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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Say It To ABC News

I just went live with SayItToKatie and ABC News is right there with ABC News: SeenAndHeard:
"See and hear yourself on the stories that matter to you. Using your cellphone, webcam, or video camera send us your videos and have them shown on ABC News Now. We don't guarentee to publish all of them, but we will watch all videos sent to us. If your submission is chosen you'll appear on ABC News Now."
This is a great development.

Multicolor Glass Pumpkin

Multicolor Glass Pumpkin by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

The 2006 Great Glass Pumpkin Patch @ MIT

I used this picture for my new page banner.

Free QuickTime Plugin

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The Most Popular internet TV Shows

Network 2.0: A collection of TV Shows ONLY available on the Internet.:
"The most popular shows on the Internet according to"
Jeff Pulver's guide to internet TV shows now features the most popular shows based on measuring click-thrus on the page

Friday, September 29, 2006

Does Duration Paint Last?

Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint:
"'Duration is the best paint I've ever used on the exterior of a house - period,' Cooper says. 'It flows well and goes on thick. It remains flexible and absolutely resists peeling. We did a home in Lakewood, Ohio, that was having major peeling problems six months to a year after every paint job. We painted it with Duration with our normal surface prep and it hasn't peeled two years later. Anytime I do an exterior job, I spec Duration.'"
We're painting our house which has been stained for approximately 100 years.

Stain is great since it never peels. We are considering using Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint. It's also never supposed to peel, having a lifetime guarantee against peeling.

Does anyone have first hand experience with it?


Open Source Amanda Congdon and Jeff Jarvis

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Nokia N95 photos on Belarusian site

Nokia N95 Comparison
Some of my Nokia N95 photos ended up on Belarusian site,, which is one of the biggest internet sites of Belarus.

Nokia Open Studio:

Say It To Katie

Say It To Katie -
The Idea
CBS Evening News with Katie Couric's "free speech" segment could be a lot better.

We should be able to upload a video to a public place, others should be able to see the submissions and be able to rate and comment on them.

That's why I've created

Participate and Record Your Free Speech
Submit your free speech to We can do it today. Maybe Katie will air one. Who knows?
Submit something today. Tag it with .


Music Videos

I've enjoyed making music videos this year. Here are some of them for you to sample.

Carol and Steve Show: Carol's Birthday Balloon Ride

The Carol and Steve Show: Wasted Days

To Cambridge

Orange Line

The Organization: Video Mashup

CES 2006: Tossing Dice


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sale, Discount Coupon codes

Seems to have some good links for deals.

The New Video Networks are Here

links for 2006-09-28

Jeff Jarvis calls it TV. Amanda disagrees.

Whatever you call it, it's happening right in front of our eyes.

And it's changing every day.

Internet Television

Internet Television by Chris Brogan, uploaded from flickr.

Make a Movie on Sunday

This is a reminder of our next meeting of the Boston Media Makers, Sunday October 1st 10:00 AM at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain.

Sweet Finnish
761 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Boston Media Makers

Boston Media Makers is a group of local video producers, video bloggers, podcasters, artists, and creative people who want to get together and share what they are doing over coffee on a Sunday morning.

On October 1st, John Herman is going to tell us about his new realtime live movie making improv project, and then we are going to make a movie!

Got a Mac? It's You!

Here's where I found out how to do this:

Quartz Composer iSight Prank by Chris Anderson.

Yahoo! Groups and Community

Gilbert Hammer writes about video and community, IPTV EVANGELIST: Yahoo! IPTV 2000/2006
The answer, I think, is in creating a platform where there is relevance for communities. I was talking with a friend recently who put it simply. "Yahoo! groups are a core asset of the company" yet he did not understand why they do not leverage that community to build content channels! Examples abound, a special interest group for instance can share content and mash it up. And that would make it a better targeted group for adverts....
This is a very good point. The Yahoo! videoblogging group is over 3,000 people who exchange ideas in the forum, but don't utilize other parts of the Yahhoo! enviromnent. Whith Yahoo's recent acquisition of JumpCut, maybe there can be som synergy there.

