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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Falling Hillary Clinton

A parody of the new Hillary Clinton campaign Commercial, Free Fall.

Video: The Carol and Steve Show - Whitehall Lane Winery

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: Gary Vaynerchuk's Top Three Napa Valley Winery Tour - Part 2

Broadcasting with Mogulus

I've loaded up my Mogulus channel with some recent videos...

I'm looking forward to doing some live broadcasting on the channel.

Stay tuned for:

2/3 Boston Media Makers
2/4 Barack Obama
2/5 Massachusetts Presidential Primary

Schedule Subject To Change. :-)

eBay rocks!

I just sold a New England Patriots Season Ticket Sheet 1980 on eBay.

My first sale there in a long time. eBay rocks!

My email in Leopard is still messed up though, so when I got the Notification of Instant Payment, it looked like this:
Item =23: 290201012915
Item Title: New England Patriots Season Ticket Sheet 1980
Item URL:
Quantity: 1
Price: =2415.50 USD
Yikes! $2,415.50?

I was shocked, but after going to eBay I saw that it really sold for $15.50. I've got to figure out why my email is not displaying emails properly. This started happening after upgrading to Leopard.

But back to ebay.

Shipping Label and Packing Slip
I was able to click a button to print a shipping label. This brought me to PayPal, where I printed a USPS shipping label that I taped directly onto the envelope. I also emailed the buyer from the same screen, and printed out a packing slip.

Online Postage Payment
Plus, I paid for postage directly with PayPal.

Amazing integration between eBay and PayPal.

What used to take multiple steps is now really easy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

America's Giving Challenge

The four fundraisers with the highest number of unique donors will receive $50,000 from the Case Foundation.

Leaderboard for fundraisers on globalgiving

The Sharing Foundation helps meet the physical, emotional, educational and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

Donate Now: Route Out of Poverty for Cambodian Children

I'm With Obama

Just got an email from Ted Kennedy.

He says:
Dear Steve,

When I endorsed Barack Obama on Monday, I was also endorsing a candidate with the power to transform America.

As President Kennedy said in 1960, "It is time for a new generation of leadership."

This campaign is about a new generation of leadership today. A generation ready to be part of something bigger than themselves. A generation ready to change the country, and a generation ready to change the world.

I'm doing everything I can to elect Barack Obama. With less than a week before my state and 21 others make their voices heard, there is no time to lose.

Please join me by making a $50 donation now:

Like my son Patrick and my niece Caroline, I have found a new generation of leadership for America in Barack Obama -- and I hope you have too!


Senator Edward M. Kennedy

P.S. -- You may have already seen clips of my speech or parts of it on Monday. But take a look here. The energy in that room was amazing, and it's spreading across America:
I made a $100 donation.

Revised Massachusetts Ballot

Revised Massachusetts Ballot

Thanks to Ron Newman for pointing me to the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary Ballot Order over on the Secretary of State's Web site.

I revised it to remove the candidates who have dropped out. Is Gravel in or out?

Who are you voting for?

Update: Gravel is in! Sorry I missed it...

Looking for the Massachusetts Primary Ballot Online


I called the office of William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to see where a copy of Tuesday's Massachusetts Primary Ballot is online so I can take a look at it prior to voting.

This is the phone call I just had with Secretary Galvin's office :
Me: Where can I see a copy of the ballot online?

Them: Which ballot?

Me: Tuesday's Primary

Them: I don't know if that's online yet. Can you hold?

Me: Sure

Time passes.

Them: Can you check back on Friday? It should be up then.

Me: OK. Thanks. Bye.
In the last election, an online ballot was never posted.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Google Maps

Parade of the Losers at Cup O Politics

Parade of the Losers

Parade of the Losers at Cup O Politics:
"Join Phil Johnson as he remembers the losers of the United States 2008 Presidential Primary."

Lots of People Must be Donating to Barack Obama

I just tried to make a donation to Barack Obama on his Contribute page but after pressing the 'Process Contribution' button, the page hung up, and on my Mac I see a 'beachball' and Safari now wants me to Force Quit.


I wonder if this is happening to a lot of people.

