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Tuesday, July 31, 2001 @ The 007 TV
I can reveal further details which will make you scream in excitement & horror... James Bond dies in Bond 20!!!
Some people are really excited about the next James Bond Movie. I know it sounds bad, but watching an earlier James Bond movie was almost a death blow to me!

I almost died while watching a James Bond movie with my parents. We were watching Thunderball when my mother gave me piece of hard candy. She always had hard candy in her pocketbook.

I took one of the hard candies and it GOT CAUGHT IN MY THROAT. I couldn't breathe and we rushed into the lobby. Pounding me on my back didn't work so my father picked me up by the feet and held me upside down with one hand, I was small. He took his free hand and pounded me on the back and the candy popped out of my mouth.

Luckily he was quick and we went back in and enjoyed the end of the movie. I've been a Bond fan ever since.
eBay item 1621287530 (Ends Aug-06-01 15:48:49 PDT ) - WDW Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Vehicle
Don't miss this unique opportunity to own a genuine piece of Walt Disney World history -- and perhaps part of your very own childhood memories -- with this original ride vehicle from the Fantasyland attraction Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, no longer in operation at the Florida theme park.
David Cooper can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but he still got the lead in a musical written by my friend Cindy Bullens.
Jim went to a balloon festival and took some pictures.
Welcome to the public draft of a new book by David Weinberger. I read chapter one and it's good.

Here's an easy to read digest.
Michael Jackson's rabbi says that singles should embrace the concept of "needing" a man or woman to complete their lives.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Survivor UK, did they get it on tape?
SURVIVOR winner Charlotte Hobrough had rampant sex with her jungle island lover jammed in the branches of a creaking tree.
Her ear-splitting screams of "Yes, Adrian, Yes!" echoed across the South China Sea as she raked her bare buttocks up and down the gnarled bark.
I wonder if they'll ever show the UK version of Survivor in the US. Maybe HBO could run it after Sex in the City?
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Don't worry. These ads are not real.
News2Web lets you read newsgroups with your browser. Start with rec if you've never been there before.

Google Groups does it too. The interface is really clean and it's speedy.
Go away. Find some last-minute weekend getaways at site 59.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Leia Scofield has some breast pics on her site, along with random thoughts from a large head.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

From the creator of the "stick fighter" movie comes a game.
via [ The Ultimate Insult ]
In Star Wars, Luke's X-Wing had both Laser Cannons and Proton Torpedoes, which did he use to destroy the Death Star?

The script says, "Luke looks up and smiles. He concentrates on the exhaust port, then fires his laser torpedoes."

Please post your thoughts here.

Tourists leap on whale carcass.
Sightseers clambered on a floating dead whale and patted great white sharks eating the carcass.
Dear Kevin, Your breath stinks!
We all know someone who offends in some way but we're not always able to find the right words to bring the problem to their attention. Allow to apprise the individual in a gentle and diplomatic manner while preserving your anonymity.
The Downer Channel is the best new skit comedy TV show ever.

Thanks Steve.

If you're in the office, turn your speakers down or put on headphones before clicking the link.
Joe Lavin Goes to China
Beijing taxi drivers were taught to use many phrases in English including "Pollution is a global problem," "The city's traffic is getting better and better," and "You look very handsome today," all apparently designed to make foreigners feel giddy at the prospect of a Beijing Olympics.

Monday, July 23, 2001

They're having a Conversatron about Jurassic Park.
Matt Drudge came out with a Planet of the Apes spoiler. Click this link if you want to hear about Tim Burton's "terrific political statement about how all civilizations build pagan-like monuments to fallen leaders."
Virtual Housecalls
Feeling insufficiently well? Indicate your symptoms... and the Internet MD will provide a sound medical diagnosis, accompanied by a personalized course of treatment. Each diagnosis is custom-tailored to YOU. No further physician consultation is required.
Just in case their diagnosis is true, donations in my memory can be made to The Lustgarten Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research.
I didn't know that George W. Bush's favorite group was Pink Floyd! It says so right on his Psychedelic Republican Trading Card.

Friday, July 20, 2001

I hear that some people use these weblogs to post personal stories. Well, I'm having some work done at my house today, so I won't have power for about six hours. That means no computer. I'm ok with that. I guess I'll catch up on some reading.

In the mean time, I'd like to share with you some thoughts from my recent trip to Belgium and Germany.

Good thing I took French in high school otherwise I would have thought that they were trying to poison me when I ordered the local specialty: Waterzooi en Poison.

We took a train ride out to Brugge. They have a nice boat ride down the canals that wind through the city. It would have been better with animatronic puppets and a soundtrack. Disney does it better. Ha.

Waffles with ice cream on top are amazing in Belgium. You haven't had a real waffle until you've gone up to a little store and gotten one of these! I think I'll go get some ice cream for breakfast before the power goes out. I don't want it to melt and go to waste!

Traveling in Germany was a new and different experience for my wife and me. With limited exposure to the German language, we had fun trying to do everyday things we don't even think about in America.

Our first stop was Cologne.

When we picked up our rental car, the agent told me that the car was Diesel. The conversation went something like this:

Agent: Diesel
Me: Diesel?
Agent: Diesel
Me: Diesel

Next I asked for directions to our hotel. The rental agent told us that he was new to Cologne and we'd have to go to a gas station for directions.

Hmmm. I think I was newer to Cologne than he was, having just arrived 10 minutes ago, and I DON'T KNOW THE LANGUAGE!

We jumped in the car and found our way to the hotel by using a map. It's amazing how the little lines on a map directly relate to the local roadways.

