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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Video] Steve Garfield Facebook Timeline Movie Maker Movie

I used the default settings on Facebook's Timeline Movie Maker and didn't change anything.. Really nice job.

The movie SHARE feature needs an export option. When I shared the link initially, it seems that it reassembled the movie, when people clicked on the link.

So I used ScreenFlow (evaluation copy) to screen capture the video and upload to Facebook.

Seen in this video:
Lan Bui, Bre Pettis, Steve Woolf, Thomas Edwards, Zadi Diaz, Andy Carvin, Chuck Olsen, Mildred Garfield, MC Hammer, Michael P Wright, Casey McKinnon, Clintus McGintus and Hermione Way.

Also posted to YouTube.

Monday, January 30, 2012

[Video] G+ Video Hangout with the President - 2012

What I saw:

What did you see? What was your experience?

Quickly Copy a Website URL into an Email with Shift+CMD+I on Mac

lifehacker has a neat tip in this post today: Quickly Copy a Website URL into an Email with Cmd+Shift+I on Mac.

I use this tip all the time, but I don't use the keyboard command.

I just go to the menu:

FILE > Mail Link to this page

Shift+CMD+I: Mail Link To This Page
Image: File Menu item Mail Link to this page 'Shift+CMD+I'


The correct designation of the shortcut, as displayed in the menu item is, Shift+CMD+I.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Make Your Mac Email Signature Clickable

I saw that @AmberMac was looking for good examples of email signatures. I sent her mine as a bad example.

Email Signature Before:

emailsig: before

She just wrote an article about how to make your email signature better, The 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal Brand.

Here's how you can make your Mac email signature clickable and look like this:

Email Signature After:

emailsig: after
Image: Email Signature Improved

Web | Twitter | G+

Learn how to put video on the web: Get Seen

Join us on the 1st Sunday of the month at Boston Media Makers

When I first tried to do this, I just put standard HTML code in the signature file of my email. That didn't work.

You have to use the Mac email options to set this up.

Here's how.



Make a new one or edit and existing one.

Then, in the body of the signature, type in the text that you want to have as a link.

SELECT the text, RIGHT CLICK on it and choose, LINK > ADD LINK...

LINK > Add Link
Image: Add Link... menu

Then PASTE IN or TYPE IN a link.

Mail URL
Image: Adding a Link


Close out of the window and you are done.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boston MegaTweetUp at Microsoft NERD Center -

Great #MegaTweetUp photos

QR Code Example for Boston Globe Articles

Yes. I still subscribe to the Boston Globe newspaper and have it delivered to my house. I love it. It's something I've been doing for years, as has my family.

Reading Real Time News on iPad. Unread Newspapers Underneath.

One thing that's difficult is sharing the print articles that I read, with my online friends on social media. What I usually end up doing is going to twitter to see if someone else has already tweeted out a link to the story. Then I follow the link to make sure it's not spam. Then I go back and usually RT that tweet.

Sometimes when I don't find the article, I search for it online, then tweet it out.

It would be a lot easier if I could just use a QR code to share the article from my phone.

Here's what I imagine it would look like.

QR code for the URL of the Boston Globe Editorial,
Shut up, they explained by Jeff Jacoby:

This would be a great way to encourage sharing of Boston Globe articles from the newspaper. Put a QR code on selected articles so that you could scan in the QR code and be taken directly to the article online to enable easy sharing to Social Media sites like twitter, Facebook and G+.

Boston Globe QR Code Example
Image Mashup: What a QR Code would look like on the Boston Globe Editorial Page

Watch 4 out of 8 Oscar Best Picture Nominees Online at

Oscar Nominees: Watch The Films Online Right Now:
Thankfully, there's one fewer Best Picture nominee this year. Why thankfully? Well, if you're like me (and many of you are in this respect), you haven't been to the movies in a really long time. And now you have just over 30 days to catch up on these nine contenders. These days, though, that doesn't mean you need to make several trips to the local movie theatre. We can experience these cinematic delights (legally) right in the comfort of our homes thanks to online movie-streaming services. Here we've gathered seven such services to show you where you can watch the Best Picture nominees right now. As of today, your best bet is to head over to Amazon.