Have you used JumpCut?

How do you feel about editing video online?

Do you prefer computer based editing tools like iMove, Windows Movie Maker and advanced tools like Final Cut Pro?

T-Mobile vs Cingular

Nokia is letting me keep the N93 that they had sent me for a two week trial. Now I've got to decide how to get some cell service on it.

I heard a lot about cell service while in NYC at the Nokia event this weekend. It's messed up. Over in Europe and all over the world cell phone service is different. The phones have little chips in them that let you move your account between phones very easily.

Verizon does not have that. They lock you in. It's funny. When you think about getting cell service, in your mind you think about who has the best coverage. Those Verizon ads work really well. I've actually had excellent service and support from Verizon. The only place I can't get coverage from them in the Boston area is over at WZBC at Boston College.

So with the cell phne chips, you can drop your phone # into any phone you might have in your drawer. This is pretty cool.

So right now I have a Motorola Razr, and now, the Nokia N93. I'd like to be able to drop my phone # into the N93 but can't.

I've got to use a carrier that allows the use of these portable chips. That's either T-Mobile or Cingular. Each of these companies seems to have a plan that costs nothing per month. They only charge per call. That seems like a good idea for the time being. I'll just forward my cell phone over.

So what's your experience with T-Mobile and Cingular in New England, especially the Boston area

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Proposal: Creative Commons 50/50 License

I've got a Creative Commons license on all my content.

Here's the license I have chosen:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

This means people can use my work as long as it's not for commercial purposes. They don't even have to ask as long as they follow the rules and give me credit. It's also nice if they let me know

If people want to use my work for commercial purposes they can contact me and we can work something out. I'm pretty much ok with a 50/50 split of revenue if someone wants to use my content.

I am proposing a new CC license that encompases this idea.

The same Non Commercial license with a 50/50 add on, so if someone wants to use my work for a commercial purpose they can, as long as they split the profits with me 50/50.

I don't want to deal with long contracts. Just let me know you want to use my work and split the profits with me 50/50.

Your thoughts...

Andy Carvin expands on my new Creative License idea.

Nice work.

Best Inspiration Online video

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My Mom on CBS News

Blogging For The Young At Heart - CBS News:
"Millie Garfield of Delray Beach, Florida is a mere 81 year old, and reflects on her age as well. Her most recent post offers tips on how to stay young. “Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down,” she recommends, and also advises, “Keep learning.” “Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. The devil's name is Alzheimer's,” she adds.

Millie also blogs with thoughts on other subjects, ranging from widowhood, to cooking, to pop culture. "
My mom sent me the link. ;-)

Stormhoek, the Bloggers Wine

Thanks for the free wine, Stormhoek! by mingaling, uploaded from flickr.

Maura Welch informs us that Stormhoek, the Bloggers Wine, is coming to the US.

You can get it in Boston at:

Wine Emporium Tremont 607 Tremont Street Boston MA 02118 (617) 262-0379

Anti Disclaimer:

And no Mark, no one paid me to blog this. Sheesh.

Bloggers at Nokia Store

Bloggers at Nokia Store by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Here's the picture Mike Davison from 1000heads blog took of us in front of the Nokia store in NYC.

Mike Davison

Mike Davison by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Here's Mike Davison from 1000heads blog as he takes a picture of me and the other bloggers who were invited to NYC for an exclusive preview of the latest Nokia Nseries including the N95.

Nokia Podcasting

Nokia Podcasting Search by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Nokia has a podcasting application on the new N95.

It's an aggregator and can grab audio and video.

You can get the Nokia Podcasting application online.

Technorati Tags: , ,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Doug Jaeger

Doug Jaeger by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Doug Jaeger of The Happy Corp and LVHRD at the Inspiration Festival.