It's more about the conversation than the mobile posting

Photo by CC Chapman: CC BY-NC-SA

At BBC NEWS | | A blog about technology from BBC News | Mobile video at Davos, Loic LeMeur comments:
"My learning using them in Davos is that in Seesmic people did not like the fact that mobile posting via Qik and Shozu to Seesmic was a one way posting. Both Scoble and myself were just broadcasting and not listening or open to conversations. We will fix this very soon.

Back to the learning: it's more about the conversation than the mobile posting."
This is a good lesson.

When broadcasting live with Qik, you can have a real-time conversation with viewers, by watching the display on the Nokia N95 and talking back.

When you enable Qik to post your archived stream to Seesmic, you need to then log on to Seesmic to participate in the followup conversation. In the meantime, anyone who is logged on to Seesmic can participate in the discussion.

So a couple of things are happening here.

1. Live two-way communication while broadcasting.

2. Follow up conversations about archived streams.

I think both can work as long as you can be selective about which live streams you send over to Seeesmic. As part of the Seesmic community, I'm trying to be careful about what I post there, since unlike Twitter, people can't unsubscribe to me for periods of time when I'm posting a lot.

Recover from Bush with Hope

Dave Winer writes, Find a shared vision, v2.0 (Scripting News):
"What a fantastic way to recover from Bush, who so completely represented the greed and arrogance and uglyness of America, to reinvent ourselves in the image of our best, in the image of hope."
Follow the link to read Dave's whole post.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viral on Veoh: Promo Steve Garfield

Online Videos by

I love this. It was fun recording it and I love the fact that they used it, uncut.

Viral on Veoh.

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama

A President Like My Father:
"Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.

We have that kind of opportunity with Senator Obama. It isn’t that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable. But this year, that may not be enough. We need a change in the leadership of this country — just as we did in 1960.

Most of us would prefer to base our voting decision on policy differences. However, the candidates’ goals are similar. They have all laid out detailed plans on everything from strengthening our middle class to investing in early childhood education. So qualities of leadership, character and judgment play a larger role than usual."
This is a big endorsement.

Barack Obama's victory speech in South Carolina

Barack Obama's victory speech in South Carolina:
"We are up against the conventional thinking that says your ability to lead as President comes from longevity in Washington or proximity to the White House. But we know that real leadership is about candor, and judgment, and the ability to rally Americans from all walks of life around a common purpose – a higher purpose.

We are up against decades of bitter partisanship that cause politicians to demonize their opponents instead of coming together to make college affordable or energy cleaner; it’s the kind of partisanship where you’re not even allowed to say that a Republican had an idea – even if it’s one you never agreed with. That kind of politics is bad for our party, it’s bad for our country, and this is our chance to end it once and for all.

We are up against the idea that it’s acceptable to say anything and do anything to win an election. We know that this is exactly what’s wrong with our politics; this is why people don’t believe what their leaders say anymore; this is why they tune out. And this election is our chance to give the American people a reason to believe again."
Hillary Clinton made a big mistake by bringing in Bill Clinton to go negative. That's bad decision making and bad for politics. I agree with Obama on this.
It’s about whether we settle for the same divisions and distractions and drama that passes for politics today, or whether we reach for a politics of common sense, and innovation – a shared sacrifice and shared prosperity.
Same thing Deval Patrick proved when he ran a positive campaign for Governor of Massachusetts.

Check out this new Obama poster by the Obey Giant guy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube for Mobile

$10 Will Help Cambodian Youngster Mon Channy Get An Education and Live a Better Life!

Beth Kanter writes: $10 Will Help Cambodian Youngster Mon Channy Get An Education and Live a Better Life!:
The America's Giving Challenge will be over in another ten days. Thanks to the generosity of everyone here, we are still in the running to win the $50,000K. If we win, we can help many children like Mon Channy have a better life. And all for a donation of $10 and asking your friends to do the same.

Mon Chany's Story
Frequently, children in very poor families work in order to bolster the family’s income, and this prevents them from attending school. For Mon Channy,10, The Sharing Foundation’s Khmer Literacy School has provided huge opportunity. Mon Channy is the only child of his widowed mom, who supports herself and her child through her work on the TSF farm. Channy, who is very small, probably due to early malnutrition, is proud to be going to school as his mother never did (see photo). He looks forward to advancing to the village school. His teacher, Ying So Ry, says Channy is a very attentive, hard working student, and she sees a bright future for him.