Image courtesy of PC MAG.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ali Fedotowsky Tweets It: Emily Maynard to be the next Bachelorette

Just saw this tweet from Ali to Emily:

Confirmed by NY Daily News:

Emily Maynard confirmed as the next 'Bachelorette,' will be first single mom on the reality show


Chris Harrison talks Emily Maynard as the Bachelorette:
Though we’ve known sweet, Southern single mom Emily Maynard would be the next Bachelorette for a week, host Chris Harrison, who officially announced it on Good Morning America this morning, assures us it was only a done deal today.
...and tweets the news:

Emily tweets that her being chosen as the next Bachelorette it's all part of God's plan:

I guess God needs something else to do now that Tim Tebow isn't playing football.

Next season on the Bachelorette: "Everything happens for a reason."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Social Media and Video Mini-tweetup at #MegaTweetUp 1/24/12

Social Media and Video Mini-tweetup at #MegaTweetUp 6-7 PM with Steve Garfield, Mike Proulx and Erik Qualman

It's going to be an open Q & A session.

See you there!

My Video:

#TVNext Testing the Live Stream for 2/27/12

At the Wirecast controlsLive Streaming setupICA Live Streaming SetupICA Live Streaming SetupICA Live Streaming SetupICA Live Streaming Setup
On stage at ICA Live Streaming SetupICA StageICA ViewICA ViewICA Live Streaming Setup#tvnext ICA setup testing

#TVNext 2/27/12, a set on Flickr.


Learn More: TV Next
Hill Holliday's second annual TVnext summit is a daylong event that brings together top industry luminaries who are defining television's future.

Social Media for Lead Generation: Experts Weigh In

"Social Media Is People"

Read more: Social Media for Lead Generation: Experts Weigh In

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Image] Awesome #americanidol video edit

Did you notice how the prior shot showed the judges walking, then it switched to seeing them in the camera lens, then bad to them walking. So cool. Watching in TiVo let's you pause and replay all the nice editing going on this season.

My Samuel Adams Beer for the Crowd Craft Project

I just created my ideal ale. You can let Samuel Adams know what would be in your perfect brew!

Creating a Book with iBooks Author

iBooks Author is in the App Store

If you'd already opened the App Store, try quitting and reopening.

App Store | Apple Apps

App Store | Apple Apps by stevegarfield
App Store | Apple Apps, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Waiting for iBooks Author to be loaded into the App Store.

My Brass Monkey Video Featured in TechCrunch

Brass Monkey Grabs $750K To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wii Controller For Browser Games:
Brass Monkey has a free app for iOS that allows you to run one of seven killer games through your browser. In other words, it really turns Chrome, Safari, and Firefox into video game consoles that work in tandem with the app on your iPhone to turn it into your controller. Really, any screen with a web browser becomes your display.

And for developers, Brass Monkey offers SDKs that enable them to create games for the browser that have features similar to Xbox, PS3, Wii, etc. using familiar tools for web games, like HTML5, Unity, and/or Flash.


Disclosure: I'm an investor.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chill | Watch videos from the people you care about.

Watch videos from the people you care about.

Curated by the people whose taste you trust — your friends and the personalities you respect — the best videos from around the Web are tailored to match your interest. Once you sign up, you’ll be following any of your Facebook friends who are already on Chill, as well as some of our team and popular personalities like Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop Dogg, and MysteryGuitarMan from YouTube.


Stop SOPA by stevegarfield
Stop SOPA, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Uploaded with Skitch

[Recipe] Cheese Puffs

[Video] Reuters TV and YouTube Channel Launches

Reuters TV Launches on their own site and on YouTube.

Whoa! It's a lot of professionally produced web video.

Here's the 12 second teaser:

Visit: Reuters TV.

Reuters TV

Also visit the Reuters TV YouTube Channel.

ReutersTV's Channel - YouTube

It's interesting to see how the shows are listed out and accessed.