Dina Kaplan

Dina kaplan 27/12/2006 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Dina Kaplan of at Inspiration Festival talking about the new video landscape.

Inspiration Festival

27/12/2006 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

I'm at the Inspiration Festival in NYC, that's Juliette Powell, Dina Kaplan from is speaking next.

People in Light

27/12/2006 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

This image of people watching the Nokia presentation caught my eye.

Nokia Nseries Studio

Loudeye aquisition

Won't talk about it today

Introducing a ciommunity that is a service

Music recomenders community and service.

Worldwide experts on all types of music.

David Bowie is on a video as an expert on music. He loves playing mew music for people.

Reckless Records in Chicago is an expert.

Phatbeats NYC...

People from all over the world, Japan, Brazil... very cool...

Trusted sources that are part of a community to recomend..

"There is something else..."

Hey! Like Steve Jobs.

One more thing.

Nokia N75

It's a music player and you can flip it up and make it look like a phone.

Dedicated for US market. Stereo speakers, syncronization. Nokia web browser.

Tis is an amazing story. It's a music player like the iPod, but it's also a multimedia computer that lets you browse the web and also use it as a phone.

You can use Python or C++ or Java and write you own programs for this multimedia computer.

Very differnet than an iPod.

Nokia 27/12/2006

Nokia 27/12/2006 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Notes from this morning's presentation on the Nokia N95.

Convergence without compromise.

The first multimedia computer in the world with a GPS device.

Free maps for everybody.

Mark where your photos were taken and upload with rich metadata. Your mind goes wild thinkign about it.

5 Megapixel camera with 30 fps video quality.

Music and Video PLayer
2.6" TFT QVGA screen

Get any RSS feed... audio and music.

HSDPA/WLAN High Speed internet in your pocket. Broadband. 3.2 megabits per second

Rafe tells me that they are using users flickr photos in the big screen presentation

Flickr user verybigjen photo of NYC street scene

Visual Radio via the phone

Stream video to TV

UPnP stream to TZV with additional box

Michael Schamis flickr photo of basketball game

67 milliion music players
200 millon cellphones

Nokia has decided to change this by putting eveything together.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nokia N95

Nokia N95 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

I'm in NYC for a blogger preview of the Nokia N95.

Check out my Nokia N95 preview report over on my Nokia Test Center blog. It also has links to my fellow bloggers from around the world who are here with me.

, ,

The Diggnation TV Network

Young Internet Producers, Bankrolled, Are Seeking Act II - New York Times:
"Many of Revision3’s performers and producers, including Mr. Rose and Mr. Albrecht, gained experience on the cable television channel TechTV, so they come to the shows with production skills.

That puts the company on the leading edge of a shift in Internet video from user-generated clips to “a more controlled environment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at the market research firm Gartner.

Mr. Weiner predicted that the popularity of this kind of programming would surge in the next few months. Whether it will turn into an enduring form of entertainment, let alone a profitable one, is an open question. “Let’s face it, this is an experiment in progress,” Mr. Weiner said."
With $1 million in finaincing Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose are turning Revision3 Corporation into an Internet video production firm.

This is front page news in today's New York Times Business Day section.

Stay tuned for more.

There are going to be internet TV networks created that don't require $1 million dollars.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Bar Away from Home

Broome Street Bar, Soho, NYC is the Doyle's of NYC.

The bar is sooo old. Very cool place for a cold beer.

Smart, Popular and Alive

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"If you love sharing photos like we do, you'll love Scrapblog. With Scrapblog, you can easily create stunning multimedia scrapbooks featuring your photos, videos, audio and a bunch of creative elements. We made Scrapblog drag-and-drop-easy so that everyone can tell their stories and share them online or turn them into high-quality photo books and DVDs. Best of all, it's free and there's nothing to download."
I recently made a photo book using iPhoto. It's really, really nice.

These guys are going to present Scrapblog at DEMO, Sept 25-27, and have been practicing in a hotel room for three days.