Both Bora and Nhuong, young people from Cambodia, who are donors to Sharing Foundation, know this story all too well:
As Bora says, "I don't know what I can do as a single Cambodian citizen to help next generation of my country. But I know for sure that all of our contributions will make different. Our $10 donation can help one child to go to school for the whole month.

Nhuong says,"I understand how difficult it is to obtain an education when you have no money and more importantly when food and clothing are scarce. For most children in Cambodia this is a story that is all too common. Most children are illiterate and work on the family farm. As the country industrializes and leaves behind the agrarian lifestyle, these children grow up to be migrant workers with nowhere to go. Unlike those children, I was lucky enough to come to America and receive an education. This is why this cause is important to me.

Global Giving is offering additional incentives to heat up the competition - over the next five days, the organizations that get the most donations in a single 24 hour period will receive an additional $250, plus the largest donation will be matched. So, if you haven't contributed yet, this would be an excellent time to donate $10!
Donate $10 or more to the Sharing Foundation through Global Giving Fundraiser set up by Blogger Michele Martin of the Bamboo project!

If we are four of the top causes to get the most unique donors, we'll win $50,000 for the Sharing Foundation as part of America's Giving Challenge. With $10 you can help improve the lives of over 1,500 children in one of the world's poorest countries.
The Challenge ends on January 31st, make your $10 donation today.

Day and Night Diner

Day and Night Diner - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Qik can now stream to Seesmic


I wanted to be able to stream live from the street using my cellphone into Seesmic, so I made an introduction between Qik and Seesmic.

Their technical teams got together, and now, if you have an account on Seesmic, you can enter your Seesmic username/password in Qik, and choose to send your videos to Seesmic.

Very exciting development.

Congratulations to Qik and Seesmic.

Kucinich Calls for Impeachment: Offending Words

Kucinich causes House floor fuss in announcing Bush impeachment drive:
Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich caused a stink on the House of Representatives floor this morning during a speech where he announced he'll introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush on Monday, Jan. 28, the day Bush delivers his State of the Union speech.

"We already know the State of the Union," Kucinich says in his speech. "It's a lie."

Republicans objected to Kucinich's statements, and the Cleveland congressman returned to the floor a few minutes later to withdraw his "offending words."
Cross Posted from Cup O Politics.

The Center for Public Integrity: False Pretenses.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mitt Romney, the Reporter, and Journalism

THE UPTAKE, DERAILING THE NARRATIVE: Chuck Tomlinson and Stacker Manfield comment on the exchange between Mitt Romney and Associated Press reporter Glen Johnson - and how it relates to our brand of citizen journalism.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Qik Video Conferencing :)

qik stream with cashhustleinc - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Bhaskar from Qik writes:
Today I was amazed by what Steve Garfield and CashHustleInc did - live 2-way video conferencing usig Qik.

How you ask? It was ridiculously simple - now that I think about it. Steve had 2 browser windows open side-by-side one with his video stream and the other with the stream from CashHustleInc. and CashHustleInc had the same. It was amazing to watch as they started this and then invited their Twitter friends to chat and all of a sudden we we were all chatting and experiencing the video conference going on between the two.

Here at Qik HQ, we talk about the million and one uses of Qik. Well, thanks to Steve Garfield and CashHustleInc we found yet another one. Pretty darn cool!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Trees at Arnold Arboretum

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Scoble Going to and Me

Robert Scoble announced on his blog where he's going next:

Why we’re going to
///The thing is that the new technology lets you PARTICIPATE with the people who are in front of the camera. You got a taste of this while I was walking around CES with a cell phone and you could ask questions WHILE I WAS FILMING LIVE. That really changes the equation a lot and that’ll be a key differentiator on After all, if we’re talking to Fast Companies, why shouldn’t they answer YOUR questions live as well as mine?
I left him a comment:
Hey Robert congratulations!

My experience up in NH covering the primary with Qik really got me excited all over again about the PARTICIPATORY aspect of this. I love that it's one of hte things you are focusing on.

