on my site.

I just clicked around Dreamhost while trying to solve my email problem.

How would you talk about these stats? 54K visits per week?

Note that these numbers don't include all my blogs, videos hosted all over the web, and twitter activity.

I'd need an accounting firm to total up all my views. Blogger Bunch

I was on live today talking about Columbine, Gun Control and President Obama's trip to Latin America.

It was a neat experience. I producer called in five minutes before air and we connected via Skype. The video stream coming to my MAc was choppy so I turned on my Panasonic Toughbook to see the stream. There it was nice and clear, but hten the producer told me to shut that one off since it was sucking up all my bandwidth.

Going into the segment, I thought that they were going to ask me about what bloggers were saying about the issues, so I did some web surfing and brabbed some relevant posts. Searching around like that brought me up to speed on the issues, but in the end, what they wanted to hear were MY thoughts on the issues.

I think I did a good job on gun control by referencing the violence in the streets of Boston and how illegal guns need to be taken off the streets.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to compare and contrast the Bush foreign poicy of Axis of Evil with Obama's let's talk policy. I loved that!

It was also fun to be able to post to twitter live and see responses. That is the future.

Technical Behind the Scenes
I was wondering how the anchor would moderate a remote conversation between four people.
I used Skype on a MacBook Pro, with a Canon GL/2 connected via a Firewire card, and an audio-technica AT2020 USB mic.


Here's video from the second part of the segment.

Boston Marathon Monday Coverage

My BU New Media Tools for Journalism class is covering the Boston Marathon today with text, audio, photos and video. All their twitter posts, flickr photos, utterli and BlogTalkRadio audio posts, YouTube videos, Ustream and Qik live streams are being aggregated using friendfeed.

You can grab this embed code over here.

It's a live stream.

Thanks to NECN and WBZ TV for featuring the student's content!

Boston Globe Covers Twitter with a He Said She Said Article

The Boston Globe's DC Denison has an article about Twitter in today's paper called So little space, so much ado. The article misses the point that marketers can use twitter listen to and engage customers.

I'm mentioned at the top of the article with this:
Steve Garfield offered a link to his video review of a new microphone.

DC, how about linking to my twitter post?

audio-technica AT2020 USB Microphone Test Wow!
1:49 PM Apr 15th from web
Your readers might want to see what I was talking about. You could have even embedded the video, like this:

The beauty of twitter is that you're not actually limited to 140 characters since you can provide links to anything including text, audio and video.

DC goes on to say: Boston, the most popular Twitter celebrities - including Fitton, Chapman, and Garfield - are for the most part marketing and advertising professionals using the service to stay on the front lines of communications.
I know the article has a marketing slant, but my twitter bio is pretty clear, I'm not a marketing and advertising professional:
Bio Video Producer and Mobile Broadcaster / Teacher / Speaker / Listener / Writer / Founder of Boston Media Makers
DC finds a ready critic for twitter in Babson's Tom Davenport:
"... Twitter reminds me of the CB radio fad. Twitter fans are the same people who last year were excited by Second Life. And where has that gone?"
On his blog on the Harvard Business Publishing website, Davenport wrote, "Let's face it - Twitter is a fad.
Do serious marketers spend a lot of time and energy on Twitter campaigns? I doubt it. Sure, go ahead and play around with it — it doesn't cost much. But I defy you to do serious brand management in 140-character messages. I defy you to prove that Twitter users are your typical customer — unless you sell bubble tea or something similar — or that their tweets are a true reflection of their relationship with your company."
Davenport is only talking about serious marketers, and he missed one of the main benefits of twitter for marketers, it can be used to listen to and to respond to customer's conversations about their products.

Jay Rosen recently wrote about this type of reporting calling it He Said, She Said Journalism: Lame Formula in the Land of the Active User.
Any good blogger, competing journalist or alert press critic can spot and publicize false balance and the lame acceptance of fact-free spin. Do users really want to be left helpless in sorting out who's faking it more? The he said, she said form says they do, but I say decline has set in.
One more point about blogging, see how I linked to Davenport's blog and blog post? That's how should do it. Link out so readers can read more about Davenport's thoughts on twitter. He uses 3,891 characters to talk about twitter on his blog, plus he's gotten 44 comments ( excellent conversation going on over there ), and he links to an opposing view.