If they are bringing the iPhoto interface, and more, online for free, that sounds pretty interesting. The example photo is intriguing.

I usually like computer based solutions vs. online ones, but I'll wait and see what this looks like before deciding.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Deval Patrick for Governor

BOSTON –Saturday, September 23, 2006– The following is a statement from Richard Chac√≥n, Communications Director and Deputy Campaign Manager for the Deval Patrick Campaign, in response to Kerry Healey’s recently released negative ad:
“For 18 months, Deval Patrick has been bringing voters together with his vision for change on Beacon Hill and a fresh start for Massachusetts. Now comes Kerry Healey’s negative attack, which is the typical politics-as-usual that people want to change – something made clear by last Tuesday’s decisive Democratic Primary victory. It's not surprising that she would air her negative ad on the same day the latest poll has her trailing badly. This will be a close race, but the growing strength of Deval Patrick's grassroots message is what appeals to voters, not campaigns by insults and distortions.”
It's time for a change!

Deval Patrick for Governor.

Reconnect Downspouts?

Back in December of 2003 my Downspouts were Disconnected:
"Terry and the Boston Water and Sewer Downspout Disconnection team came over and disconnected all my downspouts from discharging into the sewer system."
This was a program to keep downspout run off from going into the sewer system.

I had a plumber in today to check on a leak, and he noticed the cast iron pipes in the basement. He asked if water was running through them and I told him, no, they were sealed off by the Sewer department.

He took a quick look and told me that it looks like the pipes WERE sending water to the storm water system and NOT the sewer system.

He said I should have asked the sewer department to do a dye test first to see if my downspout runoff was going into the sewer system. They didn't.

He said it's obvious from looking at the pipes that they are seperate.

Now we get ice skating rinks forming in our driveway and sodeway whenever it rains in the winter. It's horrible.

Now I have to contact the sewer department to get them to come out and confirm that my downspouts can be reconnected.

I think they should reconnect them without any cost to me.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission
Sewer Regulations.

Boston Water and Sewer writes me:
The downspouts on your property were tested on January 21, 1999, and were confirmed as connected into the sewer system.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Free online RSS vloggies podcast aggregator

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The Clip Show: Vlogging

The Clip Show:
"Vlogging, thats right this week The Clip Show, reviews some of our favorite Vlogs. Not only will we be reviewing some of the best of the web, Josh Leo, Steve Garfield and Rusted Gate. The host of The Clip Show, Jim Kirks, takes us inside his head with his very own vlog. You thought you had fun the last time you watch The Clip Show, you havent seen anything, till you seen Episode 10, The Clip Show Vlogging style! "
Thanks for featuring me in your show Jim!

A cogdn rating of 13. Wow!

The Clip Show is highly entertaining, well edited and has a somewhat dry yet fruity taste that doesn't attack the pallette.

Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey is Brilliant

Logan traffic becomes issue in governor's race:
"When Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey unveiled a list Wednesday of 50 big ideas she'd pursue as governor, there at number 44 was creating a cellphone parking lot at the airport. About 30 US airports have such lots, where motorists awaiting an arriving passenger can park for free, then drive to the terminal curb after their party has arrived and called them.

``Just about everyone who has headed over to Logan Airport,' Healey said, ``has a story about endlessly circling the terminal while waiting to pick up a passenger' whose flight or bags were delayed. That creates not only hassles but congestion and potential security risks, Healey said."
This is a great idea.

I went to Logan Airport last night to pick up some family members. The flight got in at 9:10 and their luggage arrived at 10:10. That's AirTran for you. The luggage was on another filght! Probably had a connection.

So I went over to Terminal C to wait, but there is no place over there to wait. State Police move you along and make you leave. If you pull up to the far right hand side, heading to the next termainal, that's not a safe place either. The State Police make you move from that area too. I circled around the airport again and settled in at Terminal B where I wasn't bothered.

Lot's of times if I'm early, I just park in a garage.