I've experimented with Mogulus and hope to try some LIVE broadcasting with it. Finding the right technical solution that works is the tricky part here. I've tried a lot of the live streaming solutions at Boston Media Makers meetings and most times there have been issues that keep the stream from working. Computer issues, configuration issues, bandwith issues... I'll be experimenting more with these technologies to find something that works for me all the time.

And finally Seesmic. Although the videos are recorded, they are live. Alive with people, and timely. On New Years Eve Carol and I had dinner with the world as we watched everyone celebrate and recorded our own toast.

2008 is going to be an exciting year.

See you in the internet and in person...

I'd like to make a side note to Jeff Pulver. He asked me to participate in his Bucket List meme. I've been really busy so far this year and have spent some time thinking about goals for 2008. As I responded to Robert Scoble's post, those points are going to be a technology focus of mine in 2008.

My Bucket List For 2008 - Technology

1. Mobile Video Journalism - I am going to be experimenting with mobile video journalism tools like Qik that allow you to broadcast LIVE from the street. I first talked about this at a journalism conference at Harvard in 2006 and now we can make it a reality. It's very exciting. I'll be practicing Journalism By Wandering Around.

2. LIVE Participatory Broadcasts - I love the idea of two-way broadcasts that include viewers. WBZ TV in Boston started experimenting with this using a text chat. Jeff Pulver and Jonny Goldstein have been very active in this space, John Herman has also started experimenting with live improv, and Chuck Olsen has been following the campaign. I like some of the things I've seen MTV do with viewers too. I'm going to be experimenting with tools and technologies in this space to find a reliable solution.

3. The Village Square - As an investor and advisor to Seesmic, I'm excited to be working with them, enabling people to easily participate in video conversations. Since the early days of videoblogging I've been interested in subscribing to people. Seesmic is people. It'll be fun to see where this goes...

I'll be posting more Bucket Lists when I can... stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Macworld Keynote Predictions

Might as well get my Macworld predictions written down so we can look back at them later and laugh...

Steve Jobs Fans Gather

Here's what I'd like to see announced at Macworld:

1. Video Camera with WiFi and ATT service.
Combine the experience of the Nokia N95 video camera with ATT service, and include that in a video camera that has an audio in jack and a regular tripod mount. Partner with Nokia on a phone that's more video camera than phone? I guess what makes more sense is a video iPhone. Is that something too obvious to predict?

2. Ultra Portable Computer with WiFi and ATT service.
Now that we've seen the life changing results of the iPhone, let's see if some of the functionality of being able to carry around a device that's both a micro laptop and a phone can be designed into something between the iPhone and MacBook Pro.

3. HD TV with a Macintosh built in.
I predicted this a few Macworlds ago, but it didn't happen, so it's fair to predict it again. Instead of trying to attach some kind of add-on box to a TV to give it access to the internet, why not just take a Macintosh and shove it inside a TV. A partnership with Sharp would be sweet. You really don't even need the TV part anymore since it'll end up being connected to a service provider any way. So how about a 42" Cinema Display Macintosh HD TV?

Monday, January 14, 2008

QuickTime 7.3.1 Capture Problems with FCP and GL2

FCP No Communication

Just posted to Apple support boards...

I am not too happy about not being able to capture with my Canon GL2.

I sent the GL2 back to Canon and got a new Firewire interface, got a brand new MacBook Pro.

I'm running QuickTime 7.3.1 and have a chain of La Cie Firewire drives connected to the MacBook Pro.

I purchased a Belkin FireWire Express Card to relieve the system of having to capture video.

Now when I connect to Log and Capture in FCP, I have a connection at first, then the connection is lost.

I got around it by capturing with iMovie.

The open issues that I saw over on the Apple Support boards are:
1. Canon never implemented Firewire correctly?

2. The new QuickTime broke FCP log and capture with Canon GL2?
Can someone reply who is addressing each of these issues? Thanks.

PS. I have found that placing the GL2 cable as the last cable on the LaCie chain, if connected to the MacBook Pro with FW 40, Not 800, sometimes works.

Note: I have no idea about what Canon has done with the Firewire port on the GL2. I hope they answer.

ThunderSnow: Boston Noreaster

Live footage streamed to the internet of Boston's first Nor'Easter. They are calling it thundersnow since we're hearing thunder while it's snowing.