I could tell you all about seeing the largest Cathedral in Cologne and looking at the Rhine River, but you could find that info on the web. We did find a couple of nice areas to sit outside, have a drink and something to eat and people watch. The local beer here is Kolsh.

The next interesting thing we encountered was trying to determine which public restroom to go in. One sign said, "DAMEN" and the other said "HERREN".

My Wife: Oh look, the "MEN" part of the "DAMEN" sign is lit up, that must mean it's the men's room.
Me: If I remember correctly, on the train, the announcer was saying, "Damen and Herren... Ladies and Gentlemen", so I think it follows that Damen stands for Women.

So I went into the entrance to the "DAMEN" room to pay the entrance fee for my wife. The restroom attendant started yelling at me and motioning that I should use the "HERREN" room. My wife took a step forward and we showed him that I was just paying for her. Under his breath he was probably saying, "Stupid tourists."

We asked for a KING bed and went to the room.

What we saw when we got there was what looked like two twin beds pushed together with a king-size bedspread on top. When we removed the bedspread we found two twin size feather beds side by side on top of the king sized mattress.

It's funny that they use the feather bed as a comforter all year long, even through the summer.

We were looking at the weather in the newspaper and my wife asked me if I thought it was chilly in South America. I told her that it was always Chile in South America.

Driving, or should I say speeding, on the roads over there was fun. After I got used to it. Sometimes the speed limit is 80, sometimes 120, and sometimes there is no speed limit.

That's all in Kilometers.

Everyone follows the speed limit when there is one. That's because they have cameras on the highways - watching everything you do.

I got it up to 150 which is around 95 mph. Any more and my rental car would have split into a million tiny pieces.

I stopped to get gas and opened up the little door to the fuel tank. It said UNLEADED GAS ONLY. Hmmm, that car rental guy told me, "DIESEL". This doesn't make sense.

I went over to a German police office that had a bunch of German Shepherd's in his truck... the dogs, not the flock herders.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you speak English?
Officer: A little
Me: Can You help me?
Officer: A little
Me: Is this car Diesel
Officer: A little
Me: Can you show me which pump to use?
Officer: A little

We finally figured out that the car was indeed unleaded, they call it bipheeynolsimething or other. Anyway, I put the gas into the car and it didn't die.

The English Garden is the largest city owned park in the world. It's three times the size of Central Park in New York. It's really popular for walking and drinking beer. Yes, there are two beer gardens inside the main garden.

Here you can sit by the water at long table and drink beers from glasses that look like they could hold a gallon of beer. I guess it's a good way to work on your arm strength.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Levy may have tracked Condit via Web on day she disappeared (7/19/2001)
This is a partial list of the Internet sites that police say Chandra Levy visited between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on May 1. The Web sites were provided to the Mercury News. Police say they will release a complete list today.
Drudge Report
House: Agricultural Committee
Los Angeles Times
Modesto Bee
National Geographic
Rock Creek Park
Southwest Airlines
USA Today
Washington Post

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Morning DJ legend Jaxon says there are some hot Jennifer Lopez videos here. There's also some clips of Lucy Liu, Anne Nicole Smith, and Angelina Jolie.
Sick of those "pop-under" X10 ads?
Here's a modified opt-out cookie URL which extends the expiration date to 3000 days instead of their default 30. Now you should be free of those blasted ads well into 2009. Of course, by then your computer will be in a musty antique shop fending off dust bunnies. (Note: that the "Thank You" text will say 30 days, but the actual cookie will reflect 3000)
via Signal vs. Noise
Have you heard about the web tv show I Bet You Will, that does stuff like give a guy $200 for letting himself be made into a sugar cookie? I hadn't either until I read that John Walsh had a segment about it on his test talk show.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Sunday, July 15, 2001

They say skunks don't like this cocktail .
Mix 8 oz. Murphy's oil soap with 4 oz. of castor oil and 1 oz. (a shot glass) of human urine into 1 gallon of water.
The trick is building a little miniature bar with chairs and tables that would be inviting to the skunk, then getting the skunk to order the cocktail.

Friday, July 13, 2001

Twiggle Designs has done some amazing web graphics. Check out her design work. It's not everyone who can equate a person with a turtle.
Shinkansen [an online journal].
I took chemistry in high school, but don't remember the Periodic Table for Men. Maybe they covered this in biology?

Thursday, July 12, 2001
This is just not right.
It's time for my medicine. And can I get it in a frosted mug this time?
Meet Me at... Hot or Not. Meet some hot chicks... if they like the way you look. It's not superficial... like really. It's not.
Get on board, it's a LoveCruise. Heeelloooo Toni.
Google Zeitgeist shows you search behavior on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis. The Yahoo Buzz Leaders Index shows a ranking of what people were searching for two days ago.

Can't they keep this stuff up to date in real time? It is time sensitive data!

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Make History Make Sense.
I needed this before I went to Europe. I wish I'd paid more attention in history class. I wish I'd been interested in history. I'm interested now though.
Do you know how many people are paying their debt to society? A lot.
The Best of the Web Today according to the webloggers at the Wall Street Journal.
While over in Belgium I heard that Ryanair has some great rates on airfares between selected European countries. You might also want to check out easyJet.
I'm back from a trip to Belgium and Germany. I enjoyed traveling and trying out all the beers. My favorite Belgian beers were Leffe Blonde and Grimbergen. My favorite German beer was Kulmbacher. This trying out beer around the world is fun. Maybe I'll buy a home in 100 countries.