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Sunday, August 23, 2020

How I Make A 'Greylock Fever-Tree' Gin and Tonic

 How I Make A 'Greylock Fever-Tree' Gin and Tonic

1 Lime Slice

Add 3 cubes of ice to tumbler.
Add Berkshire Mountain Distillers Greylock Gin.
Squeeze in lime juice.
Add lime slice.
Add Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water tonic water.

Monday, August 17, 2020

How I Got a 10/10 Rating From Room Rater.

Getting a 10/10 rating for my room, as seen on Zoom calls, from Room Rater on Twitter required a lot of work.

Having a background in video production and lighting helped, but what tripped me up was thinking about my office as a workspace instead of a studio. 

Room Rater rates the visual presentation of people's home offices, or settings that they place themselves in for online interviews. You'll see lots of people's room being reviewed on Room Rater's twitter account. 

Start there to get a sense of what makes a good presentation. 

Next, take an honest look at your background, in the context of how it will come across on camera. Frame your view with a camera to see what's in the shot and what isn't. 

This is a photo that I was using as a Zoom background to make believe I was in a Zoom room paying attention. LOL. 

My thoughts:
- The paper shredder has to go.
- The bookcase is off center. I think I need more books behind me.

Here I am, top right, on Streamyard, on Chris Brogan's 'The Backpack Show.'

Here's an update with an added bookcase. 

Some of the things in this shot that are great in an office, but have to go away to make the shot look better are:

- tissue box on the right

The brewery logo sign got moved to the left, but it's still sitting on top of the paper shredder.

I got a ukulele and added that, plus I moved my webcam, so that I'm now centered between the meeting of the walls behind me. I think that the added depth, of having the corner of the office looks better that a flat wall of books. I also changed webcams to get a wider angle view. Switched from a Logitech C920, which is a very good webcam, to a MEVO V1 in webcam mode. 

I submitted to Room Rater and got a 7/10

After they found out that the 'small guitar' was a ukulele, they revised their rating to 8/10.

Still no 10/10.

What they didn't like:

- Messy cords. 

- Wall Calendar. 

What I didn't like: 

- Binders on the left

- Row of books on the third shelf, not broken up. 

- Visible book shelf LED lighting

- Office paper stacker on right.

- All black books on third shelf on left. They don't like color coded books. 

I removed the wires and LED lighting, and brought in an umbrella light stand to light up the background more evenly. 

I broke up the line of books and replaced the calendar with framed art and album covers. 

After addressing these issues I resubmitted and got a 10/10:

I'm happy with this final look. 

The books in the shelves are a lot more interesting by being broken up my memorabilia. 

Adding my personality improves the look of the background. They liked the framed albums. I liked showcasing some of my older cameras. 

This was a fun project and I enjoyed interacting with the Room Rater community on twitter. 

Google Chrome Fix: Black Screen flashes while scrolling in Facebook

I just found the answer to the Google Chrome problem, Black Screen flashes while scrolling in Facebook.

In SETTINGS, ADVANCED, TURN OFF 'Hardware Acceleration.'