Expecting it to snow 2-4 inches per hour this morning!

I streamed this video LIVE to the web using

I captured this video, from the site, off the screen using SnapZPro X, then opened it in QuickTime Pro and added the credits.

I exported it as a QuickTime movie, and then used TubeMogul to upload it to 12 sites including YouTube.

Then I posted it to Seesmic.

I also sent it in to Channel 7. :-) Had to email it in, their online submission form is broken. Oops.

More here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts Comfort Food

Mike Ball writes Dunkin’ and Jesus:
My Brighton Dunkin’ sign story is better than yours or theirs. It has an old lady, a plaster Christ, evictions, and a bully university.
via [ Universal Hub ]

A River of Political Twitter Tweets

Politweets - When Twitter gets political.

via [ Doc Searls: Let’s call it a twiver ]

iPhone Copy and Paste

iPhone Copy and Paste from lonelysandwich on Vimeo.

Obama Iraq War 2004

The Star pushes forward Bill Clinton's question about Obama's stand on the war in 2004 in this article, Is Obama or Clinton really for 'change'?:
"Of course, he opposed the Iraq war in 2002 when Clinton voted in favour, but he said in 2004 he wasn't sure how he would have voted had he been in the Senate."
No mention of Obama's response.

Researching the story some more to get Obama's take on it, I find that Reuters ignore's Obama's response too, Bill Clinton defends "fairy tale" remark on Obama:
Former President Bill Clinton said on Friday Barack Obama's bid to be president was no "fairy tale" and said his use of that phrase earlier in the week referred specifically to Obama's claims about his stance on the Iraq war.
The NY Times tries harder, Clintons Move to Tamp Down Criticism From Blacks About Recent Comments:
Mr. Clinton, in his radio interview, disputed any notion that he had been impugning Mr. Obama personally.

He said he was addressing a specific issue that, he believed, had not been given sufficient scrutiny: Mr. Obama’s position on Iraq and a statement by Mr. Obama in 2004 that he could not say how he would have voted on the war had he been in the Senate, though he did not believe the case for war had been made.

Mr. Clinton said the 2004 view was at odds with Mr. Obama’s position that he, unlike Mrs. Clinton, has always been against the war. “I said that story is a fairy tale,” Mr. Clinton said. “Now that doesn’t have anything to do with my respect for him as a person or his campaign. I have gone out of my way not to express any personal disrespect for him and his campaign.”

Mr. Obama’s campaign said Mr. Clinton was engaging in revisionist history about his record on the war.
It's hard to get the whole story.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Journalism by Wandering Around

Jackson West writes for NewTeeVee, Online Political Video a Winner in 2008:
Steve Garfield, who scooped CNN on Duncan Hunter’s announcement that he’s still in the race with a live video feed to Qik from his Nokia-sponsored phone over an AT&T-sponsored connection, didn’t bother to get any credentials at all. “Journalism by wandering around,” he called it in a phone chat.

His live video, in turn, got edited into a piece The UpTake and pushed as a Veracifier Ground Hound segment, with the two outlets partnering to provide more coverage.
Thanks Jackson, nice report.

On election night I was watching in Boston. They were broadcasting on TV38 throughout the night, with a live text chat for viewers to talk with the anchors. First time I've ever seen this in Boston. It was groundbreaking for Boston TV to have on air anchors text chatting with viewers. BZ even had a segment where the anchors read some of hte chat comments on the air.

It took a while for them to stop calling the chat room blogging, but they soon stopped, because each time they said they were blogging, the chat room corrected them.

A few improvements could be made to the BZ chat room. It could only hold about 35 people, so new rooms were created as each chat room filed up. The explanation given was that the text would scroll too fast with too many people in the chat. They actually need a longer chat window, so you can more easily scroll back to see the history.

Automatic warnings to refrain from personal comments against the anchors or candidates disturbed chat room participants since no one was attacking any one.

It was a fun and intelligent crowd.

Finally, the chat room shut down in the middle of Clinton's speech, leaving me upset that it was gone and desiring chat rooms on WBZ for all live broadcasts.