How many times do I have to ask to link out?

Final note:

Check out the Globe's twitter accounts. At first glance they all seem to be broadcast only. I don't see any listening going on. No conversation either.

Gotta love this twitter account, @GlobeLunch: Daily menu in the Globe company cafeteria.


Boston Globe Twitter Article

Just got the hard copy Boston Globe.

The photos and graphics in the newspaper display this twitter post of mine:
Quick Microphone Test: Broadcasting live now! See me at 3:58 PM Apr 16th from twhirl
More information that was lost by inefficient ties between the paper and the web.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

John Hancock and BPL


DYKC and CC, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

Hubspot TV

Hubspot TV, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

I went over to Hubspot in Cambridge yesterday on the promise of @biz stone, free burgers and Hubspot TV.

When I heard that twitter co-founder @ev was going to be on Oprah, I didn't feel the need to rush to get over exactly at 3:00. I thought Biz was on a flight to Chicago too. So I got over there at about 3:25 and I just missed Biz, but not the free burgers.

Hubspot TV

Hubspot's musical superstar Rebecca Corliss was there to greet me and show me the way to the food. Sliders! Yay! Note to B.Good, either make all the burgers medium-well, or put a flag in the rare ones.

Hubspot TV

There was a big crowd on hand to watch the live streaming of Hubspot TV Episode 36 - April 17th, 2009

Hubspot TV

The show is hosted by Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe. They broadcast live every Friday at 4pm EST, and if you are in the Cambridge area, you can join the live studio audience (just contact Mike and Karen to RSVP - they're at One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142).

Hubspot TV

They've got a nice setup for live streaming with three lights in the front and a few track lights in the back. Hubspot uses the whitelabel version of called Watershed which allows customization among other features.

The show itself was much like a TV show, very well planned.

I spoke with Rebecca after the broadcast and suggested that they think about opening up the show more to people in the room, and people in the chat room, to make it less structured. One idea might be to do the 'show' for 20 minutes and then keep the live stream going for a free-form version where audience members both in person and on the web can participate more.

There's a tendency to copy what TV does. That works, but we also have an opportunity to push the technology to add interaction and conversation, and that's exciting.

On the web:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Golfing at Jamaica Pond 041709

How to Clear A Club in 5 Minutes

Have a DJ start playing very loud music in a club where everyone is having a great time talking to each other.

Go up to the DJ to request that she turn down the music.

DJ ignores you for what seems like 5 minutes while rocking the beats.

Me: Can you turn down the music, we can't hear ourselves talk.

DJ: I was supposed to go on at 9:00

GoodLife AfterLife Lounge

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reserved for Steve Garfield and Friends

Reserved for Steve Garfield and Friends

Had a great experience with Omni Hotels at The Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker House in Boston.

Kerry Kennedy, the Omni Hotels presence on twitter, saw my tweet about the gathering and reserved a table for us.

@omnihotels says:

@stevegarfield Thanks Steve. We're expecting you! See you tonight. #

Sree Sreenivasan, Reserved for Steve Garfield and Friends
Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism New Media Professor, is in Boston! Drinks at the Last Hurrah, Omni Parker Hotel, Boston 9:15 to 11ish.

The LAst Hurrah, Omni Parker House, Boston

Great place to have a drink with friends.

Joselin Mane and CameraRobert Collins
Bryan PersonDrinks with Sree Sreenivasan at The Last Hurrah

Everyone had a nice time with lots of conversations and picture taking.

Great seeing @Sreenet, @BryanPerson, @BryanPerson, @JoselinMane, @RobertCollins, @tibbon, and others.

PS. Used twtvite for the first time too.

Looks promising. We had some issues with people registering, but twtvite is working on it.

They're responsive on twitter too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Friday on Chronicle: Steve Garfield and John Tobin

Screenshot taken from the Chronicle episode on Media Makers

WCVB Chronicle HD - Friday April 17th: Media Makers [ repeat ]:
It's an astounding menu of television and web programming, everything from heart tugging reality television, mini-documentaries and animated children's series, to fast breaking news and information. But this is no lineup for a national network. It's the variety of shows produced right here in New England by independent producers, work that is seen on local and cable outlets. Chronicle takes you behind the scenes of some of the area's most intriguing homegrown programs.
John Herman is featured too.

High Quality version of the segment on my Video Blog.