And don't get me started on no free WiFi at Logan. Also a mess. Is that on Kerry Healy's list? Unfortunatley her list in in some type of embedded web page. It should be on an easy to read text page. Why make me click 50 times to find something.

Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey is no so smart.

Free Flickr Photo Cards

10 Pack - Free to Pro Users by richardmoross, uploaded from flickr.

Free 10-pack of Flickr minicards from Moo for Pro Accounts.

Thanks for another good find Christopher!


Check out samples at the Flickr Moo Pool.

I ordered mine.

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee Today

Yahoo! has a fun promotion today with a Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coupon Giveaway.

Yeah. I gave them my email address for Dunkin Donuts promotions, but I like Dunkin Donuts.

Thanks Christopher.

Our Own Little Florida

Blue Mass. Group :: "They're Supposed to Count the Votes, Right?"

THIS is messed up.

coComment is messing up Blogger

coComment is messing up my Blogger post page.

It's been reported to coComment.

Is there a fix?

V is coming back

News over on The Visitors - The Original V and Visitors Web Site is that V: The Series is coming back as a book and a TV movie!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Andy and Steve Show

The Andy and Steve Show by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Andy Carvin was in town for a conference so we went out to John Harvard's Brew House in Cambridge for a nice dinner and a few refreshing beers.

Anthony Lappe Digests Josh Wolf

Anthony Lappe: A Last Meal with Josh Wolf | The Huffington Post:
"It wasn't much of a last meal. A focused and determined Josh Wolf and I shared some cheap fish and Japanese beer at a restaurant popular with broke NYU students near Washington Square Park Monday night. In town for a meeting with the newest member of his legal team, the First Amendment giant Martin Garbus, the embattled videoblogger was in a surprisingly constrained mood considering the circumstances."
If you haven't been following the Josh Wolf story, Anthony Lappe has written a good article about it.

I don't think Josh should be in jail.

Typo, Congress and Web 2.0

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Nokia in New York City

I'll be in New York for Nokia Open Studio 2006, September 26.

Web Story Photo Mashup

Manhattan Story Mashup:
"Manhattan Story Mashup is an urban game, taking place on September 23rd 2006 in Manhattan, New York City. During the event, approximately 250 players will move around Manhattan, taking photos which match a given target. Targets are words from stories, written by you and other visitors on this web site collaboratively while the game goes on. The resulting illustrated stories are shown on large public signs in Times Square in real-time and on this web site."
via [ Darla Mack ] via [ S60 Multimedia Blog ]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jakob, Ellen, Rainn, and Andrea

links for 2006-09-20

Josh Wolf

Josh Wolf by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Amanda Congdon interviewed Josh Wolf.

WBUR's Andrea Shea in the Studio

WBUR's Andrea Shea in the Studio by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Andrea Shea, of WBUR, came over this morning and interviewed me for an upcoming story on videoblogging and It's JerryTime!

The two main topics that we talked about, that have a chance of making it into the piece, are montetization and community.

Tragic Death at Alive in Baghdad

From Loaded Pun, Tragic Death at Alive in Baghdad:

"This is an excerpt from a message written by Alive in Baghdad’s Brian Conley, posted to the Yahoo Videoblogging Group this morning."
"It’s with a pretty heavy heart that I am forced to inform everyone out there of the death of Alaa Adel, assistant to Isam Rasheed, one of our main 'videobloggers' or 'correspondents' based in Baghdad. Alaa seems to have been an integral, if mostly invisible piece of Alive in Baghdad through his work supporting Isam in gathering video and information about the situation around Baghdad.

He was killed on September 15th when he was apparently shot in the head by a US soldier, on his way to work at Isam’s home…

PodCamp: Call people participants

Chris Brogan, co-founder of PodCampm writes at GrasshopperFactory - Lessons Learned from PodCamp:
"...sometimes people can’t see what you’re saying, or can’t understand your vision. If you see it, press on. Just work harder at explaining the vision in different ways until it clicks."
This is a nice write up, including some behind the scenes insights.