I hope WBZ found it successful. I know I did. I stayed with WBZ all night on TV and online. That's probably what they wanted.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How To: Merge Multiple RSS Feeds into One

John from BlogHarbor sends a long a tip on how to merge multiple RSS feeds into one.

John says:

You could use any of these:

to create an aggregated RSS feed...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Primary Election Day in New Hampshire

I did some live coverage out at a polling place in Merrimack, NH today...

Here are the reports:

Merrimack, NH Polling Place

Hillary Suporter

Barack Obama Supporter

Duncan Hunter Supporter

Ant-War Protestor/John Edwards Supporter

Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist

My friend Chuck Olsen put together a nice recap of my live online video streaming cellphone adventures from New Hampshire, the day before the first primary in the nation.

In this report he takes a look at some of my video including Duncan Hunter, Charlie Gibson and Sean Hannity.

Thanks Chuck!

Additional Coverage:
Watch Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist on YouTube.

Veracifier: Ground Hound Steve Garfield. He's Mobile!.

Jose Castillo at Think Jose blogged about it three minutes after I streamed it live, Kick it Quick with Qik.


NextNewNetworks: NewTeeVee: “Online Political Video a Winner in 2008″

Epic-Fu: political madness, insane sports, gOS.

Jackson West writes for NewTeeVee, Online Political Video a Winner in 2008.

Viral: Propaganda, Propaganda: China,, Ghost Whisperer


Vermin for President

Charlie Gibson: 'You have a bigger audience than I have."

I got a chance to watch Charlie Gibson broadcast ABC Nightly News LIVE from Manchester, NH yeaterday and he was gracious enough to go live with me on my cellphone after the broadcast.

I showed him how I was broadcast live via cellphone over the internet and Charlie said:
'You have a bigger audience than I have."
Ha ha. Thanks Charlie!

Sean Hannity broadcast live from my cellphone

Sean Hannity broadcast live from my cellphone in Manchester, NH while being interview by Howie Carr on WRKO...
"Don't you love that you are being taped everywhere, you can't walk down the street."
Plus you get a behind the scenes tour of radio row...

Steve Garfield Scoops CNN: Duncan Hunter Does Not Quit

Jose Castillo has the story of me scooping CNN on Duncan Hunter's announcement yesterday from Manchester, NH that he is not goign to quit the race:

Kick it Quick with Qik:
Steve Garfield reported 3 minutes ago that Congressman Duncan Hunter will not give up in his bid for presidency. Steve captured this video as he was walking towards the CNN interview. Using his N95 and, Steve Garfield beat CNN. Watch out news world, here comes instant media.
As I was walking down the sidewalk in Manchester, NH I asked what was goign on. The response I got was that Duncan Hunter was going on CNN to make a major announcement. I asked if I could interview him live about it. An aide told me to walk back down the sidewalk and talk to another staff member. I replied, "No. I can interview him RIGHT NOW with this cell phone!" So the aide said, go right ahead. then I ran up to him and started streaming live video from the cellphone.

Here's a TV Newser report that is reprinted on the Duncan Hunter campaign blog:

The Hunter campaign alerted the media to a major campaign announcement coming at 2pmET today, which some may have thought involved dropping out of the race. Instead, he used the opportunity to lash out against ABC News and Fox News Channel for excluding him from their debates/forum this weekend.

“Some knucklehead executives in ABC closed me out. Similarly, Fox News decided not to allow me to take part in the Fox News debate on Sunday,” he said.

Hunter said that he picked up one delegate in the Wyoming caucus, which put him ahead, at least until tomorrow night, of candidates like Rudy Guiliani and John McCain.

Hunter wasn’t done. “A guy who actually had some points on the scoreboard, that was myself, was not allowed to attend,” he said. “Knucklehead, arrogant executives in the corporate media world at ABC and Fox News, in some third or fourth story glass offices, decided my campaign was over.”

It wasn’t, as he announced to applause from the gathered crowd. Interestingly, CNN was the only network to pick up the speech live, despite it being advertised earlier in the afternoon on Fox News Channel. MSNBC came in a few minutes after the announcement.

I commented:
Hi Duncan,

You might remember me interviewing you on the sidewalk on your way to CNN. I also covered this announcement and streamed it LIVE from the sidewalk of New Hampshire from my cellphone to the internet.