Will you be watching?

Where will you be watching?

If you took a look, What do you think?

Monday, January 16, 2012

[Video] Behind the Scenes of Portlandia: Battlestar Galactica

Portlandia: One More Episode.
All allergy conditions are represented in Portland's annual Allergy Pride Parade; A couple’s lives spin out of control when they run out of new episodes to watch of Battlestar Galactica; The owner of a knot store (Jeff Goldblum) sees an increase in business after a write-up in the Sunday New York Times; Malcolm and Kris, an upper middle-aged banal couple, install a backyard fire pit; Carrie's romantic life turns bumpy when it turns out the guy she likes has a bad tattoo (Eddie Vedder).

Behind the Scenes of Portlandia: Battlestar Galactica:

It's so good. You have to watch it.


You can buy Portlandia Season 2, Ep. 2 "One Moore Episode" online at and at iTunes.
Battlestar Galactica obsession.
Directed by: Jonathan Krisel
Runtime: 23 minutes
Original air date: January 13, 2012
Network: Broadway Video Entertainment, Inc.

Update, here's the first part of the Battlestar Galactica segment:

My commentary on TopIdol's 69th Golden Globes Live Blogging

Photo: Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon present the Golden Globe for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – MOTION PICTURE for “The Artist” courtesy HFPA

My commentary on selected posts from 69th Golden Globes: Live Blogging This Stuff, 2012 JANUARY 15 by TopIdol:
Greetings people of the universe. Starting a bit late tonight but I couldn’t NOT live blog the Golden Globes. And since there’s sure to be tons o’ commercials, I should be caught up in no time.

We should really just start importing every British show. So Downton Abbey is considered a mini-series or TV movie in this instance, yet there is a Series 2 and it won for Best Drama Series at the Emmys. What’s it gonna be Downton?

ME: Yes. We should import every British Show. Plus, I'm joining in and calling Downton Abbey, Downtown Abbey.

“I know that God and my agent have the same amount of input into my career…it’s gotta be done.”

ME: Loved this.

Ok. Now pairing Adam “Moves Like Jagger” Levine with Jagger-imitating Jimmy Fallon was a mild stroke of brilliance.

ME: Jimmy Fallon on Awards shows, or anywhere on tv, even commercials = Always great.

Quit. Trying. To. Make. Katherine. McPhee. Happen.

ME: It's gonna happen.

Clare Danes will never win an Oscar. You also should not look that old. You should not look like Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman has 15 years on you. Clare Danes, please stop talking.

ME: Leave Claire Danes Alone!

Note to self: See The Artist. Soon.

ME: Agreed.

You could conceivably just give the award to Meryl Streep every time she’s nominated and then give another to someone else and it would still be okay.

ME: Ha!
Read all the original commentary over at 69th Golden Globes: Live Blogging This Stuff, and keep following TopIdol for new the American Idol season starting Wednesday night!

Updated: KODAK PLAYFULL Dual Camera Announced at CES Might never Be Releaed


Linking to the KODAK PLAYFULL Dual Camera here to keep track of it.

Looks like a great replacement for the Kodak Zi8.

Update 2/9/12:

Looks like this camera might never come out. :-(

Update on Kodak's Transformation
Kodak plans to phase out of the market for dedicated capture devices – digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames – during 2012 to focus its Consumer Business on desktop inkjet, online and retail-based printing – areas that offer the most significant opportunities for profitable growth. Kodak will continue to offer camera accessories and batteries, which are universally compatible with other brands.
We appreciate you choosing Kodak products. Please be assured that we will continue to honor all warranties, and provide technical support and service for our cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.

Will Kodak still provide me with technical support and honor my warranty?

Yes. Kodak will continue to honor all warranties and provide technical support and service for its cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.

Kodak just introduced new digital cameras and a pocket video camera at CES. Will those still be available?

Kodak will work closely with its retail partners to ensure an orderly transition for the benefit of consumers and our partners. However, it is likely that some of the products announced at CES will not be launched.