Earlier blog post from the first time this segment aired.

Drinks with @sreenet tonight in Boston

If the about RSVP doesn't work, try here:

Direct link RSVP here:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Realtime Friendfeed Boston Marathon BU Student Coverage

You can grab this embed code over here.

Friendfeed Boston Marathon BU Student Coverage

See the next post for an easier way to embed this feed.

Prior to finding that, I edited my own friendfeed feed embed code and replaced my name with BostonMarathonBU. You don't have to do that. Just grab the embed code from this post.

Embed Code:

BostonMarathonBU - Boston Marathon BU Students Coverage Aggregator

My New Media Tools for Journalism Class at BU is covering the Boston Marathon next Monday, April 20th.

They are using lots of new media tools including, YouTube, Utterli, Soundslides, twitter, flickr, Qik, BlogTalkRadio and more.

We'll be aggregating all their content using the new Beta of Friendfeed.

Here's the page:

You can watch the page and subscribe to it too.

It was easy to aggregate the student's content since friendfeed has all these services set up to include as feeds:

It also has a Custom Atom/RSS options so you can include sites that are not listed.

I've set up an event page over on Qik for the Boston Marathon too.

Links to all the Qik's sent in by students who attend this Qik event, will also be posted to the friendfeed stream. For those students who set up Qik to auto-post a twitter message, and who gave me thier twitter username, those posts will show up in the friendfeed stream too.

To add BlogTalkRadio, you click the little RSS Icon next to the username on your BlogTalkRAdio page and add that to friendfeed as a Custom RSS/Atom feed.

For Jeanne Amy her BlogTalkRadio page is:

And her feed is:


which friendfeed wants to read as:

You can also follow WBZ's Botonmarathon twitter account.


You can also view the BostonMarathonBU friendfed on the current version of friendfeed:

There you get an option to see realtime updates:

Irish Mist Cake - Easter 2009

Making of videos:

Boston Media Makers 041209

Meeting Report: Sunday April 12th.

Next Meeting: Sunday May 3, 2009 .

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Associated Press' 11 Commandments Parody

Barack Obama NH Press

The Associated Press Intellectual Property Commandments Parody:
1. Thou shalt pay us for content
2. Thou shalt pay the news gatherers
3. Thou shalt pay to support our infrastructure
4. Thou shalt search for news on our guide
5. Thou shalt license for reuse
6. Thou shalt search for news from our members
7. Thou shalt consume news from our trusted sources foresaking all others
8. Thou shalt not use our content without paying for it
9. Thou shalt not steal
10. Thou shalt not worship the false idol of fair use
11. Thou shalt love everybody

Video Blogging Week 2009

Video Blogging Week has been going on since 2004. It started with about 10 videobloggers.

It's like national book writing month in that it pushes vldeo bloggers to post one new video a day for a week.

I put a new video up each day, some days more than one. It's changed since the early days where everyone had their own video blog and you knew where to go to see their videos.

Now, when I look at my videos and where they are hosted, I see that depending on the circumstances and content, the videos end up living in many different places. Videoblog, blog, Qik, YouTube...

Here they are:

Boston Pillowfight 2009 - Shot with Panasonic FX37 and edited with iMovie. First time using themes.

IKEA - Moments from Ikea shopping captured in a Flip mino HD and edited with FlipShare.

Stocking Jamaica Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonix FX37 point and shoot camera

Stocking Jamacia Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonnic SDR-SW20 waterproof camera

Stocking Jamaica Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonic SD100 pro-sumer camera with shotgun mic attached

Stocking Jamaica Pond [SD100] - Same as above, Hosted on

Turkey for Passover - SD100. There was a huge turkey in my neighborhood.

Boston Water and Sewer Improvements - FX37. Boston Water and Sewer is doing some work in the neighborhood and on this day water was everywhere.

Sony Webbie HD Test Video - First test, direct upload to YouTube.

Digital Marketing World - SnapZPro X screen capture of video I shot of Ann Handley that was used in a virtual conference.

Emerson College Students - Shot and streamed live with Nokia N95-3 Cellphone using Qik

Road Test: Sony Webbie HD - Testing out the Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1. Edited with iMovie 09. Testing out the mic.

Comcast Internet Speed is FAST this morning

Speakeasy Speed Test

How's your speed?

Test your internet speed.