Jose Castillo wrote about it:

Citizen media will help cover stories that mainstream media will not. With new technology that allows people to stream live video from cell phones to the web, you start to see more news from the street. Real news.

Thanks again.

All my LIVE streamed reports from Manchester are over here:

Thanks for Nokia, ATT and Qik for making this possible.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Lego Millyard Project

Lego Millyard Project - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

CupOPolitics in Boston Herald

CupOPolitics in Boston Herald - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

During strike, Letterman writer and pal joke around with presidential politics (Boston Herald 1/7/08)

Me an Kucinich

Mobile post sent by stevegarfield using Utterz Replies.  mp3

One Year of my MacBook Pro Service History

My MacBook Pro has been sent back to Apple for service. After the year's worth of problems detailed here, I am expecting a new MacBook Pro as a replacement.

Apple Water

One Year of my MacBook Pro Service History

Dec 06
Logic Board, Top Case and Battery replaced

April 07
Keyboard Replaced

June 07
Logic Board, Hard Drive and Display replaced

August 07
Logic Board replaced

December 07
Sound Board I/O Card replaced

After picking up my MacBook Pro, the system would not power on.

The Logic Board and Hard drive now needs to be replaced and the MacBook Pro has been sent back to Apple.


Apple is replacing my MacBook Pro with a new model:

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB
160GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400
SuperDrive 8X
MacBook Pro 17-in GLSY WidesS

Thanks Apple.

Ron Paul Takes the Radisson

Excellent coverage of Ron Paul supporters demonstrating against his exclusion from the FOX TV debate.

If you don't go out, nothing happens

My friend Marc F. Schultz just sent me this:

As I was nearing the end of the book I'm reading, Portfolio Life, by David Corbett, on page 157 I was delighted to see the following:
"It wouldn't hurt to show some of the chutzpah so evident in a Web log, or blog, on the Internet ( It's the daily work of Millie Garfield, who at age eighty claims to be the oldest blogger in cyberspace. One of her main rules in life, she says, is, "If you don't go out, nothing happens."
Thanks Marc.

David - You don't need "www" in front of a blogspot blog address.

My mom says she's "one of the oldest bloggers."

My mom thanks you for the mention!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boston Media Makers: Next Meeting 01/06/08

Boston Media Makers 01/06/08 - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Boston Media Makers

Next Meeting:
Sunday January 6, 2008

Sweet Finnish
761 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

Mingling 10:00 - 10:30
Roundtable Discussion 10:30 - 12:00

Topics for the meeting:

LIVE Twitter: We go around the table and talk about what we are do, ask questions, present a show and tell. All within a 3 minute time limit. It’s fun.

Steve Says:
I’ll be doing a demonstration of LIVE broadcasting from a cellphone. Very cool technology.


Please register at upcoming.

Advance the digital literacy

Chuck Olsen, Benjamin Franklin and Kenyatta Cheese
Photo: Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA

My friend Howard Owens, director of digital publishing for GateHouse Media presents 2008 objectives for today’s non-wired journalist.

If you want to explore the new media landscape, this is a great way to get started.

You'll become a better writer, photographer and videographer.

You'll make connections online.

Pictured Citizen Journalists:
Chuck Olsen of The Uptake and Kenyatta Cheese of Rocketboom.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Content exists to attract passive viewers who will sit still for advertisements

CUNY Newsroom

You Don't Understand Our Audience
What I learned about network television at Dateline NBC.
By John Hockenberry:
Networks are built on the assumption that audience size is what matters most. Content is secondary; it exists to attract passive viewers who will sit still for advertisements. For a while, that assumption served the industry well. But the TV news business has been blind to the revolution that made the viewer blink: the digital organization of communities that are anything but passive. Traditional market-driven media always attempt to treat devices, audiences, and content as bulk commodities, while users instead view all three as ways of creating and maintaining smaller-scale communities. As users acquire the means of producing and distributing content, the authority and profit potential of large traditional networks are directly challenged.