WBUR Story on the Jamaica Pond Bench

Inside Looking Out
Listen to Andrea Shea's story about Matthew Hincman's Jamaica Pond Bench, Guerrilla Art:
"A bench-like object went from being guerilla art to earning Boston City Hall's stamp of approval. "
Andrea is coming over this morning to talk to me about blogging, vlogging and It's Jerry Time!

Sonia Chang-Diaz Looses by 141

2006 Massachusetts Primary Election Results - 2nd Suffolk.
I hope the Kelleher and Diaz voters are happy now.

It's ironic that they wanted Wilkerson out, but by voting as they did, kept her in for the final.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RSS, and Classical Music

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Winemakers Sue Massachusetts

Family Winemakers Sues Massachusetts to Overturn Law Limiting Direct Wine Sales by Winery Size; Many Small Wineries Forced to Choose One Sales Approach
SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 2006--Stressing the need for small and medium-sized producers to gain access to the Massachusetts wine market in order to compete and thrive, Family Winemakers of California filed a lawsuit in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts on September 18 seeking to invalidate certain provisions of Massachusetts' recently enacted direct wine shipping permit law. "Small producers are telling the court that the law violates the Constitution. We are one national market. But the Massachusetts law is blatantly discriminatory. It aims to protect Bay State wineries, but prevents Massachusetts consumers from having unfettered choice," said Paul Kronenberg, FWC President. "Last year, the Supreme Court told Michigan and New York to stop the discrimination. But the Massachusetts legislators have chosen to ignore the Court's message that we are one national economic market. State laws that protect and perpetuate a wholesaler monopoly at the expense of wineries seeking market opportunities and consumers seeking a wider choice in wine, run counter to the concept of free trade within the nation."

The lawsuit asserts that Section 19F replaces Massachusetts laws that this Court previously declared to be unconstitutional with a subtler but equally unconstitutional form of discrimination. Rather than limiting wine shipping rights through express residency requirements, Section 19F limits wine shipping rights based on wineries' total annual production of wine and existing relationships with Massachusetts-licensed wholesalers. In purpose and effect, the limits imposed by these capacity caps fall solely upon out-of-state wineries, whereas Massachusetts wineries continue to enjoy unfettered access to the Massachusetts market.

And while we're at it, let's let supermarkets sell Beer AND Wine.

Reporting for Rocketboom

Reporting from VON
Reporting from VON for Rocketboom.

I had a blast covering the recent VON conference in Boston for Rocketboom.

It was fun was meeting the people from TiVi including technical director Renars Jeromans. The live broadcast of video from a cell phone is still in development. They expect it to be out in a month or so.

I also enjoyed speaking with the folks from WorldGate Communications, the distibutor of that phone from 24, the Ojo.

Amanda Across America

Amanda Kicks It Off
Amanda Congdon kicks off from her bedroom.

Lonelygirl15. Who was she again?

Subscribe to Amanda over here.

The personal channel idea is vital

Justin Kownacki writes about The Future of Web Video:
"Gone are the days when I need a show picker at ABC to tell me what I should be watching. Instead, I might want to see what Steve Garfield is watching this week... or my cousin... or some random truant on MySpace."
Check it out and join the discussion.

Justin has some thought provoking things to says and I just want to join the Borg.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Accuvote How to: Write In / Sticker Instructions

Tomorrow is primary election day in Massachusetts and my local Senator neglected to file enough signatures to get on the ballot.


So we're going to vote her out of office.

The thing is, the ballot is blank and you need to either WRITE IN your candidate's name or PLACE A STICKER in the space provided.

The heading for this area on the ballot is:


You also have to fill in the oval next to your vote to have it counted. At least that's what I understand.

I went over to the League of Woman Voters website and watched the instructional video for the Accuvote system.

After writing in your candidate's name or placing a sticker on the ballot, the video says:

" can also indicate this selection by filling in the oval by the candidate's name."