Can I continue to purchase Kodak cameras, pocket video cameras and frames?

Yes. Kodak will continue to sell its remaining inventory of cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.

Will you continue to support the Pulse digital frame solution and Share Button software for customers who did and will purchase those products?

Yes, Kodak will maintain the Pulse network solution and Share Button solution for customers who purchased the products as legally required by local country regulations. Kodak will continue to honor all warranties, and will continue to provide technical support and service for its cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.
This new camera had some cool features.

Maybe dedicated pocket HD video cameras are being supplanted by devices like the iPhone?

What do you think?

Chris Brogan's New Web Video Series: SHHH! The Secret Show

Chris Brogan is starting up a new show for 2012, it's called SHHH! The Secret Show

The thing I like about SHHH! The Secret Show is that it's a work in progress, and Chris isn't afraid to make a show that's not perfect.

During the show he asks for suggestions and happily shows things that go wrong.

Chris Brogan: A Stand Up Comic who does Social Media
For Chris, I think this is a good way to go. The other day I described Chris as a Stand Up Comic who does Social Media. I like to see the fun side of Chris, and it comes out here.

A good example of a similar type of show was one by Loic Le Meur when he was starting his company, Seesmic (I'm an investor). Loic brought you through his thoughts on each step of building his company and we were along for the ride.

Here's a video by Loic from 10/5/2009 where he casually gives an update on Seesmic:

It doesn't take much to get started with web video.

Now let's take a closer look at Chris' first show. Chris asked for feedback, so here's my take on a moment in the show when the lights turned on and off.

Chris mentions lighting a few times, and promises to get better at it, but you can really notice the lighting issues he has when out of nowhere, his Fancierstudio 500 LED Video Light (affiliate link) turns on in the middle of a sentence.

This is how it looks with the light on:

Secret Show with Lighting

Direct Link to 26m42s with Lighting:

Whoa! That looks so much better.

It's funny that Chris didn't mention the light magically turning on like that.

Then, a moment later, the light shuts off:

Secret Show Without Lighting

Direct link to 26m51s without lighting:

See how much better the image looks with light added?

I wonder why Chris didn't mention it... I'm sure he'll let us know what happened.

Watch the full show here:

Andrea Kates, How to Make Chai, and Theme Music – Episode 01

Here's the Fancy 500LED light that Chris uses. Nice price.

Chris Brogan's Google+ Book:

My book on how to do web video:


Twitter Reach Report Results for SHHH! The Secret Show | TweetReach

Sunday, January 15, 2012 using Viafoura Video Commenting System

[Video] Amber MacArthur – Technology Host, Journalist, and Strategist |

Great interview with Amber. I was also intrigued by VPDigital's inline video commenting system. I like it.

Learn more:

Vimeo Video Embed Widget

This is an easy way to show thumbnails of a selection of your Vimeo videos. It's good because it doesn't embed each video and slowdown the page load time, but it's bad because you have to leave the page to watch all the videos.

A nice compromise might be an embed where each video is loaded on the page when you want to view it.

Create your own Vimeo video embed widget

Saturday, January 14, 2012

YouTube - Swap Audio Soundtrack

When you swap audio on YouTube with a recommended music track, you have to opportunity to make either the original audio track louder, or the swapped music track louder, or make it equal.

Nice option.

Here's a video where I chose equal.

I trimmed the video in QuickTime Player 10.1 first, then sent directly to YouTube from within the QuickTime Player app.


One thing to notice is that the clip I selected is only 30 seconds long so, after it plays, the video's original audio plays.

Next time I'll try it with a longer audio.

[Photos] New England International Auto Show 2012

View New England International Auto Show photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Play Brass Monkey

Play Brass Monkey by stevegarfield
Play Brass Monkey, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Check out the cool Play Brass Monkey Website.

I shot and co-edited the video that plays in the background.

The site has been nominated for an FWA award:

I'm an advisor and investor.

YouTube HD Video Formats: Sizes Width x Height

YouTube HD Video Formats:
560 x 315
640 x 360
853 x 480
1280 x 720