In the years since my departure from network television, I have acquired a certain detachment about how an institution so central to American culture could shift so quickly to the margins. Going from being a correspondent at Dateline--a rich source of material for The Daily Show--to working at the MIT Media Lab, where most students have no interest in or even knowledge of traditional networks, was a shock. It has given me some hard-won wisdom about the future of journalism, but it is still a mystery to me why television news remains so dissatisfying, so superficial, and so irrelevant. Disappointed veterans like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather blame the moral failure of ratings-obsessed executives, but it's not that simple. I can say with confidence that Murrow would be outraged not so much by the networks' greed (Murrow was one of the first news personalities to hire a talent agent) as by the missed opportunity to use technology to help create a nation of engaged citizens bent on preserving their freedom and their connections to the broader world.
Great read.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Social Videoblogging

Happy 2008. That's a video I recorded with Carol last night in my kitchen. It was easy to make. Using Seesmic, I just pressed record and the video was saved and posted to the web. It wasn't just posted to a web page somewhere, it was added to a community. A social community of friends.

As we enter 2008, I see a future where more people will be capturing and sharing unedited moments with friends via social videoblogging.

It's going to be a lot more social for a number of reasons, most important is that it'll be easy for people to have video conversations.

Let's take a look at how we got here.

Four years ago I started Steve Garfield's Video Blog and posted my first video.

That video was posted to a brand new blog. The blog allowed comments. That's where the conversation happened. Sometimes people would record response videos, and post them on thier own blogs and in my commnets, provide a link back.

Sometimes people talked about a certain video on the Yahoo! videoblogging group.

Then video hosting sites like OurMedia, Vimeo, YouTube and came out which had the added feature of providing a central location where you could post and discuss the videos.

When RSS 2.0 with Media Enclosures came out, it allowed you to subscribe to someone's feed of videos, so you'd get every new one delivered to you.

What I said about that advancement was that "I Subscribe to People."

I was making a commitment to watch every new video that someone produced.

Now people are producing videos that span the continuum from a quick, unedited moments, up to a fully produced show.

Sites like Seemic, let you record a video using a webcam. Once recorded, the video is immediately available for everyone visiting the site to view. The video sits there at the top of the river of new videos until someone else records something. The conversation happens when someone clocks 'reply', and adds their video to the river of videos, in response.

Lot's of sites are now available to stream live video with the ability to chat live. Check out, Operator 11, Blogtv,,

I've recently been experimenting with Qik, which let's me broadcast a live stream from my cellphone up to the web. While broadcasting, people who are watching live, can type in comments which are then displayed on the cellphone's screen.

After ending the stream, the resultant video can be embeded into a blog.

Social videoblogging frees people from expectations. Much like MySpace or Facebook, where you can join to communicate with a group of people you already know, you can do the same on social video sites.

Watch a video, post a response.

Watch the responses flow into a river of video.

Stand on the shore or jump in.

In addition, like on MySpace or Facebook, you can also make friends.

One tip, ignore the negative people. There are always going to be people who criticize what to them looks mundane.

As Chuck Olsen says, Mudane is the new Punk Rock.

Google search for 'Social Videoblogging' - 9 results.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Seesmic. Contact me if you want to try it. Nokia provided my cell phone and ATT provides my cell service.

Viral on Veoh: Reflections and Predictions

Online Videos by

Sunny Gault invited producers from around the world to give us their thoughts about the past year and their predictions about 2008.

Here's my clip:
"My goals for Vlog Soup for 2008 are the same goals I had for 2007, to produce it on a more regular schedule, and where do I hope to see it at the end of 2008? On TV. Not really."

Creative Commons Plus: Coming Soon

Larry Lessig talks about future enhancements to the CC license including CC+, On what exactly happened Saturday night (Lessig Blog):
"CC+: This protocol enables a simple click through ability to get rights or permissions beyond those provided by a CC license. So, e.g., a Flickr photo licensed under a BY-NC license could have a simple click through to some agent to provide commercial rights for that photo. We announced with a bunch of partners already. But really key was:
Yahoo announced it was baking CC 'into the system' of Yahoo, making it possible for any Yahoo service to offer content using the CC infrastructure."
This is very cool.

I first talked about this in September of 2006, Proposal: Creative Commons 50/50 License. Andy Carvin enhanced my idea and blogged about it the next day, A New Idea: A Creative Commons RevShare License.