Here's the excerpt:

All the campaign literature I have received at home says that I must fill in the oval to have my vote count.

I emailed the League of Woman Voters to let them know and then placed a call into the Secretary of State's office. They handle elections.

I got an answering machine telling me that the office is closed. Their hours are 8:45 - 5:00 PM no matter what is happening the next day. LIKE AN ELECTION!

I support Sonia Chang-Diaz, Democrat for SENATOR IN GENERAL COURT.

How to vote in a write-in election.

View the entire ballot here.

Other candidates I support:
Seantor - Edward M. Kennedy
Governor - Deval Patrick
Lt. Governor - Timothy Murray
Secretary of State - John Bonifaz
Clerk of Superior Court (Criminal) - Robert Dello Russo

Amanda, CSS and a Sandbox

links for 2006-09-18

Yo! Drawbot

Make:: Drawbot at I Make Things.
Bre Pettis made a robot that draws pictures and he's taking it to Brussels, Belgium with him.

My advide to Bre for his Belgium trip:

1. Leffe Blonde
2. Grimbergen
3. Delerious Tremmens ( flying pink elephants on the label )

Where's Steve

I submitted this photo to the self-portrait category for next month's issue of JPG Magazine.

Join JPG Magazine

I just joined a photography magazine, JPG Magazine:
"JPG is not just another photo sharing site - it's a community that's come together to create a photo magazine."
Isn't that a cool idea?

Joining a magazine?

We enjoy media when it enterains and informs us. Now there is is a third thing it can do, let us belong.

At the recent PodCamp and VON, this theme of belonging has come to the fore. It's exciting.

John Herman restated this emerging theme in his talk at PodCamp after hearing it in a session. Andrew Baron talked about it at VON. Can someone tell me who first brought it up in a podcamp session?

Update 2:
It was Jared Spool. He writes in:
Yup. Andrew was talking about what people came to vlogs/podcasts for. He suggested there were two reasons: information and entertainment. He then asked the audience if there was anything other reasons. I chimed in with belonging.

I think a lot of the resonance we're seeing with Web 2.0 comes from how people feel connected with others who interact with the same material. You see this in, Flickr, Rocketboom's comments, zeFrank's wiki, and, as you mention, JPG's creation.

Thanks Jared.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Six Hours for a few minutes

Newsweek: Want to Be a Video Star?:
"Ze Frank's daily video blog looks simple enough. In each installment of 'The Show' (, one of the most popular 'vlogs' on the Internet as ranked by, the 34-year-old New Yorker riffs on airport delays, politicians' names and other topics. But what takes viewers a few minutes to watch, takes Frank nearly six hours to produce. Coming up with fresh material, he says, is a daily struggle."
It's totally worth it.


Surprise! by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Carol and I surprised Amanda at her Amanda Across America Kickoff party at the office party.

Casey and Rudy surprised everyone by driving down from Montreal!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

links for 2006-09-16

Fauxtography: Carol and Ravi

Fauxtography: Carol and Ravi on Vimeo

Video: Orange Line

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: Orange Line.

Here's a video from last week when I was trying to get from JP to Bunker Hill Community College and the Orange line was closed from Haymarket to Oak Grove.

It was too bad, since one of the reasons that Bunker Hill was a good location for Podcamp was because it was right on the Orange line.
What we are

Why this video is awesome:

- It was sent to me by my mom

- It has good sound

- It has good editing

- It tells a story

- It says 'monkey dance' in it

- It is good quality

- It is on YouTube

- You can record a video comment

Watch it and reference it the next time someone tells you that YouTube video is only short and grainy.

The Future of Internet TV is a seamless full screen video interface that allows you to watch a stream of video. We Want Your Soul is cool.

It's be nice if the little text at the top, which provides links back to the creator, would be able to provide a permalink to the video you are watching so you could give feedback on that specific video.

It's a fun way to sample videos.
via [ Scoble ]